Where do the Ideas for the Books I Write come from?

This is a multi-dimensional question for me to answer. Conscious awakening has allowed me to perceive infinite possibilities manifesting on an infinite number of timelines all existing at once. I allow five voices, all different characters to write through me, each observing their interpretation of reality. Harmon Sueno delves into the realms where mythos and truth are the same. Pablo Wairua, heralds the call of bewilderment and wonder and scribes about what he sees, Lord Buford Somerset is wracked with the burden of witnessing the horrors lived out by the unfortunate, and in a form of catharsis writes as a man possessed. Iho Grace, is a poetic minstrel, merging the tides of emotion into a slipstream of verse that dances across the page. Dick Swabb, satirises the darkest recesses of the matrix of control on planet Earth to educate the reader with knowledge that begs for further investigation.

So, when one of these voices, these characters begins a dialogue with me it’s like a waking dream. The download of ideas, images, narratives, and plots cascade into me like a cosmic waterfall of information. I’ll begin to investigate what I see, defining locations, geography, environments, historical narratives if the story is set in the past, or a location that no longer exists. I’ll search for researchers who have delved deeply into the various avenues of information and knowledge that I will need to remain true to the facts presented. I’ll peruse across articles, search websites, read various books that flesh out the story shared with me, and as I move through this experience the story narrative will continue to unravel like a scroll unfastened and spread on a table.

During my working processes, tangents will present themselves to me, ‘look here’ and ‘go there’ are phrases that are often unleashed in my mind while writing. I questioned the validation of the instruction when I first began to write, but with time, and sheer wonder at where these directions took the story, the characters, and how essential they were to formulating the plot still to this day leave me thinking like I am being guided by these characters who write through me to comprehend the magnificence of the multiverse. Not all trains of thought offer such enticements. There are times when I’m lead to discovering atrocities that leave me shaken, disturbing truths that rattle my ability to remain centred in my heart. The air is literarily drawn from my lungs and I have to get up from my desk and take a moment to compose myself. Facing our collective shadow runs deeply through all the characters who write through me.

Writing for me is transcendental, the researching for the books is educational, the visualisation of the story as it unfolds inside my being is fantastical. Each character has their unique vision. Each mind a veritable Pandora’s box which they dare, gift, challenge and bequeath me to open so that I may join them in their experience. There’s no feeling like it. I’m truly blessed.

Writing for me is a multi-dimensional experience

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