When Stars Collide

A deeper understanding of my energetic origins has come through the value of human connection. In this embodiment, we call human life, consciousness uses the lens of the human body to perceive this dense frequency band, interpreting and decoding information. Through our senses we begin can experience much, but through our subtler bodies attached to the human electromagnetic cape, we have far-reaching impacts with one another, especially when those reverberations carry on from interactions across the fluid dynamic of creation.

The feeling of knowing someone you just met or feeling completely comfortable amid in a stranger isn’t an isolated experience felt by the likes of me and me alone. Being in the presence of someone that triggers feelings, memories, episodes that are dream-like have all encompassed inspiration for the topics, narratives, and characters embodied in my books. Elements of a wondrous dance of lives lived in mythical landscapes, dimensions beyond our own, and bodies that resemble human form only in appearance have all been relived by me after someone has come into my life and shared their energetic imprint with mine.

Worlds within worlds

Its been one of the most remarkable and revelatory occurrences of this lifetime to have received so many of these events. They have been formative in my conscious awakening. Acknowledging their gifts has come with age. At first I perceived them from an egotistical perspective, gaining a sense of esteem from the value of the interactions. Taking a broader view now, I know that energetic confluences like these are meant to complete a cycle, free a restrained and outdated behaviour in one of us or both, and often recognise one another once again in an intimate dance of union and acceleration. We are one consciousness observing itself subjectively. Feeling that oneness for me is a portal to some of the best work I have done, and I feel enlivened when the poetic verse that I begin with in most of my short stories, and the chapters in my novels emotes the bewilderment I feel.

There is no feeling like being in the vortex of connection, feeling, sensing, seeing the dots create a picture an and then translating this into verse. For me, its my hearts true joy.

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