When a Fake Health Crisis Becomes a Fake Climate Crisis. Tyranny is the End Game. The Lies are Transparent.

With the health crisis having seduced many of the global population into a state of complete cognitive dissonance, the psychological operation on them is about to be ramped up once again. Fear is the currency of control, and an already acquiescent and apathetic populace has surrendered their power to bought out governments so they can feel ‘safe’. Critical thinking was so 2019, now the engagement of the amygdala has become relentless through all channels of mass persuasion. Rahm Emanuel once said, Never let a serious crisis go to waste, and the technocrats who have an eye on becoming oligarchs that will rule over a heavily reduced global population that are interfacing their biology with technology (human bodies connected to the Internet of Everything) are not going to let their jackboots off the throat until they achieve their goal, or fail. The Club of Rome, the think tank responsible for the treatise The Limits of Growth, published in 1972, has been remodelled and rebranded by the World Economic Forum’s chairman, Klaus Schwab into a single catchphrase, ‘You will own nothing and be happy.’ Here’s some soma. How are your levels Mr Huxley? 

Through the use of obedient mainstream media (owned by a small handful of corporations), talking heads, shill journalists and editors who understand that their careers would be over if they told the truth, an enormous lie based on bad science and increasing censorship of the truth has allowed for the hypnotised masses to buy into creating their prison. The Hunger Games society is no longer a visionary collection of books, it’s manifesting before our eyes. Technocrats have compromised institutions, corporations, NGO’s and governments globally. Others are on the take or compromised by alphabet agencies who have blackmailed them. Corruption is overt and in plain sight, but the mass hypnosis of population Earth is virtually a fait accompli. Groups like Extinction Rebellion (now rebranded Impossible Rebellion) make statements that come right out of the playbooks of Limits of Growth and The Great Reset. Linda Doyle, an activist who was part of the London, Extinction Rebellion protest on August 25th, said:

“If governments continue to fail us when climate breakdown is happening everywhere we look, ordinary people have to take matters into their own hands, rebel for life, and demand a new political economy designed to put the wellbeing of people and the planet first.”

Did Linda channel the ghost of Maurice Strong, the Canadian oil and mineral magnate who headed the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment (the same year the Club of Rome release Limits of Growth, no coincidence there then) and the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992? You decide. The thin veil of totalitarianism is now lifted globally. The tsunami of facts that are ignored by the mainstream media on the health crisis lies, the jab efficacy and safety is about to peak in 2022 and wash the medical system (compromised and bought and paid for by BIG PHARMA) away as if it was Atlantis. The timeline is being moved. The Climate Crisis is coming back to the fore. More fear, more control. The psychological operation of the fake health crisis has been a success to a large extent, but it’s time to shift gears. In the last eighteen months, the narrative has traumatised a generation of children to see people as threats to their existence. Parents who have swallowed the blue pill have obediently drummed into their malleable minds that the maskless are deadly and that they, their children are superspreaders and need to be jabbed too. There is no scientific basis for this decision, it is political. Sterility for the survivors of the jabs is a must for the elites as they cash in on their investments into experimental jabs, PCR test patents. It’s not enough though, eco-anxiety is coming out of the closet again… lets up the ante UNICEF says. Roll out the high priestess of Climate Change Greta Thunberg. 

Never mind the weather manipulation that’s been going on for decades that has destroyed environments and pollution (which is a REAL issue), we need a zero-carbon civilisation. This comes with some serious caveats. Some of which are, reduce the population down to a third of its current size. Round up the survivors, put them all into Smart cities. Inject them with an OS (an operating system that updates every year) that interfaces with the Internet of Everything. Surveil them, and curb their movements to be within a small range from their abodes. Sydney and Melbourne are experiencing what happened in Wuhan in 2019/2020 under the premises of viral control. That’s the blueprint for the decade ahead. Get the populace used to it, the new normal. Meanwhile, back in London, extinction rebellion loonies were responsible for an estimated cost to the taxpayer of over £50 million during their various efforts to “shut down” the city between 2019 and 2020. With businesses struggling to stay afloat thanks to lockdowns in London, the latest of two weeks of protest by XR where the Covent Garden intersection was blocked (the police stood down to let it happen) caused massive disruptions to businesses in the area. Let’s not forget, if it serves the agenda, then it’s ok. If it’s against it (lockdown protests), call out the riots squad. 

ZeroHedge published an article about how the Australian Institute of Marine Science was reporting on the record high cover of the Great Barrier Reef on July 26, despite the doom and gloom stories from reef science and management institutions. The article went on to say:

For example, coral growth rates have, if anything, increased over the past 100 years, and measurements of farm pesticides reaching the reef show levels so low that they cannot be detected with the most ultra-sensitive equipment.

This data is good news. It could hardly be better.

Ignored by institutions whose bread and jam are the dollars they receive from corporations who pay them to push a narrative of doom and gloom. This is just one story of countless examples showing there is no climate disaster. Countries adhering to UN Agenda 2030 and its principles of power-grabbing, centralisation under the term ‘sustainability continue unabated while their citizens follow the health crisis deception. Aotearoa/New Zealand has a MEGA fraud in Jacinda Ardern, a socialist/communist vacuous hand puppet for Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Elite doing their bidding. Going Zero carbon in NZ would take a large population reduction and use of energy technologies locked away by the elites who have coerced, murdered, stolen, and bought out the creators of these technologies. The population reduction is underway here. Get your jab. Kill yourself if you can’t handle losing your business to lockdowns, or are depressed due to feeling isolated from your friends and family. Let’s see how many people will be left in NZ in 2025. Where’s Alexa?

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Are we waking up yet? Smart cities, humans connected to the Internet of Things, this is Agenda 2030/The Great Reset. Oh… and depopulation…

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https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/environment/unimaginably-dire-half-of-worlds-children-at-risk-of-climate-shock-unicef-warns/ar-AANwGSK?ocid=uxbndlbing There aren’t enough Mammoths in the history of our planet needed to pile the amount of shit this article reports.

https://climatechangedispatch.com/its-time-to-stop-tormenting-our-kids-with-climate-terrorism/ Psychopathy has gone into the stratosphere.

https://climatechangedispatch.com/police-stand-down-as-climate-loons-hold-london-hostage-again/ Playing into the hands of the elites. Idiots who destroy the livelihoods of ordinary people through their ignorance and self-importance.

https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/record-coral-cover-great-barrier-reef-shames-climate-alarmists-media The truth.

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