We Live in a Simulation. Sound (Words and Frequencies) Can Change your DNA. You Have the Power To Transform Your Experience.

In 2001, Dr. Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher at Oxford University, wrote his simulation argument, which posited some interesting concepts about the nature of reality, but the most popular of the three posits being that we live in a simulation. David Icke wrote in Tales from the Time Loop in 2003, after taking Ayahuasca in the Brazilian rainforest that we live in a self-aware simulation, one where the use of the emotional frequency of fear (working through the subconscious mind) creates a self-perpetuating prison of limitations created through the five senses, this was Icke called the Time Loop. His opinion about the nature of the simulation has changed with research and greater understanding, especially with the nature of where this simulation is broadcast from. I wrote about Icke’s research and how that this simulation could be changed in the book I wrote with/as Harmon Sueno, United, the sequel to Entwined (look at the cover of Entwined to see where Icke’s research led him). For me, Icke’s most telling and profound personal discovery was the nature of how to connect beyond the matrix of control, via through the heart vortex, or chakra. For those of us willing to step into that field of awareness, it is a game-changer. The fear of the unknown is what keeps the subconscious mind in check, within the bounds of the matrix of control. For when one lives from their heart they are stepping into the unknown. The meaning we chose to give this experience creates either resistance or deep surrender and trust. One will see us safe with empirical knowledge through the bodily senses of what is possible, and the other is like leaping into the void. That void if you pierce it, is an endless ocean of love. Love is not a human construct, no mind can comprehend it, only through the power of the heart can one experience it. It is a knowing, it is acceptance, it is trust, it is recognition that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively as the great comedian/ philosopher Bill Hicks said.

With this knowledge comes a greater understanding of the mechanism through which we can experience life beyond the walls of the matrix as Dr. Joseph P. Farrell blogged about in his blog post titled, The Physiology of Precognition. The blog notes that an experiment was conducted by the HeartMath Institute (HMI) which pertained to physiological responses to future events. Sitting in front of computer screens, participants were shown either emotion-evocative or calming images in randomised order, the images remaining on the screen for three seconds. The article went on to explain the results:

The participants’ brains and hearts responded to information about the emotional quality of the pictures before the computer flashed them (random selection). This means that the heart and brain were both responding to future events. The results indicated that the responses happened, on average, 4.8 seconds before the computer selected the pictures.

Even more interesting was

“It is first registered from the heart,” Rollin McCraty Ph.D. explained, “then up to the brain (emotional and pre-frontal cortex), where we can logically relate what we are intuiting, then finally down to the gut (or where something stirs).”

Dr. Farrell then goes onto talk about the great Soviet astrophysicist Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, who posited that there was a kind of “retro-causation” as information flowed from the future into the past (David Icke’s Time Loop matrix once again). Looking into Kozyrev’s posit, the observer principle of modern physics and a partially-known set of circumstances could affect the experiment due to the knowledge of the future outcomes, therefore inverting causation of flow and time. Dr. Farrell then goes onto talk about the nature of the observable and known universe and its resemblance to a gigantic organism. He uses the ancient analogy of the universe as more organism than machine (Cartesian-Newtonian perspective), and that mankind is a “microcosm” of that meta-organism, an analogy that implied some sort of intelligent order to the universe. Dr. Farrell then meets Icke in the perspective that DNA is an antenna (receiver) and transducer, an aperiodic crystal capable of converting one form of energy into another. In my opinion, depending on where that information is gathered and processed, we can have either an experience beyond the simulation (via the heart) or within it (through the five senses).

Icke said in 2003 that the limits of the simulation were the Speed of Light. This was the parameter, the upper limit of the simulation. Fouad Khan wrote an article for Scientific American on April 1st (no joke) called, Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation. With the most telling observation:

Space is to our universe what numbers are to the simulated reality in any computer. Matter moving through space can simply be seen as operations happening on the variable space. If matter is moving at say 1,000 miles per second, then 1,000 miles worth of space is being transformed by a function, or operated upon every second. If there were some hardware running the simulation called “space” of which matter, energy, you, me, everything is a part, then one telltale sign of the artifact of the hardware within the simulated reality “space” would be a maximum limit on the container size for space on which one operation can be performed. Such a limit would appear in our universe as a maximum speed.

This maximum speed is the speed of light. We don’t know what hardware is running the simulation of our universe or what properties it has, but one thing we can say now is that the memory container size for the variable space would be about 300,000 kilometers if the processor performed one operation per second.

This helps us arrive at an interesting observation about the nature of space in our universe. If we are in a simulation, as it appears, then space is an abstract property written in code. It is not real. It is analogous to the numbers seven million and one in our example, just different abstract representations on the same size memory block. Up, down, forward, backward, 10 miles, a million miles, these are just symbols. The speed of anything moving through space (and therefore changing space or performing an operation on space) represents the extent of the causal impact of any operation on the variable “space.” This causal impact cannot extend beyond about 300,000 km given the universe computer performs one operation per second.

We can see now that the speed of light meets all the criteria of a hardware artifact identified in our observation of our own computer builds. It remains the same irrespective of observer (simulated) speed, it is observed as a maximum limit, it is unexplainable by the physics of the universe, and it is absolute. The speed of light is a hardware artifact showing we live in a simulated universe.

Here is where we the rubber meets the road in regards to our ability to influence the nature of our experience in the simulation and BEYOND it. Music is mathematics, in essence, all of creation is coding (math) when you look at it closely. To quote Dr. Stephen Marquardt:

“All life is biology.
All biology is physiology.
All physiology is chemistry.
All chemistry is physics.
All physics is math.”

Music, sound, and vibrations can alter and activate your DNA, even turn it off and on. Four styles of music, including Sanskrit and Gregorian chants that utilise the 528 Hz frequency, were converted to scalar audio waves and played via a CD player to test tubes containing in vitro DNA in 1998 by Dr. Glen Rein of the Quantum Biology Research Lab in New York. By measuring the DNA test tube samples’ absorption of UV light after an hour of exposure to the music Dr. Rein discovered:

Classical music caused a 1.1 % increase in absorption, Rock music caused a 1.8% decrease in absorption indicating no effect. Gregorian chants, however caused a 5.0% and 9.1% increase in absorption in two separate experiments. Sanskrit chanting caused a similar 8.2% and 5.8% effect in two separate experiments.

Dr. Rein’s research concluded that genes can be switched on or off due to “sound simulations” therefore it is within reason to think that DNA can be affected by sound, and if by sound, then also by the frequency of that sound. When we go further with the nature of music as math, we encounter Math scientist Victor Showell and John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) whose work with the frequency of 528 Hz is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring. In Pythagorean math 528 resolves to a 6, the icon for physical manifestation, 5+2+8=15; and 1+5=6. Which begs the question, is this Pythagorus showing us the limits of the matrix? The parameters of its manifestation capabilities?

Michael Forrester from Prevent Disease wrote a guest blog for Waking Times detailing:

The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but it turns out that so-called junk DNA plays critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave. The discovery, considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough, has enormous implications for human health and consciousness because many complex diseases appear to be caused by tiny changes in hundreds of gene switches.

As scientists delved into the “junk” — parts of the DNA that are not actual genes containing instructions for proteins — they discovered a complex system that controls genes. At least 80 percent of this DNA is active and needed. Another 15-17 percent has higher functions scientists are still decoding.

Even more telling was the discovery by Russian linguists that:

The genetic code, especially in the apparently useless junk DNA follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

Is this the Tower of Babel incident where humanity began to speak different languages instead of just one (telepathy)? Was it an historical event where our DNA was altered so that we could create various languages that would allocate the use of sounds that would keep consciousness in a state of continual reinforcement of the walls of the matrix of control through the use of the sound frequency, or speech? In my opinion, due to what I have discovered being guided to the information presented in this blog post, the Tower of Babel moment was one where DNA was altered through the use of sound to switch off the codings that allowed humans to perceive beyond the simulation we now find ourselves in. The force that did so was not all-powerful, for the heart vortex of the human energetic field still connects those who focus their awareness and attention into their hearts into the multiverse of creation. By doing so they are no longer constrained by the parameters of the simulation. Sound, words, music directed from this vortex activates DNA codings in the body, attuning it to the field of awareness beyond the simulation, resonating with greater intelligence, fearlessly moving into deeper levels of trust and surrender. This is the TRUE nature of ALL THAT IS. We give this field of awareness labels, Krishna, Buddha, Christ consciousness, fifth, sixth, seventh, eleventh consciousness, etc. I like David Icke have a simpler understanding. Infinite Love is the only truth; everything else is illusion.

Love for love’s sake is divine. Say no more.

https://www.vulture.com/2019/02/nick-bostrom-on-whether-we-live-in-a-matrix-simulation.html Dr. Nick Bostrom’s simulation argument from 2001

https://banned.video/watch?id=60702e11da38c41351f25356 David Icke, so far ahead of the game on so many levels due to his understanding that of the power of the heart (energetically connecting to ALL THAT IS). His recall of names, people, places and experiments, papers, research is a measure of the man’s connection to source energy.

https://gizadeathstar.com/2021/05/the-physiology-of-precognition/ Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, always on point. As consciousness expands, you can find a greater understanding of it within his books and blogs.

https://phys.org/news/2015-06-aperiodic-crystals.html Aperiodic crystals. Fascinating.

https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/confirmed-we-live-in-a-simulation/ Doesn’t get any more mainstream than THIS. You discern for yourselves whether we do or do not live in a simulation. That’s your choice.

https://www.goldennumber.net/life-design/ Science. REAL science is an infinite and exciting journey of continual discovery.

https://shepherdsheart.life/pages/music-and-change-your-dna Music is Math and Math is music.

https://www.wakingtimes.com/how-dna-is-reprogrammed-by-words-and-frequencies/ Sound, frequencies, words, music all influence DNA. What happens when all of these are moved through the heart vortex from beyond the simulation?

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