We Gotta Get Out of This Place if it’sThe Last Thing We Ever Do…

Looking back at this blip in a construct called time (I don’t believe that there is a concept or construction called ‘time’ beyond the simulation we are currently living in) called 2020 there are many divergent, divisive, and dangerous precedents being set in a global society. If it’s not the cult of personality, the scamdemic, the colour of a human vehicle’s skin, or the alarmist cult of global warming… oh yeah, apologies, its climate change now, it’s been relabelled since temperatures are plummeting globally (due to solar minimums) you can find a movement, a narrative, a political or scientific perspective that you may wish to adhere to meet one of the three ‘D’s’ I’ve mentioned above. In late November of 2020 much of the Northern Hemisphere is under mass house arrest. This is being enforced by those who have sworn to serve and protect the very people that they are bullying, arresting, acting violently towards at the behest of a small handful of elected civil servants and non-elected technocrats. More divide and rule. Us and them. Some of these elected civil servants flaunt their ability to do what the masses can’t (Gavin Newsom, Lori Lightfoot, Professor Neil Fergusson, Gretchen Whitmer are a few honourable mentions) in blatant disregard for those people who elected them into their positions of influence. The planet is now under the rule of despots who take orders from technocrats, who kowtow to an agenda that is now so overt you can’t deny it if you did an iota of research (google The World Economic Forum, The Great Reset).

How the fuck did we get here??? The answer is one most people don’t want to hear, others throw their hands in the air saying, ‘there’s nothing I can do about’. We ALLOWED this to happen. This is why we are rushing into a totalitarian global police state. A modern socialist superstate that resembles communist China, run by elites who do whatever they choose as our feudal overlords, with a militarised police force that enacts their will (but will be replaced with a robotic one, with no chance to feel those most human of responses, empathy, compassion and coherence with their fellow humans) on their human family. If we continue to acquiesce to this timeline there will be a time when, ‘I’m doing fine, none of that affects me or my family’ as a throwaway excuse for NOT taking responsibility for what is happening globally will no longer hold any water. You’re family and you are not exempt from what is coming down the pipeline of the global elite. You’re not in their club. Comprende?

There is a saving grace that comes with the greater understanding of what we are, and I don’t mean human beings. We are consciousness, eternal awareness having a short and brief human experience. We are creators able to fashion dreams into reality, we have powerful and expressive imaginations that combined with our hearts make us a force that terrifies the less than 1%. There are a few thousand of them, and billions of us. They rely on the global populace acquiescing in fear of death, fear of fear itself, promoted, propagandised through all media (which they control) and spewing from the mouths of talking heads that have been compromised so that they are nothing more than puppets parading as our elected officials. Out they wheel their shill technocrats to perpetuate their lies, telling us about their manufactured problems, garnering a reaction from the dumbfounded populace to feel safe, heard, or validated, then offering their solutions to their problems… all of which end the same. A transhumanist nightmare dystopia for the global populace and a paradise for them to exploit as they see fit.

There has never been a greater NOW than this. A NOW where the human populace looks at itself with the awareness that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, understanding that the body is temporary, life is eternal, and we are far more powerful than the scared and powerless few who would be our masters. Having said this, we have to acknowledge that it is us that got the planet to this place, we are responsible for allowing the few to control us so that they could corral us towards their endgame. Our moment to come together and stop this madness once and for all is here. No more acquiescing, no more fear. We create, we dream, we design a world for generations to come. A paradise of symbiosis between all living beings, where all that is kept from us these so-called elites are open source. Where pollution-free abundant energy is available to everyone, where deserts become fields of organic crops to feed the people, where native forests are allowed to replenish and new ones are planted, where education installs the virtues of adventure, courage, compassion, connection, and perspectives of value for a global society that uplifts us all. Where forgiveness allows us to see the less than 1% as weak, broken people that are sick, not evil, and understand that we can’t absolve all they have done, but a step in the right direction is to use their combined wealth to help create this paradise for all. For if we punish them, we also need to punish ourselves for giving our power away to them in the first place.

Have I changed my mind on a new Nuremberg Trial for the less than 1%, no, I certainly haven’t. They do need to be held accountable, their power structures need to be dismantled and their secrets made public. It is the will of the masses to decide what to do with them after the fact. Our sin is that we gave them our power, forgot who we are, and allowed them to do what they have. Each of us will have our night of the soul as the energetic shifts we encounter take place. Our shadow work will be ours alone to heal through. Let’s get started. 

Our time is nigh… this is us… We are ONE

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