Voices in my head : Part Two Harmon Sueno

I had not read any Gabriel Garcia Marquez before I heard Harmon Sueno whispering to me, asking me to dictate his visions, clear and true. I had never heard of Magical Realism, however, I was to discover that Harmon Sueno was cut from the same cloth as the Latin American writers whose surrealism extends beyond scientific materialism into realms where infinite possibility grants the magical in every moment.

Sueno spoke and I began to see him appear before me. Each word materialising in a jigsaw of a figure in my mind’s eye till eventually, he was sitting before me, steadfastly watching me type his renditions of the lives of Lord Buford Somerset and Pablo Wairua and their journey’s to self -empowerment, self-discovery, tragedy, and triumph. In all my years of reading, I had not discovered a writer who breaths into my heart and accesses my soul’s imaginative truth as Sueno does.

The embodiment of the multi-dimensional human incarnate, Harmon Sueno can call in selves from other levels of existence and so witness their perceptions of worlds invisible to the human senses of those trapped in the density of the third dimension. Each of these existences, these realities merged and glued to one another by a yoke created by a force Sueno describes in all his novels as a clear and present danger to all of creation in this part of the Solar System and beyond.

As Harmon finished dictating Entwined to me, drawing the book to a close, his last character began to overlay over Sueno’s words, this voice was that of a young man, no more than twenty-five, yet the power and grace in his tone reflected that of a spirit incarnate of such immense determination that he would be unshakable in his focus. The slow dictation and pronunciation of his English were drawn from learning Spanish as a second language, his first being the Quechua language, Runasimi, English his third. In his voice I could hear the rumblings of an Indigenous iconoclast, a young man stepped in teachings ancient, influential, and commanding against the rising tide of scientific materialism and its overt proponents. This was Pablo Wairua.

Harmon Sueno. Dreamweaver

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