Voices in my Head : Part three Pablo Wairua

For such a young man Pablo Wairua’s voice carried much gravitas. Wizened beyond his years, the way he spoke had a purpose, strength, and poise. I would come to know that he understood the nature of the creation, from thought to word and then manifestation, so I used language carefully, intentionally, and courageously. Born to Tuhoe (Aotearoa/New Zealand Maori Iwi/tribe) and a Quechua mother, he straddled two worlds and unified traditions and cultures from his birth parents, but his soul was Pleiadian. That became clear to me as I felt his connection to source power.

Harmon Sueno had given me a glimpse into his life purpose, he being a student of an ancient mystery school tradition from the continent of Lemuria. At the end of Entwined, I had witnessed his magical prowess decimate a black magic ritual at Tiwanaku, Bolivia, sending all participants back to loving source energy. The gift of gifts for those who have an absence of light and love in their existence. What mystery school had taught him? Where were they? These questions were answered as Harmon showed me were such a menace to the powers that would hide. In an inter-dimensional pocket in the Te Urewera National Park in the depths of the forest of the North Island, Te Ika a Maui, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Pablo Wairua is a Tohunga. He is learned in many arts, skills, calling in abilities that allowed him to protect the planetary consciousness from the ruling cabal who desires to crush it and terraform the planet for their masters. Stepped in all the traditions of Maori Tohunga, with deeper initiations from the Lemurian mystery school, he is an Indigenous Superhero, the greatest of his lineage, from ancient to present.

After the incident at Tiwanaku, he began to see into the lives of beings across the multiverse, witnessing their grandest adventures, where the most beautiful dreams came into existence. His clairvoyance was accompanied with a clairsentience that allowed him to feel the most pervasive joys, rapture, and ecstasies of those whose lives he began to scribe down onto paper. The short stories he dictated to me made me often cry as I wrote them, so tender, so touching, so authentic was his telling. That coupled with his gentle, heartfelt demeanour render me into a silent prayer of gratitude for this beautiful soul and his tales and his work as a Tohunga protecting the planetary consciousness from harm.

Pablo Wairua. Dreamweaver and Tohunga

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