Voices For Freedom. Aotearoa / New Zealand’s Freedom Keepers Against Jacinda Ardern’s Led Tyranny.

In the country of my birth unlike many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Europe, we have a lifestyle that resembles life before the global health crisis (there is no health crisis, its’s FAKE) of 2020 happened. Many would say that the extreme measures our country took, locking down the borders, locking up the populace for four weeks, and grinding society to a halt in late March / early April 2020 is the reason why we enjoy these preconceived freedoms. With the preposterous computer predictions from Dr. Neil Fergusson and the Imperial College (whose heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) that made this particular coronavirus strain so deadly (it’s not, the CDC says that there is a survival rate of 99.97% of those who are infected with it and have no co-morbidity issues) the planet went into a pandemic of lunacy rather than looking at the facts and the data within the realms of scientific evaluation. Those of us who have been following the machinations of the less than 1% and those who behind the curtain is pulling their strings know that this was all planned a long time ago. This is not a health crisis, it’s a plan to cull the elderly, the sick, the mentally challenged, sterilise the majority of the planet for up to three generations, and then link the human body to technology.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum came out and said by 2030 that humanity would be interfacing with technology through their biology. He made himself into a Bond villain in the process and overtly laid out the reason behind the HUGE inoculation push with experimental toxic gene-altering therapies. If one does any research into the patents for the technological interfacing between human biology and technology (I have blogged about this in a blog titled PCR Swabs. Nasal or Anal? Nanotech Delivered into your Intestine or your Cribriform plate (into your brain)) where I catalogue all the patents of this technology, who owns rights to your body when these patents are used, why and how they would go about doing creating synthetic humans OWNED by corporations. It takes the Black Nobility’s ruse of making every human born as a corporation and betting on their lives (which the Venetian Bankers have done for centuries) to make money, and with occult knowledge siphon off your life force energy into realms that Philip K. Dick could never dream of. Common-Law no longer applies. You’re sovereignty no longer exists, bodily or otherwise, and that expose is also something I have blogged about in a blog called, Misfeasance Lawsuits against Public Officials? NO Malfeasance. Where are Cases? Why is no one Suing? With this foundation in place let’s look at a group of amazing women who in Aotearoa / New Zealand are rising to challenge the tyranny descending upon these islands. These remarkable leaders and freedom fighters are called Voices for Freedom. 

The Rise of the Matriarchy is alive and well in Aotearoa / New Zealand

These three women inspire me every day to get up and speak my truth via my blogs, but also live it, be it. They have been calling out the official narrative in the country and beyond, sourcing out facts and data, asking for debate rather than made to order statements from our Labour government that the official narrative is the ONLY narrative that those that did and didn’t elect them to serve the people need to listen to. This is a dangerous and fascist precedent, in an open and free society all voices need to be heard, and the facts and data that comes in to contradict the narrative needs to be debated by those who are experts in their fields, allowing the public to take responsibility accordingly. On their website the ladies say:

Voices for Freedom was founded by three passionate kiwi mums intent on making sure our beautiful country remains a safe and free place for our families and friends.

Between us, we have a ton of skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm that we bring to Voices for Freedom including legal experience, education, online business and marketing, and community development.

The people that they have interviewed, discussed, and debated with include the team from Covid Plan-B in New Zealand, lead by Auckland University Epidemiologist Dr. Simon Thornley, The Irish Biochemical Engineer Ivor Cummins, who since 2012 has been researching the root causes of modern chronic diseases. Voices For Freedom have blogged about the dangers of pushing through an experimental jab on society without telling the public about the dangers associated with this potion (a violation of the Nuremberg Code), and giving those of us in New Zealand who don’t want to be subject to medical tyranny the necessary information to fight back against the inevitable (it’s starting next week of April 19th, 2021) vaccine push on the populace.

The most telling information they have been sharing with their supporters and followers is the legal challenge presented by lawyer Sue Grey who happens to also have a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biochemistry as well as being an attorney. She’s no fool. Voices For Freedom wrote about Sue explaining that she was in correspondence with our elected civil servants:

To several Government officials, including the PM and the Attorney General, with her concerns about the misuse of the Medicines Act to grant provisional consent for the Pfizer vaccine. She requested a substantive reply by yesterday – they didn’t provide one.

In her letter Sue made several demands that we share:

  • Immediate suspension of the vaccine roll-out until the outstanding legal issues are addressed, including compliance with the statutory restriction that new medicines, with only provisional consent, should only be used to treat only a limited number of patients, and principled clarification of the intended “prescription-only” status of the Pfizer vaccine;
  • Corrective advertising to address misleading and deceptive claims and to facilitate fully informed consent; and
  • Promotion of other ways the public can enhance their immunity to help protect against COVID-19;
  • She included a requirement that the Government promote individual empowerment to help people become more resilient and move on from this current climate of fear, propaganda and uncertainty. New Zealanders deserve to reclaim hope for the future of their lives, our communities and New Zealand culture.

Sue, like Voices for Freedom, is waiting on the answer from the government led by MEGA fraud (bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Elite, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other UN shill’s at the Rockefeller teat) and her minions (all either compromised or on the payroll in my opinion). In a country where the once objective mainstream media was funded by Ardern’s government to stay afloat during the last year and were subject to a secret meeting with the Minister of Propaganda, excuse me, Minister of Broadcasting and Media, Kris Faafoi in early 2020 (no transparency on those minutes have been revealed to the public… can’t think why) after which mainstream everything in this country kowtowed to every little gesture or word coming from our head elected civil servant and her minions.

These three women are warriors of compassion, warriors of truth and they are fearlessly fighting a fight that many want to be a part of, but are shrinking violets as a storm begins to approach. There is no more time to say, ‘it doesn’t affect me, I’m ok.’ Those days are over. As these three women stand up and lead, I am with them. In the end, we are all going to have to face this tyranny or suffer under it. As part of a unified network of people who stand side by side, we will prevail. I have no doubt.

I’m right by your sides.

https://voicesforfreedom.co.nz/ Three HEROES in the fight against tyranny and bodily sovereignty in Aotearoa / New Zealand

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la4ISvAGUnc Sue Grey and Joe Rifici explaining the legal challenge against the government of NZ.

http://suegrey.co.nz/ Sue Grey. What a LEGEND.

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