Following the horrors of the final events of Entwined and his father’s demise, Buford Somerset has now been granted the title of Lord. In Elsdon Manor, on Lord Somerset’s estate, he and his occupying possessor, Enki, sit cast in firelight, scribing tales that dance between the macabre and woe. However, things are about to change dramatically.

Pablo Wairua, the young tohunga battling the forces of galactic oppression, returns to the Te Urewera forest to finish his training. Here, a carefully planned ruse is enacted that will allow him to cross into another dimension, where he will remain hidden from the very cabal that wishes to destroy him.

The paleoastronomer Morvarid reveals her secret identity and finds herself in the presence of the immortal Chinese emperor Shen Nong and the centaur Chiron. Her quest to be at her former lover’s side sends her on a path cast by her extraordinary past, which she brings to the present.

Markus, a Pentecostal preacher from the Appalachian Mountains, has lived a thousand lives across the millennia of planetary history, fighting a battle against the enemy who laid waste to his Lyran home planet. Now, he pushes towards his final confrontation with the Draco-reptilians and their allies.

Their paths will intersect and unite to bring about a new Age of Expansion beyond humanity’s current paradigm of limitation.