UAP?UFO? Or a Sky Monster? Sky Jellyfish, Sky Manta Rays and Sky whales. The Sky is Alive.

My claircognizance led me to some wild and incredible information after I wrote the last blog post on the fake CIA Alien Invasion UAP threat that is potentially coming down the pipeline in a little over a week. I had the urge to look into the other levels of perception beyond the bandwidth that humans can see. Initially, I was lead to the UV spectrum and then the infrared spectrum, and it was in this bandwidth that I found what I was looking for. A lead. Years ago, I had seen footage on youtube (now removed) of people that had filmed creatures in the sky moving about in the infrared spectrum. They resembled jellyfish, whales, and manta rays that billowed about in the sky, but were completely invisible to human eyes. In my research I came across an article on Trevor J Constable who was born in the city I call home, Wellington, New Zealand. He served 31 years at sea, 26 of them as a radio officer in the U.S. merchant marine, he was also an avid UFO writer and researcher who believed that the UFO phenomenon was best explained by the presence of enormous amoeba-like animals inhabiting earth’s atmosphere. Constable published the book They Live in the Sky (1958) which had a number of these anomalies he called, ‘critters’ in photographs he took in the Mojave desert on August 25, 1957. He used an 18A filter over the lens of his 35mm camera to block out all visible light photographing in the infrared spectrum to get his images.

Ken Adachi, the editor of Educate-Yourself, wrote an article on February 19, 2007, on Trevor J. Constable, and speculated that the creatures photographed in Constable’s images were Slyphs, an elemental creature that exists between the third and fourth dimension and is therefore mostly invisible to the naked eye of humans according to researcher ZS Livingstone

Sylphs can take on any physical cloud-form appearance they wish or they can remain invisible to the unaided eye. Sylphs exist in the borderlands between the third and fourth dimension, so it doesn’t surprise me that they possess some attributes of both dimensions -invisibility yes, but they also have a heat-producing body that will show up on infrared film.

This phenomenon was only observed with special camera equipment so therefore rules out the possibility of these creatures being perceived with human eyes and being misrepresented as being a UFO/UAP, but it led me to the Belief Hole Podcast and here is where it got interesting. The Belief Hole podcast was where X marked the spot. These three brothers whose paranormal, metaphysical, cryptozoology, and conspiracy podcast is brilliantly researched and sound engineered (with off the chain sound effects!) was a treasure trove of historical anecdotes on the phenomenon of creatures living in the skies. What I took from these anecdotal stories was that witnesses described objects that sounded awfully like many sightings of what had been deemed craft, and only those stories where fully-fledged sightings of creatures that resembled deep ocean bioluminescent beings that attacked towns, cars and drank water from Aotearoa/New Zealand’s own Lake Taupo in 1978, were encounters with fauna. Could it be that we have gotten it wrong all along? That the nuts and bolts craft that are obviously observable to the eyes, could those be constructions with hidden systems of finance of Nazi wonder weapon patents that have been engineered by defense contractors, leaving us with sightings where we see luminous craft that stalls cars, knocks out nuclear missile silo’s, and turns off cities electrical grids not being craft at all. Could these be actual living entities who live close to edge of space that venture down to bottom of an ocean of that has 5 million more times the volume than all the ocean covering the surface of the Earth?

The discovery of sprites, giant luminous phenomena above thunderstorms, thirty-five miles high that resemble jellyfish that produce deep infrasound and immense gravity waves as they gather together in groups flashing in sequence like ethereal jellyfish forty-five miles above the planet’s surface makes for a frightening prospect if these are truly giant carnivorous invertebrates. Hunting with some of the strongest neurotoxins and digestive compounds known to science these organisms could eject toxins into their fluid environments or directly, using millions of stingers on thousands of tentacles. Scott Deschaine who wrote an article for The Living Sky said

Many UFO witnesses experience physical and psychological effects consistent with exposure to similar toxins. Some jellyfish and UFO victims describe bolts or rays that stun or leave them senseless, sometimes even from a distance.

A group of medical professionals studied short and long-term physical and psychological effects of UFO exposure. They noted the following effects were found repeatedly:

Mild physical symptoms:

  • Eye irritation and damage
  • Reddening and swelling of skin

More severe physical symptoms:

  • Blistering and peeling of skin
  • Chest pains, hypertension
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle damage, including destruction of skeletal muscles
  • Destruction of red blood cells

Neurological symptoms:

  • Loss of coordination
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Paralysis
  • Headache
  • Agitation and panic
  • Stupor or coma
  • Neuropsychiatric disturbances such as depression, apathy, and hallucinations

Perhaps the threat we need to be concerned about is the fauna living over our heads and not an alphabet agency FAKE alien invasion. For the danger is far more terrestrial and we have entered their domain since taking flight, detonating nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere, and penetrating the firmament by sending man and technology into outer space. We have entered their domain and they are not pleased with our trespassing. Scott Deschaine made some interesting observations as many have of the Shuttle mission STS-75

In 1996, mission STS-75 provided an important, perhaps historic piece of scientific evidence. A 12-mile long tethered satellite broke from the shuttle and floated away. The shuttle watched. About 100 miles away, the tether approached sunrise. Suddenly, a swarm of pulsing discs gathered around the tether. Some moved behind the tether, indicating that they were at least ten miles across.

Food for thought.

Could there be invertebrates living in our upper atmosphere that is being mistaken for UFOs/UAPs

ttps:// Trevor J. Constable. Perhaps a maverick, perhaps years ahead of his time. The Belief Hole Podcast. Living Sky Creatures – Monsters Above Us. Looks like a Defense Contractors work to me… The Sky is alive… so it seems…

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