Transmutation Through Creative Expression. How I Became the Men in All my Novels. Healing The Shadow by Writing About my Ancestral Wounds. Part Two.

As the unravelling of Entwined had almost come to its bittersweet ending I brought Pablo Wairua into the fold. This young mestizo (I don’t consider that terminology as derogative) man was the embodiment of the traditional Pacific cultures coursing through my veins. My father’s father’s mother was Taranaki Maori and my father’s mother was Samoan, and it was the pull towards traditional knowledge upon my arrival back on Aotearoa/New Zealand soil in late 2002 that led me to the understanding that the Maori culture would be significant in the creation of a new paradigm. I had been granted visions when I came back to the country of my birth after road tripping around the islands with Eryn, my closest friend from Vancouver. One of those visions led me to write All Roads Lead to Parihaka (which is becoming more prophetic in its storyline every day) with Pablo Wairua in 2003, who was but an echo in my heart then, unidentified, but present. Pablo stood like a giant straddling the South American continent and Aotearoa/New Zealand. He had one foot in the country where he had grown up, the land of his Quechua mother, Bolivia, and the other in a place where the Children of the Mist, the Maori people called Tuhoe lived. The Te Urewera forest. In 2008 I had experienced some of the worst behaviour in my life from someone I considered a friend, whose drug addiction was used as an excuse to steal almost two thousand New Zealand dollars from me. He had talked up a great talk about his lineage amongst the Tuhoe people but humiliated them with his actions, and I wanted to restore some pride and mana (dignity, strength) into that lineage with Pablo Wairua. Pablo trained to become a warrior-priest, a Tohunga from a lineage that went back to Lemuria, whose credo was to protect the planetary consciousness from the subjugation by the cabal who had held sway over it for millennia. In him, I saw all the attributes of where my ancestors wanted me to ascend to so I could heal the wounds that they carried through their bloodlines ending with my bodily incarnation. I had a task ahead of me, much like Pablo did. One that he would accomplish in United.

United formulated in my head and being for around three years. As the sequel to Entwined, it expanded on Pablo’s journey from birth in the Te Urewera to his childhood in Bolivia, and his prowess as a visionary, a warrior, an intrepid explorer, and weaver of dreams. Here was a young man whose imagination was his guide throughout his childhood, leading him to meet some very interesting people who would influence his perception of the world, and he theirs. In watching this young man grow, seeing his journey of self-discovery, and understanding his connection to his mother I had written about myself unknowingly. My mother had been my rock, like Pablo’s, doing her best to make sure that I understood that following my dreams was the most important voyage in life. If my heart was leading me somewhere, follow it. After my parents divorced and I chose to live with my mother (my father had become a monster due to his alcoholism and I was terrified of him until I was in my teens) and my spirituality and imagination took a back seat to the hormonal changes in my body. Looking back on that part of my life now I see it as opportunities lost. What it did do though was compound over time the trauma and woundings that I subjugated so that I would have a spiritual awakening again in my early twenties. Pablo lived his life embracing his shadow, even at a young age and it was his eventual recognition of his trauma of losing his father at birth and leaving his mother in Bolivia to come to Aotearoa/New Zealand that allowed him to forge ahead on his path to bringing about the paradigm shift from an age of constriction into an age of expansion. He lived the life I had wanted to, imagination untamed, fear never being a stalwart that would shatter his innocence and becoming the driving force for healing of the planetary consciousness through his mana, embracing traditional knowledge and ancestral woundings and transmuting them into the swell of the tsunami he created to wash away the controlling force of Earth.

Markus, the Lyran who features in United had lost everything when his home planet was destroyed by the Archontic Artificial Intelligence infused Draconis Reptilian Empire. He came to this solar system to stop its tyrannical move to create a simulation by using the brown dwarf star Saturn as a broadcaster of a frequency band creating a simulation that would shut down access to the multiverse. When the battle was lost and Saturn began broadcasting, the density within the solar system changed from the sixth dimension to the third and he was trapped, made immortal. In my memories of existences both galactic and terrestrial, I can now see comparisons between him and me. He moved through the millennia having to leave places constantly, creating a life for himself in one location and then another, reinventing himself constantly so that his past would never catch up with him. I left Aotearoa/New Zealand in 1997 and reinvented myself as I hitchhiked up the east coast of Australia. I became some new when I arrived in Port Douglas and then reinvented myself several times over the next two years of travelling around Tasmania and mainland Australia. When I began my South-East Asian odyssey, island hopping through Indonesia to mainland South-East Asia I was in a constant process of shedding skin, becoming someone new. When I finally landed in Canada I went through more metamorphosis’s in the four years I was there than I could count. Searching for any opportunity to hide from that which was always haunting me, my shadow. Markus would be confronted with his own shadow and his ancestral woundings in a horrific way that would be his dark night of the soul as his past met him head-on, once again sharing this experience with me. I had left Vancouver, coming back to Aotearoa/New Zealand to a family that I didn’t recognise, nor felt like I was part of. The person that I had been before I left Canada was gone forever, replaced with someone I didn’t know. All that had been hidden for years under presence while travelling and drugs and sex while in Vancouver bubbled to the surface and I had to deal with what was arising in me.

Markus would eventually align with his sixth-dimensional abilities as the procession of ages began to break down the walls of the simulation, strand by strand making their way onto the planet. As he developed his previously latent skills his mission became clear, his purpose even more so and he assisted Pablo Wairua in bringing the demise of the Archontic Cabal and sending it back to source energy. In Markus’s journey, I saw myself going through my own deeply profound acceleration of my shadow work since United was conceived of and published in 2016 and the revised editions in 2017. Due to the healing process, my psychic abilities have gone into overdrive. I have found mentoring in Gigi Young’s work and her courses and so have the tools to ground these abilities into everyday life, and like Markus embody them as I expand into the multiverse. My work continues, and I am fully aware of the nature of the expansion we are making here in 2021 even if there is none to be seen in society. We are in the darkest period of this epoch, yet there is a light that never goes out and it is breaking down the walls of the matrix of control. All that is hidden can no longer stay in the shadows, awareness is that light and it is beginning to peak like the midday sun.

Art becomes life, life becomes art.

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