The Walls of the Simulation. Algorithms. From Physics to Astrology.

Well, it’s been quite some time since I have written anything. I have however done 33 podcasts, and over 150 videos (and have around another 40 waiting to go live, scheduled for release this year, every Wednesday), which has taken up all my time and energy. Having said that, I could have written all the way through 2021/2022 if I had the impetus. I DIDN’T. I was writing for myself really, as there was no one reading my body of work. I am not averse to this being the case again as I begin to write this blog post. At heart, I can elaborate with greater detail with the written word than I am with video and podcasts. I’m not a gifted orator, and the majority of my podcasts are about me, the man, the majority of my videos are about my life, my experiences, and what is prescient in my life experience. Here, I can wax lyrical about the wildest and craziest shit you can imagine, which I love most of all.

This brings me to this epiphany I had today. I don’t believe for a moment that it’s not been discussed before, nor with more aplomb than I will endeavour to reveal. What I can do is bring my perception and my questions about the nature of this topic to the world in a way that filters through my lens. On January 1st, 2003, Nick Bostrom published in Philosophical Quarterly that the Universe and everything in it may be a simulation. Without diving deeper into the content of the paper, the publishing of the paper caused quite a stir amongst the left-brained academics, right-brained creatives, and the whole-brained conscious people of the planet. The movie The Matrix appeared to be mimicking real life if one believed the proposed theory of Bostrom. Notaries who picked up on the theory and ran with it were Legion, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Elon Musk two notable proponents of the theory.

In the early 2000s, the researcher David Icke wrote a book called Tales from the Time Loop, where he detailed his experience in the Amazon rainforest when invited to speak at a gathering around an hour from Manaus, Brazil. Here, at the gathering, he entered into an altered state of consciousness using the plant medicine, the psychoactive Ayahuasca. In the book, he gives an in-depth explanation of his experience with what I call, the spirit of the plant (Icke calls it the ‘voice’), but the takeaway was that he was shown how what we call reality was a time loop, everything that is happening now has happened before. This is the first indication that we are living in a simulated environment; it is running algorithms that repeat themselves. Encapsulated, the time loop is cut off from the rest of creation by non-physical levels, and it is these non-physical levels of existence that our consciousness goes to after leaving the body before being recycled back into the apparent physical levels of the simulation. The power source for the simulation according to Icke’s experience was the ‘repeating time loop that we know as the five-sense world.’

Icke’s recall is fascinating. The spirit of the plant explained to Icke that:

‘the very fabric of the Matrix itself and its power source was the consciousness trapped within its vibrational walls. The Matrix was a self-aware entity that was knowingly manipulating to ensure its own survival by generating the events necessary to produce the fear that empowered it. Humans were indeed ‘batteries’ or power stations for the Matrix and were providing the power to maintain our own prison.’ 

Icke’s revelations are too plentiful to bring to this blog, but the essence of what he shared was that our beliefs are the mortar that holds the walls in place as much as fear is the energy source that keeps the time loop constructing the illusion we call reality. If we consider all the beliefs we maintain through everyday thought processes and algorithms, some generated by the imaginings of the Matrix to maintain its existence we are certainly going down a rabbit hole of extraordinary depth and many burrows. All of which are illusions created by the force that created the Matrix. The illusory beliefs around sciences such as physics and astrology maintain the walls of the Matrix and denote our experience of life within it, creating a game that is played out across our reality, divide, and rule. 

There is no Oneness in Astrological sciences, we are granted different illusory ‘signs’ when we appeared again within the simulation, which is, according to Icke, and the spirit of the plant, due to reading the vibrational fields (algorithms) of the Matrix at a certain date and time (illusion), by perceiving the location of holographic illusory planets within the Matrix. The Laws of Physics are also beliefs that ascertain one’s experience of reality within the Matrix, and as Icke says, the walls of the simulation are the speed of light, which are interpreted in science as being our greatest understanding of limitation. Nothing can supposedly travel faster than light.

Today, I had the epiphany that the sciences of Astrology and physics were merely algorithms that could be read as such by skilled interpretation. Delving a little deeper, and re-reading the work of David Icke in Tales from the Time Loop, I remembered that not only are they algorithms, but they are also the mortar of the walls of simulation kept aloft by the strength of belief when they are illusory, fake, a construct kept to imprison consciousness in a prison of its creation, to feed an entity who’s fuel source is fear. What a remarkable journey home we are about to take if we awaken to this simple understanding and set ourselves free. All it would take would is to align our point of perception with our hearts, where the prime creative force that inhabits us is located.

Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion – David Icke – David Icke on living in a simulation. – Scientific American. Simulation Theory. Another brick in the Wall?

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Algorithms are the Walls of the Matrix. Our beliefs are the mortar that binds these algorithms in place.

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