The Sabbatean-Frankist Cult Running The World is Experimenting on Israel’s Population. Medical Apartheid and Nazi Germany Merge.

To understand the ruling force behind the curtain, often hiding behind labels such as being Jewish (when they loathe those who follow the Talmud and want to destroy them) you have to look deeply into the historical context of the importance of Jacob Frank and the Sabbatean-Frankist cult that has infiltrated all major religions arising out of the Middle East. Ushi Dermon wrote in the Museum of the Jewish People:

The main concept in Sabbatean theology was relying on the concept that after Shabtai Zvi entered the Jewish arena, the messianic era has started. In this new world, everything was turned upside down: the old law was cancelled, all the “do not” laws became “do” laws, even strong prohibitions such as Incest. The Sabbatean used to bless each other with this (twisted) verse: “Blessed art thou, Lord, who cancels and allows the prohibitions.”

Sabbatai Zvi who believed himself to the Jewish messiah, was also an occultist and black magician who converted to Islam when the Sultan of Turkey-based Ottoman Empire offered him conversion, or torture and death. They became known as Donmeh, which means, ‘to turn’. Known as crypto-Jews who publicly converted to Islam, they retained their Sabbatean beliefs, becoming powerful in politics and business in Salonica, an area today known as Thessaloniki in Greek Macedonia. A major centre of Freemasonry, where the Young Turk movement rose that eventually overthrew Ottoman Islamic Rule in Turkey, its favourite son none other than Mustafa Kemal, or Ataturk, the Grand Orient Freemason in the Lodge Veritas in Salonica.

The Frankist sect Dermon continues starting with the founder and leader, Jacob Frank, who was born in Podolia in 1726 to a wealthy family from the inner circle of the Sabbatean. At 12 he followed his father to Thessaloniki on business and here was introduced to Sabbatean circles. Returning to Poland in 1755 he claimed to the successor to Shabtai Zvi, gathering a sect of followers who inflated his megalomania as he took Sabbatean theology into the realms of extreme destruction and nihilism based on a gallery of mystical radical symbols. Dermon continues to extrapolate on Frank’s extremism and distortion of the Judaic faith:

Frank addressed his followers: “I came not to elevate your spirits, but to humiliate you to the bottom of the abyss, where you can get no lower, and where no man can rise from by his own forces, but only God can pull him with his mighty hand from the depth.” By “abyss” he meant particularly sexual rituals that included sacred orgies with just a touch of incest. The sexual adventures reached the ears of the senior rabbis of Poland, after the Frankists held a rough sexual ceremony described by David Kahana in his “Book of Darkness”: on the 26th day of the month of Shvat in 1756, on a market day in the town of Lanzkron, Podolia, the people of the Frank sect gathered in the morning in an inn of one of their own, closed all the windows in secrecy, and took the rabbi’s wife, a beautiful and promiscuous woman, sat her down naked in a palanquin, placed a Torah crown upon her head and danced around her, playing instruments, falling on her and kissing her, while calling her “mezuzah”.

In the eighteenth century, Sabbatean groups became commonplace, forcing rabbinical authorities to start a war against them, using ex-communication as the deterrent. This forced the Frankists to convert to Christianity as their entire businesses were shunned by Jewish communities, none would sell a property or conduct business with the Frankists. Renouncing Judaism completely (including the creator of Sabbatean Frankist theology Jacob Frank) the cult hid in plain sight. Having infiltrated Judaism, Islam and now Christianity, the trifecta of major world religions was complete. Mark the words of what Frank said to his followers as I continue with this blog about what is happening in modern-day Israel under the Benjamin Netanyahu lead government:

“I came not to elevate your spirits, but to humiliate you to the bottom of the abyss, where you can get no lower, and where no man can rise from by his own forces, but only God can pull him with his mighty hand from the depth.”

Independent Journalist and podcaster Gal Shalev said in an interview with Gareth Icke on Right Now, that the country was under medical tyranny where the government has prompted the citizens of the country to sheepdog those who haven’t taken the experimental Pfizer vaccine to be labelled outcasts, which stretches the imagination to its limits to comprehend the levels of hierarchy in an already tiered populace of first, second and third-class citizens bases on skin colour, genetic origin and religious faiths. Divide and rule are alive and well in Israel, Shalev describes who the infighting has infected every level of society within the country. Israel has become a petri dish for psychological warfare based on the ‘unwashed’ and the ‘washed’ (vaccinated and the unvaccinated). He said that the mainstream media is calling those who aren’t vaccinated ‘murderers’ including children who haven’t been vaccinated yet. Employees of businesses had to get the Pfizer vaccination or get fired Shalev said, and those who run their businesses that didn’t get vaccinated do not carry the digital green covid passport that allows them entry into public spaces, restaurants, cafes, gyms, theatres. The non-vaccinated in Israel are being subject to threats of physical violence, and Shalev compares this moment in history to the period of 1932-1936 in Germany where the media propaganda against the Roma, Jews, and undesirables under the Nazi’s went into overdrive. Celebrities in Israel are calling for the non-vaccinated to lose all their rights as a citizen in their own country.

Like in other countries worldwide, the populace has been duped in Israel as to the use of the emergency health acts to permit the vaccinations, and it has only been pushback that is now happening within the country that people are beginning to realise that they are being experimented on at the governments’ behest. Moderna Shalev says is ready to promote vaccinating children (who according to mainstream medical sources pose no problem for being at risk of dying from the virus) and parents are lining up to have their children given the PCR nasal swabs followed by vaccination. Israel is the testing ground for what the Sabbatean-Frankist cult wants to do to the world. The attempts to go through the courts in Israel have been a failure, case after case against the government and health officials has been thrown out. If this doesn’t send chills through one’s body then maybe you’re not paying attention.

On March 5, it was announced that the “People of Truth” organisation filed a complaint with the Hague Tribunal against the Israeli government for conducting illegal experiments on Israeli citizens through Pfizer. Lawyers Ruth Makhacholovsky and Aryeh Suchowolski also filed an appeal with the Hague Tribunal for violations of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and Pfizer. Lawyer Ruth Makhchowolski told Israel News on March 5 that “at the same time, the appeal will also be submitted to the Nuremberg Tribunal together with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich.” The indictment reads:

“Violation of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and additional (agencies ed.)”

“We address you in the name of “Anshei Emet”, a brotherhood of doctors, physicists, scientists, lawyers, activists and the people who have made the choice to exercise their democratic right not to participate in the experimental medical treatment against COVID19 and who feel under severe pressure, harsh and illegal, by the government, members of the Knesset, ministers, publicly elected representatives, mayors and superiors.”

They continued with comparisons to Nazi Germany:

“This is, in effect, a genetic medical experiment on humanity.”

Astoundingly it shows the levels of bribery given by the government on the vaccinated:

“People received free hotel stays from various companies, extra vacation days, received benefits from the government and more rights were assigned to vaccinated people (read: rights are taken away from non-vaccinated people).”

So for those like Gal Shalev and Llana Rachael Daniel (an activist and politician whose party is gathering support) who are pushing back, we can see a glimmer of light ahead, that I for one pray will be a flood of love and support from those of us who want our human family to be free to live their lives free of tyranny in any form Sabbatean-Frankist or otherwise.

How many vipers are in this nest? The origins of the force that rules behind the curtain globally. Sabbatean Frankist sects. The brave Gal Shalev with Gareth Icke on the horrors in Israel. International Criminal Court accepts case against the Israeli government and Pfizer. Sabbatean-Frankist cult ruling the world exposed. Brilliant. Tyranny against those who oppose it. llana Rachael Daniel, activist and politician pushing back against tyranny.

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