The Rise of the Matriarchy. As we move into the Golden Age they Emerge Bold and Graceful.

I want to blog today about two women from the United States of America who are inspiring me to be authentic, compassionate, and strong in the face of immense confusion, distraction, and straight-out inversions of the truth (from world leaders to technocrats). These two women are fearless, loving, empathic, and brave as they push up against a tsunami of divisiveness and control that’s emanating from the Cult that controls society from its less than 1% tier. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Candice Owens are leaders in a society where so many are lead.

Kristi Noem has ‘respected the rights of her people by trusting them to exercise their responsibility to make the best decisions for themselves, their loved ones, and – in turn – their communities. This approach has been most evident in her response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Governor Noem never ordered a single business or church to close and never issued a statewide shelter-in-place order.’ This being the case throughout the entire scamdemic, and even with fake news channels like CNN losing their minds over the ‘cases’ of Covid in the state due to people getting tested with a test that’s bogus as Elon Musk remarked (but fails to mention that MOST who get tested and AREN’T SICK and are asymptomatic with mild and often indistinguishable health conditions due to the viruses weakness) she has left the people of the state to determine how they will live their lives rather than draconian measures which would destroy the prosperity the state is currently creating for itself economically. She has exhibited leadership, understanding it’s her place to give the PEOPLE the choice to react to the scamdemic as they see fit. Holding a press conference she destroyed the narratives of the mainstream media explaining that states like Wisconsin and Montana who have a mask mandate have a higher spread of the ‘virus’ (by the way, why did the CDC stop recording influenza cases this winter??? … just a COINCIDENCE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT) than South Dakota. As I have said in the past, mask-wearing has nothing to do with health, it’s about control, getting humanity ready for complete subservience to the system. Governor Noem wants to do good for her people, giving them the choice to act accordingly to their own health choices. THAT IS A LEADER FOR THE PEOPLE. Take notice Jacinda Ardern.

Candice Owens is a tour de force. Intuitive, brilliant, and insightful with an intellect that few can match (she often destroys those she debates with facts and references that leave those challenging her breathless and dumbfounded). A demonstration of her vast intellect and understanding the facts decimated the divisive Black lives Matter movement in the USA as she predicted that the ‘woke’ left would use the death of an African American in 2020 to manipulate the black population and the crazies who regale behind the BLM moniker who don’t care about black lives at all. She correctly points out that if they did care then the focus of this movement would be on black communities, black on black murders (which is skyrocketing in cities like Chicago). Without losing the grace to see that the death of career criminal George Floyd was a tragedy, she said that it shouldn’t be the basis to allow Marxism and Communism to enter into the American political landscape under the imposition of the woke left and their BLM (George Soros funded) cult. She correctly identifies that the African American population is being used as a means to an end (most unknowingly) by the woke left to bring about the infiltration of Marxism into the USA. She and Brandon Tatum created BLEXIT, a Black Exit from the Democratic principles that enslaved and destroyed the family values that make the minority communities strong and unified as they attained the American Dream. The Constitution of the United States of America and self-reliance are two pillars in their movement to educate the minorities to reform the criminal justice system to stop the over-incarceration of minorities in their country. This is one of the tenets that I received in my guidance during shamanic dreaming over this countries mass house arrest in March-April 2020. Strong, educated, cooperative, supportive, and compassionate communities integrate law enforcement not to uphold the law, but to add to the community narrative with their supportive perspective. I see Blexit as a pioneering movement that will change the paradigm for minorities globally and lead the way forward as they integrate this movement to incorporate the entirety of the human family at some point. This is what makes the United States so important to the future of our planet, it is a place where the seeds of a new paradigm for the generations to come that will live in the Golden Age are beginning to germinate. These two leaders are emerging from the quagmire of divisiveness, distraction, inversion, and lunacy blanketing their nation, both not only reaching for the light, but they are also shining theirs for all of us to see and it is truly inspiring.

A leader. A Pioneer, A Paradigm shifter. I think of a world where she is co-President of the United States with Tulsi Gabbard and I would know that the paradigm would be moving in a direction where honour, integrity and authenticity would reign supreme. These women are LEADERS. Governor Kristi Noem’s Twitter page. She’s astounding. What a inspiration amongst frauds and sycophants who kneel before the less than 1% and their masters in the shadows. She boldly and sternly doesn’t fold under the demands of SHILLS who want a compliant and fearful population. FUCK OFF ‘FEELY Joe Biden’. South Dakota ‘cases’ with a test that not only dubious, what’s it even testing for??? Wow… another POWERHOUSE who makes me feel like the Matriarchy of strong, compassionate, brave and most importantly fearless women are rising to lead the global populace out of this utter madness of Bond villains, eg Klaus Scwab. An intellect, a visionary and a inspiration to see the truth behind the distractions being played out on society by the less than 1% Candice Owens Twitter page Her book ‘ Blackout’ available for purchase! Shining a light for the human family.

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