The Quantum Eraser Experiment, Time Crystals and CERN’s Control of Anti-Matter. Changing the Past, Changing the Yuga Cycle and That Secret Weapons Program.

This blog is going to be a complete mind bender to those who aren’t familiar with quantum mechanics. What do the quantum eraser experiment, Google’s creation of time-crystals in quantum computer and CERN’s capture of anti-matter have to do with each other? As as imaginist, I often let information come into my mind, and then for days it will percolate in my being, often dissipating into nothing, but sometimes, it will grant me a puzzle where there once was just pieces. Bear with me as I look at three articles and correlate some far out information that shows a very wild and sinister picture. The force that moves through the controlling hand is compartmentalised, conducting itself towards an end game, Full Spectrum Dominance. This is a military term that I first heard in Elana Freeland’s book, Under an Ionized Sky. Controlling events, macro and micro towards this goal is fundamental to achieving this paradigm. What if the knowledge on how to diverted timelines due to the understanding of what form time took could be used to change the past in order to create a different present or future? Hold tight. Where I am going to go with this blog is stunning… and scary.

The first piece of the puzzle is time crystals. Dr Joseph P. Farrell wrote a blog about an article where Google created time crystals in a quantum computer, if only for a few moments. Dr Farrell has spoken of :

The”lattice of space-time” and so on, implying the idea that space and time have properties best resembling a crystal.

For the sake of brevity I will use Dr Farrell’s descriptions on the workings of time crystals, and the discovery made by Google’s quantum computer. Dr Farrell explains what time crystals are :

Essentially, a “time crystal” is the state of a system that, with regular periodicity, moves from a given state of order, to a state of greater chaos, and then back to that given state of order or something closely approximating it.

Time crystals periodic system state is run down if they are not isolated from environmental noise. Dr Farrell’s speculates on quantum effects on larger scales, like the ‘observer effect’ made by large groups of people. He goes into the nature of cosmologies:

In this instance, there are whole cosmologies that have been around for a very long time that in effect view the entire cosmos as a kind of time crystal, with periodicity that occurs in ultra-extremely long cycles.  Think only of the Vedic cosmology with its repeated yugas, or cycles or ages of time. Indeed, conventional astrology similarly deals with long cycles, and also provides a clue that in certain planetary configurations or lattice structures, certain aggregate behaviours are present.  Again, for purposes of this high octane speculation, it’s important to note that these configurations never exactly repeat, but rather, certain general arrangements of the lattice (planetary position) recur.

These super long systems are free of noise, or outside interference by nature. So in order to break them down, more information, or noise has to be added to the system. So, the knowledge of how space-time works, how it moves, and how to break it down are all in play, especially in the cosmology of cycles of time. What if we could change the past by what we did in the present? Physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, took the observer effect to whole new level when he created an experiment where he fired two protons towards a screen with slits in it, but instead of observing the particle, set up two detectors behind a back wall. Both detectors were set up to watch one slit each, but before the particle passed through a slit they were pulled away. When unobserved, a wave pattern was produced and it was impossible to distinguish what slit the photon had gone through. Yet when the detectors were in place, the observer effect took place and a line moved through one of the slits. Even though the photon had passed through the slit before observation as a wave pattern, as soon as it was observed it became a particle collapsing the wave function. The act of detecting the particle determines how they got through the slit, particle or wave form. Meaning that what happened in the present changed the past.

The final piece of the puzzle before I fit them all together is capture of anti-matter by scientists at the Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA) project, an international collaboration based at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. Makoto Fujiwara, a researcher at the University of British Columbia‚Äôs TRIUMF laboratory and the spokesperson for ALPHA-Canada, and Takamasa Momose, another UBC physicist with expertise in laser-cooling were able to slow down antihydrogen when Momose created the laser light technology that allowed them move the antimatter with great precision and control. What isn’t taken into consideration is the effect of matter and antimatter reactions. Equal but opposite forms of matter, particles and antiparticles spectacularly annihilate each other when they collide. Dr Farrell whose blog I am sourcing this information from makes it clear that with the military-sized budget at CERN, the compartmentalisation in that facility, its Nazi ties through Walter Hallstein and John Jay McCloy, as well as Germany being its largest funder all add up to some extraordinary coincidences.

Here is where the rubber meets the road for me. Understanding the nature of space-time’s crystalline structure and having an awareness of long cycles of time and how ‘certain general arrangements of the lattice (planetary position) recur‘. Knowing that ‘outside’ interference breaks down that cycle, and that what you do in the present can change the past. These two discoveries along with the ability to capture antimatter which reacts with matter in an annihilation collision. Weaponising antimatter by creating, containing, and storing it for longer periods of time could lead to the building of a device greater than any bomb ever produced, a planet destroyer, or one that could destroy a nation, a continent or change what happened in the past by what you do in the present. If the controlling hand could pinpoint in the lattice of space-time via quantum computers where detonating an antimatter/matter bomb would change a timeline to serve you needs for total control over the planet would they use such knowledge? Stopping the yuga cycles so there that there is no Golden Age? Eternal dark ages. Could that precision bomb drop into the space-time crystalline lattice create a present where Full Spectrum Dominance is already here. Changing the past. Terrifying prospect. Divergent timelines seem even easier to manifest than ever. Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle suddenly feels like a chilling possibility. One that we could wake up to one morning.

Philip K. Dick’s novel does seems awfully prophetic after writing this blog. Time crystals. Space-time a lattice that matches a crystalline structure. Changing the past by what you do in the present. The Quantum Eraser Experiment. Trippy. CERN in the headlines again. Capturing anti-matter. Military applications for this are diabolical.

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