The PCR test. Amplification of DNA in Order to find a Virus?

I was going to write about the Orwellian track and trace application and the tip-toe/psychological priming of the global populace into the corral of complete surveillance that is coming if we don’t stop it, but instead, this came onto my radar. Kary Mullis was a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry who won the prize in 1993 for inventing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for copying and amplifying DNA. There have been modifications on this test since its creation, but in my country of birth, the Ministry of Health uses the generic terminology, ‘PCR test’ to determine whether or not you have DNA of SARS -COV2 in your body (but viruses don’t have DNA, they have RNA… more on that shortly).

The creator of the PCR test said during a Q & A about HIV and AIDS, ‘with PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody.’ He went on answering the question, finishing with, ‘PCR it’s just a process you use to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you if you’re sick or the thing you ended up with going to hurt you.’ Part of this process of finding genetic material for a virus (in this case with SARS-COV2) is the amplification of the patient’s DNA to the point where you are can find or not, the genetic material for this particular virus. If we take Dr. Mullis’ interpretation at true value, then the reliability of that test becomes dodgy at best, dangerous at worst. Why dangerous?

If you had an agenda to orchestrate complete control over the world, destroy economies, lives, cull of the elderly (they’re a strain on society, and they have no purpose in an enslaved populace if they can’t work) microchip the surviving global population (millions would die of illnesses that could have been treated if caught early enough, but due to enforced negligence of medical professionals waiting for an influx of the sick into ICU’s they were left to find out that they had Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, Heart Disease too late/ a plague of suicides would happen due to loss of property, bankruptcies and mental health in lockdowns ) via a vaccine and then create a dystopian nightmare society where the top-down control is overseen by Artificial Intelligence. The global populace is then controlled in every way from biology to finance via your nanotech implanted in their bodies (except you, you would be exempt. Still, you would need to maintain the hoax that would allow you to conduct your erosion of personal freedoms to go along with your plan. Perhaps the most important component of that hoax would be PROVING that this pathogen was spreading through the populace and therefore justifying your draconian measures on that acquiescing populace. Sounds like a science-fiction novel I know, but ALL the components of this are happening in real-time.

The PCR test is a vehicle for that means to an end. Some brave researchers, medical doctors, epidemiologists risk their careers (God bless them because this isn’t about whether you’ve got a career if this nightmare continues) coming forward to show the ridiculousness of the use of this test. Especially compiled with the science, data, and evidence coming from sources that show that not only will more tests prove that there are more infections since individuals may have had a virus months ago (coronaviruses, including influenza and the common cold) and that and the fragments left by the viral contamination discovered after the amplification of the genetic material (up to 45 times for this particular form of the PCR test) to FIND traces creates what Dr. Ivor Cummins calls, ‘Casedemics’. Where testing produces a large number of ‘infected’ people, due to seasonal flu’s, but little or no mortalities due to the susceptible largely having died off due to exposure to summer flu (you can call it COVID-19 if you like) and lockdowns (look at what happened in aged care worldwide, DNR).

In an article on the webpage Predict titled, ‘Are we testing viruses the wrong way’, Alessandro Crimi points out that, ‘To further complicate the situation, we have to bear in mind that viruses have only RNA, so first we have to create a DNA by complementing the possible RNA.’ What could go wrong with the reliability of that?

Critical thinking is a mind virus that needs to spread like wildfire through the human family and quickly. The game is afoot people and the greater share of the population of the planet is about to plunge into a winter of their potential discontent.

Quack! Quack! … that’s a Duck. The timing of his death, and the tragedy the world finds itself in now. I wonder what he would be saying if he was still in his body today? I love her. Her blogs are fabulous, insightful and honest. The brilliant Dr Ivor Cummins @TheFatEmperor on twitter, telling it like it is. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, explaining the reliability of this test. Undeniable. The PCR test and the various modifications since its creation The Korea Herald article. The ambiguous nature of the Ministry of Health (NZ). I rest my case. Well, Kary Mullis comment is vindicated here then isn’t it? Yes, it would seem like we are…

Another epidemiologist being ignored by the media (of course, the mainstream media is bought and paid for) Dr Ivor Cummins RIPS the official narrative to SHREDS. WE have been SCAMMED AND STILL ARE. Yes we have… read the last two paragraphs… TELLING The MD doctors keep coming forward everyday to smash the official narrative to smithereens smaller than viral particles! How much longer will the masses put up with the LIES???

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