The Moron Evacuation 2020 : Where’s Thanos when you need him? A Satirical post from Dick Swabb.

It’s Pha’s birthday so he’s busy pampering and nurturing his body and soul, and so I’ve come snuck in to have a blast on the keyboard. I haven’t written any more of the novel I started, Rigmarole since the house arrest under the socialist government of New Zealand finished and they let us loose from our panic rooms. So I’m primed for some satirical ramblings, all in the name of a laugh and some critical thinking. So, where is Thanos when we need him the most? He could speed the process of change up for the betterment of the planet and find a corner somewhere in the multiverse for the less than 1% where they can live out their socialist, communist, transhumanistic, AI- augmented, totalitarian goose-stepping nightmare on a populace of astroturfing, virtue signalling, woke leftist, ultra-zionist, politically correct, ‘i’m offended’ generation jelly, extinction rebellion, BLM, Antifa, fanatical vegan terrorists, silicon valley social media tyrants and the sycophantic politicians, corporations, institutions and technocrats who are either cognitively dissonant or hypnotised to believe the horseshit that’s being portrayed by the lamestream media. I know, I know, I’ve left out a fucktonne of groups, assholes and delinquents, but we can scoop them all into the ‘asleep at the wheel’ category and send them packing too.

Seriously, I’m all for a population reduction, one where consciousness expands, IQ’s skyrocket, and the planet is eternally grateful that the parasites and those insisting on the deletion of EVERYONE’s freedoms to fulfill the Agenda 21/2030 are met (yes that includes all the idiots I’ve listed above and so many more of the general populace) are gone to a planet so far away from Earth that you send a postcard and it gets there after the Earth is no longer a planet by a vacant lot. Bring back the infinity gauntlet and make a wish! Set an intention! Snap them fingers baby! Instantly billions of nitwits are gone to live out their nightmare in a feedback loop that resembles endless bowel movements. Go become enslaved in ways that make the Third Reich look like the Berlin Love Parade. I’m all for it, if that’s what you want, by all means, live it out, but NOT here on planet Earth. I don’t want you to not exist, oh no, I want you to experience the hell you want to create for yourself and leave the rest of us critical thinking, heart-based, free-loving, reverent to the planet (in an indigenous culture way, as they show us the way forward by integrating their perception of connection to the planet, not the less than 1%’s creation of the ‘Gaia Goddess’ religion and their Club of Rome created FAKE climate cult) and Golden Age creating humans alone. With abundant, pollution-free energy for ALL (Tesla’s papers and patents no longer locked away thank you very much!), and finally, a human society based on empathy, unity, diversity, and compassion. All the last tenets celebrations in our understanding that,


No more wars, no more separation, no more divide and rule. EVER AGAIN. We can create a paradise here on this planet without you… and we will have this anti-hero Thanos to thank for it! Yes! There is a caveat to this rant though, and it’s this… you can join us, walk with us, open your hearts, grow a spine, get a thicker skin, laugh at yourselves, see through the lies and THEN and only then see that your perception has been modified to entrap you in a prison whose bars are your beliefs, who wardens are your peers, politicians, technocrats, talking heads in the media, Silicon Valley social media bullies, all those who parrot out Agenda 21/2030, the Great Reset or that this pandemic is REAL and you need to be in constant FEAR. Those who want to divide you rule over you while you fight your fellow slivers of consciousness incarnate. This ouroboros is a game that keeps you from seizing your power and joining us in bringing about the end of this charade that’s been around for 500,000 years ago (guess who???). Begins with R… ends in Archon cabal.

It would be fucking great if you could join us. More the merrier! Having said that, at the moment a large proportion of you are playing off the song sheet of the less than 1% globally in the present, and you’re actions put the rest of us at a crossroads. As that road forks we will be forced to chose, and when we do, don’t try and corral us into your pen. I’m asking nicely. Let us break away and live our lives in communities outside of the hell your creating, and let us be. The game is rigged, and some of us see a way out. Leave it, leave it, leave it. If you want leave the gaming table and join us… we will embrace our human family and we shall prevail.

‘Oh Shit… I’m WOKE! If only we had that fucking gauntlet… I’d sacrifice my life for the betterment of all the fruitcakes who see through the BS, just so the less than 1% assholes and their global asslickers could be sent to St Elsewhere. Hand over the gauntlet Papa Smurf!!! My turn!

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