The Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni. A Later Date Temple Beautiful? Or A Slaughterhouse?

The other night I was watching one of my favourite comedy shows, Ancient Aliens, where the presenters chock up all kinds of terrestrial occurrences to off-world civilisations, some ridiculous, others completely ridiculous. They never mention the high civilisations that existed in previous epochs or ages, the most familiar to most people being Atlantis and Lemuria, nor do they recognise that some of those civilisations more than likely had survivors who kept the knowledge alive as they left their island continents, or settled in colonies around and in the planet. I would go as far as to say that some people from those cultures went off-world and often visit our current society. Some have ties to certain factions within the upper echelons of the global power structure, and often with ordinary people with extraordinary bloodlines. Ancestors of their long lost civilisations populace. Not an alien in sight there chaps.

One of the episodes espoused that the Cyclopean (named after the apparent mythological one-eyed giants of ancient Greek accounts, who were the only being capable of building such megalithic structures) Masonry of the temples of Malta were built with technology given to the hunter/gatherers of the Bronze Age, or even deeper back into antiquity by aliens, somewhere around the end of the last Ice Age. Amused as I was, and disappointed that they do not recognise the high civilisations that existed in distant antiquity, I was struck with a sense of wonder about the subterranean temples of the Hypogeum and their use. As I watched the camera move through the chambers I heard clairaudiently, ‘a later day version of the Temple of Sacrifice and the Temple Beautiful.‘ When I saw the elongated skulls, that were found in archaeological excavations, and then heard about the mind-altering acoustic properties of the oracle chamber I felt a shiver go down my spine. Could it be that the Greeks were serious when they said that the islands around Greece were populated in deep antiquity, and even during the Classical period with REAL Cyclops, Centaurs, Hydras, Gorgons, Minotaurs, Sirens, all remnants of the darkest days of Atlantis, the chimeric, automaton, creation period close to the end of the island continents civilisation?

If we turn to the work of Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, a trance psychic from the early twentieth century, we have over 900 readings on Atlantis. One of those readings 281-25 talks about the Temple Beautiful, and the Temple of Sacrifice, where he had an incarnation as a being called Ra-ta who lived at the end of the Atlantean epoch. Ra-ta created these temples in the Atlantean colony of Egypt after the sinking of the last remnants of the continent’s civilisation to spiritualise and heal the chimeric horrors of that later age. These creatures were sex slaves, slaves, sacrificed, abused, and subjugated to their masters who brought them with them to Egypt. In the reading, Cayce describes the Temple Beautiful as:

As indicated, it, the globe within the pyramid without, was four-forty and four cubits (twenty-seven and one half-inches was a cubit then or a mir (myrrhthen). The height was four and twenty and forty and four mir (myrrh), making that in the form of an ova, or an egg in its ovate form. From station to station in the seven phases or seals or stands or places of the activities, they were such to make each station lead from one to another by ever crossing the one; making the continued web. 

The Hypogeum has three levels, a simple opening into a hillside then leads to two lower subterranean levels beneath that are hewn from globigerina limestone, and here beneath the surface is what UNESCO calls imitation of the architecture of the contemporary, above-ground megalithic temples. Trilithon doorways and windows, false bays, chambers with one ring carved overhanging the one below. UNESCO believes that this is the oldest underground temple in history, dating back approximately 5,000 years, but my feeling is that is older, and was used with purpose right up till when it was reburied in recent antiquity, only to be rediscovered in 1902.

As the episode of Ancient Aliens continued, some startling facts about the acoustic properties of the so-called Oracle chamber were presented. Maltese composer Ruben Zahra and a research team from Italy discovered that sound resonates at 110 Hz within the Oracle chamber. April Holloway wrote an article for Ancient Origins sharing:

One theory put forward by Paolo Debertolis and Niccolo Bisconti of the Universities of Triests and Siena respectively, is that the chamber was constructed in such a way as to created acoustics that would affect the psyche of people, perhaps to enhance mystical experiences during rituals, and this perspective has received scientific backing. Dr. Ian Cook of UCLA and colleagues published findings in 2008 of an experiment in which regional brain activity in a number of healthy volunteers was monitored by EEG through exposure to different resonance frequencies. Their findings indicated that at 110 Hz the patterns of activity over the prefrontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative deactivation of the language centre and a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing. This shifting did not occur at other frequencies.  

What else does shifting one’s attention from the left side of the brain to the right side do? It connects to emotions, feelings, imagination, daydreaming, spatial perception, visualisation, object function, philosophical attributes, making subjective statements, and remembering concepts and images. All of these are necessary to be WHOLE and embodied as a conscious living entity. In the Temple, Beautiful Ra-ta took the chimeric horrors, the automatons that came from Atlantis, and breathed the life of spirit into them so that they were made WHOLE. The details of the how are not what I want to delve into here. I could see where the clairaudient message had a basis for deeper understanding for me. ‘A later day…’ the epochs between the use of the Hypogeum and the Temples of Sacrifice and Beautiful meant that density could have been an issue. What techniques Ra-ta may have used at the end of the last Ice Age to bring about drastic changes in the bodies of the ‘things’ (as Edgar Cayce called the chimeras, automatons, cyborgs from Atlantis) were no longer applicable as the ages shifted and changed. What happened next could well explain the discovery of the 7,000 individual remains discovered in the Hypogeum, giving rise to the mainstream archaeological belief that it was used as a cemetery.

The skeletons of the 7,000 individuals had a unique characteristic. They had elongated skulls. After 1985 all the skulls that had been found in the Hypogeum, along with other elongated skulls found across multiple ancient sites in Malta, disappeared without a trace, and have never been recovered. John Black writes for Ancient Origins: 

What remains to testify their existence and their abnormality are the photos of Dr Anton Mifsud , and his colleague Dr Charles Savona Ventura, and their books detailing the abnormalities of the skulls, including: elongation, abnormally developed temporal partitions, and drilled and swollen occiputs. 

Did other Atlanteans migrate into the Mediterranean, some settling on Malta with their things after the continent sank? In the later years before the end of Classical Greece was someone attempting to employ Ra-ta’s knowledge to spiritualise these creations and failed? Then, when it was discovered that there was no place for these monstrosities in their modern world, were they slaughtered in the underground chambers of the Hypogeum? Extraordinarily, I had a vision while channelling the book United with Harmon Sueno of one of my characters, the Maldonian Warrior, Morvarid moving into an underground chamber where in the darkness chimeric Atlantean forms cowered, frightened as she drew her blade and mercifully slew all the creatures within that chamber. Her disgust at the creations of these dark players from an age that fell so hard from grace was palatable to my senses. So many questions about the use and the age of this structure. I’ll leave you with a quote from National Geographic magazine in the 1920s describing the first inhabitants of Malta as a race with elongated skulls:

From an examination of the skeletons of the polished-stone age, it appears that the early inhabitants of Malta were a race of long-skulled people of lower medium height, akin to the early people of Egypt, who spread westward along the north coast of Africa, whence some went to Malta and Sicily and others to Sardinia and Spain.

The Temple Beautiful? Or a Slaughterhouse? UNESCO’s mainstream archaeological reading on the site. Graham Hancock’s site on the HJypogeum. Ancient Origins on the Incredible Sound effects of the Hypogeum. More than a cemetery? The mysterious elongated skulls found in the Hypogeum.

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Edgar Cayce’s reading on the Temples of Sacrifice and Beautiful 281-25

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