The Hopi Prophecy, The Ant People and the End of the Powateoni.

In 1990 Cyril Christo travelled to Hotevilla, in the Arizona desert where the last of the traditional Hopi Mesas are. The people that have lived there for hundreds of generations have not known war, they are farmers who live in deep connection with the land they have occupied for millennia. Christo had the chance to meet two elders, Martin Gashweseoma and Thomas Banyacya, and it was Thomas who shared his vision of the Powateoni, a purification of social and ecological disruption that will come to an end and bring about peace over the people of the world, but not before dramatic upheaval and change. In recent decades the Hopi prophecy of the two paths has garnered great interest from ecologists, anthropologists, researchers, writers, and philosophers, but they were once persecuted ruthlessly by the United States Government to sign a contract that many other First Nations had done before them. In 1906, they were starved, they were imprisoned without trial, and sent to Alcatraz, their children kidnapped, and forced into American schools. These actions are not confined to the United States of America, they are rife throughout the colonised world. Christo like me has a vision of the traditional knowledge of these cultures helping to restore a deep connectivity with our planetary consciousness if our species is to survive. He says:

Immeasurable wisdom carried on for generations, knowledge of the land that the dominant society needs to turn to in this of unprecedented climate change. It may save civilization as we know it. Indeed, it was the Hopi who warned the world of the “world shaking events” of which WWI and WW2 were the first. Have we begun the period of the third and final world shattering event, the separation from nature? 

Our global society is geared towards progress at the cost of our planet and our spiritual development. The accumulation of material wealth, resource exploitation, hedonistic pleasure, and desire for technological assistance to make our lives more ‘comfortable’ are driving our species into dangerous finite cul-de-sacs. When Christo wrote the article titled ‘The Hopi prophecies are coming true – here’s why we should be paying attention’ it was in the depths of a global operation of mass inoculation with an experimental gene therapy that was coerced upon the populace, violating natural lore/law. It was also the beginnings of overt transhumanism. If we look at the prophecy of the two paths which is illustrated on a rock in northern Arizona and then listen to the interpretation of that illustration by Thomas Banyacya, what is depicted is the end of the world, or the end of this epoch. In the illustration, one path goes in an upward direction, and the other goes along in a horizontal direction. Thomas says that the advancement of the upper path aligns with scientific inventions, but will eventually destroy themselves. Didn’t we do that on Atlantis? If you don’t learn from the lessons of the past we are destined to repeat them. Thomas says that the fork in the road is now, either choosing the path of ‘scientific-technological progress’ which 4 billion people have done since the end of 2020 with these gene-altering injections, or going within and find the spiritual connection to all of creation. How many are doing this globally now? I wouldn’t speculate.

It couldn’t be clearer that the demise of our civilisation is upon us. Western civilisation is now a global Sodom and Gomorra that is being forcibly socially engineered upon its populace. Sexualising children, confusing genders (there are only two, that is a fact), ultra-violence in cinema, television being portrayed as entertainment, debasing sexuality to base animalistic levels through pornography, the overriding of the cultivation of the inner arts by psychedelic cults of plant medicine as people look for an instant enlightenment, trauma healing, and insights. Transhumanism is now in vogue as people flock to get wearable technology to give them more pleasure and health benefits (inversion), scientism is the new religion of the 21st century superseding all others that at their foundation have mystical origins long lost to their followers, as those who control the flow of information (priests) distort the real message of their religions prophets. The Hopi succeeded in getting their message to the UN General Assembly, but it fell on deaf ears. Ears of an indoctrinated institution created by one of the vilest dynastic families of the death cult that operates control over society, The Rockefellers. 

Traditional cultures like the Hopi consider themselves ‘caretakers’ of the land. They are a part of it, there is no separation. Their symbiotic relationship with the environment supports the planetary consciousness, it doesn’t parasitically exploit it. In the country of my birth, Te Moana Nui a Kiwa, known to many as New Zealand, the guardians of the land, the caretakers are called kaitiaki. Their role like the Hopi is to be caretakers of the land. There is a legend from the Hopi that the virtuous people within the tribe, the caretakers were saved from the destruction of the first two worlds by the Ant People. Gary A. David writing for Ancient Origins explains the story in detail:

One of the most intriguing Hopi legends involves the Ant People, who were crucial to the survival of the Hopi—not just once but twice. The so-called “First World” (or world-age) was apparently destroyed by fire—possibly some sort of volcanism, asteroid strike, or coronal mass ejection from the sun. The Second World was destroyed by ice—Ice Age glaciers or a pole shift. During these two global cataclysms, the virtuous members of the Hopi tribe were guided by an odd-shaped cloud during the day and a moving star at night that led them to the sky god named Sotuknang, who finally took them to the Ant People—in Hopi, Anu Sinom . The Ant People then escorted the Hopi into subterranean caves where they found refuge and sustenance.  

In this legend the Ant People are portrayed as generous and industrious, giving the Hopi food when supplies ran short and teaching them the merits of food storage. In fact, another legend says that the reason why the ants have such thin waists today is because they once deprived themselves of provisions in order to feed the Hopi.

He goes on to explain the correlation between the constellation Orion’s thin waist (which is prominent in the northern hemisphere winter skies) and how the depictions of the Ant People had thin waists, relating that ants live in their subterranean homes during the winter months when Orion is in the sky. Could the story of the Hopi being taken into deep underground caverns be a metaphor for how ants survive in the winter? Or is it a historical fact that a non-human race of beings came out of their subterranean caverns at the behest of the planetary consciousness to save the caretakers of the planet from certain extinction not once, but twice? Astonishingly, the Sanskrit word for ant hill is Ki and the word for a dwelling is Va, the very name for the structures (Kiva) where the Hopi conduct one of their most important ceremonies, the Bean Sprouting Ceremony (Powamu) in February. It is a re-enactment of when the Anu Sinom taught the Hopi how to sprout beans in their caverns to survive. 

Who were the Ant People? Is there a race of highly intelligent and compassionate beings that have lived on the surface of the planet at some point in antiquity who took refuge in the crust of the planet in caverns where they survived cataclysmic events? Gary A. David explains that the Pharaoh Akhenaten of the 18th dynasty who ruled from 1351–1334 BC is depicted with an elongated skull that resembles an ant’s head, but the intriguing anatomical connections do not stop there. He says: 

His almond-shaped eyes and neck are like the ant’s, and either the serpent or the vulture on his uraeus resembles the ant’s mandibles. He also has spindly arms and legs like those of the ant, and his upper body resembles the ant’s thorax while his lower body mirrors the ant’s abdomen. Akhenaten’s body type can be specifically compared to the Pharaoh Ant ( Momomorium pharaonis ), which originated in West Africa. It also has an elongated head, a yellow to reddish brown body, and a darker abdomen with a stinger.

Perhaps it is more than a coincidence that the Egyptian word sahu means “stars of Orion,” whereas the Hopi word sohu means “star,” the most important of which are those in the constellation Orion. 

While I was writing the sequel to the novel Entwined (with Harmon Sueno), United, I was bestowed by a vision of slender giants with elongated skulls, with red hair who were constructing what today is the ruin known as Sacsayhuaman. They moved monumental blocks of stone silently off the ground with levitation using sound frequencies emanating from devices they held in their hands. I saw these gentle beings retreat from what was then a sea-level settlement (now high in the Andes mountains) to Paracas on the coast, and then to Rapa Nui. Eventually, they ventured to the country of birth, escaping persecution, cannibalism, and murder by groups who were mercilessly hunting them across the planet. In my vision I saw them move into the depths of the mountainous regions of the Te Urewera ranges, vanishing into dimensional pockets where the veil between frequencies is gossamer thin. Often they would cross back into this dimension appearing to humans as faery folk, or in the case of the Polynesian settlers of these islands the Turehu or the Urukehu and Patupaiarehere. 

Will there be a time soon when the caretakers of planetary consciousness who have invested their energies in cultivating their spiritual connection to all that is will hear the singing of the faery folk of the Te Urewera ranges? Drawn to this now National Park, will they cross a dimensional portal or go deep into the planet’s crust to caverns where the Ant People will protect them, feed them, and teach them the knowledge that they will when they emerge from the depths of the planet to create the fourth world? We shall see…

The planet will continue to move along its life path. The question is, ‘will men and women attuned to its life path be along for the ride?’ The Hopi Prophecies are coming true. Whether this is socially engineered to happen by the parasitic class or by another force. It’s undeniable. It was the Ant People that saved the Hopi people TWICE during the end of worlds. Will they do it again? I would say YES.

If you want to make it through to the next world in your avatar, then perhaps listen… learn and read… then understand.
The end is SO SO near… what path are you on?

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