The Greatest Hoax in History. Covid-19. Oh really? Read on…

This is an ode to the critical thinkers out there. My people. Let’s get down to it. Koch’s postulates are the GOLD STANDARD for identifying a disease-causing agent. The German physician Robert Koch’s work with bacteriology was responsible for the methodology of creating vaccines for petrochemical pharmaceutical companies. Keep that in mind as I continue. According to John Hardie, who posted on the Oral Health group website on June 3rd, 2020, ‘The discoverers of the virus did not believe that it satisfied the modern version of Koch’s Postulates, and in early 2020 other investigators noted that there was insufficient data to establish a causal relationship between this new virus and the respiratory diseases exhibited by the Wuhan patients. Despite these reservations, SARS-CoV-2 has become overwhelmingly accepted as a human pathogen responsible for a respiratory type illness.‘ We have governments, technocrats (on the Gates Foundation/WHO payroll), and their lackey talking heads in media lying to us about the existence of a virus that hasn’t been proven to exist. The measures that these institutions and civil servants have placed upon the people of the world have destroyed economies, ruined small-medium sized businesses (made the large corporations billions more in profits as they move into the markets where those small-medium businesses were) created mass unemployment and soon we will see homelessness and foreclosures skyrocket globally. Let that sink in.

It was overt to those of us who knew what was happening after becoming aware of Event 201 in 2019, it became even more obvious after the World Economic Forum meeting in early 2020, and then when the lockdowns were created we watched a fearful and complacent, acquiescing populace allow the less than 1% dictate what they can and can’t do, surrender their freedoms and those of their children and grandchildren so they could feel safe. Well, the official narrative (lie) is falling to pieces, and so the levels of damage control have gone ballistic. Censorship from the Silicon Valley technocrats (censorship was part of the narrative during the Event 201 exercise in 2019) has seen the internet abuzz with a swarm of Orwellian memory hole algorithms that siphon off any information that contradicts the official narrative parroted by (Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci who have invested enormous amounts of money into vaccine production, and whose return on their investment will be stratospheric in profit) down through the lapdog, bought and paid for (thanks again Bill Gates) mass mainstream media.

It’s time for the return of the Nuremberg trials for all those people adhering and forcing the lie down our throats. These people, every single one of them, from Bill Gates (and his masters behind the curtain) to politicians, technocrats, corporate heads who’ve profited from this lie, mainstream shills called journalists and media talking heads; all of them need to be in a dock and have their time in court. Jail for some of them would mean that they never see the light of day again. Our countries leader, Jacinda Ardern would be one of those people. Her presence at the Gates Foundation’s, Goalkeepers event in September last year was a warning shot over the bow. Her pledge to incorporate UN Agenda 2030 protocols into her government’s domestic policies without asking permission of those who have elected her into her position was an act of treason. Her socialist leanings are becoming more apparent by the day, her governments’ actions are more and more in line with totalitarianism. She just announced $3 million in government funding (i.e. NZ tax dollars) to upgrade its local NZ Vaccine production facilities so it can make one hundred million COVID-19 vaccine doses. She also pledged $37 million (again from NZ tax dollars) to support domestic and international vaccine development and distribution. (A major benefactor being none other than GAVI – Bill Gates’s vaccine domination conglomerate). Who’s zooming who? The Ministry of Health (inversion, the ministry of DESTROYING HEALTH) has created the structure for immunisation status verification for return to work. As an intended future use of the contact tracing app. You know what that means “No Jab, No Job”. Welcome to a world that Orwell and Huxley would consider frightening.

All this perpetuated on a public that’s polarised, divided, and ruled over. Being told that the governments’ narrative is the ONLY one you should listen to, by not only the Prime Minister (despot) but also the finance minister who got the country into over 240 BILLION dollars of debt. What was the collateral for that loan??? Do we have a country left we can call our own? We have been lied to on a scale that defies belief, and when the truth becomes mainstream (and it will) those who’ve peddled this lie, those who have implemented its draconian ways that have changed society in a way that enables their masters to tighten their control over the lives of billions… you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Whose first in the dock? Bill Gates? Keep the seat warm Billy, Jacinda ain’t far behind ya… Were the people of NZ asked if WE wanted the UN Agenda 2030 protocols incorporated into the domestic policies of a government who are civil servants???…/we-have-a-lot…/ So many doctors, epidemiologists, infectious disease experts censored or getting no mainstream coverage when they buck the official narrative. Even when they DON’T say that there is no virus (like me and countless others who’ve followed the science, the facts, the data, haven’t seen Kochs’ postulates met)…/do-you-hear-the-people-sing-oh…/ I see a tidal wave coming in 2021 to wash away all that is hidden behind the veil… Alan Jones. The Voice of Reason in a world of complete madness. Go Alan.…/koch%E2%80%99s… What are the Koch Postulates?…/the-peculiar-reality…/ Well, so we have scientific proof that COVID-19 doesn’t exist???…/ALL/nomen/h5/product/902780 LOOK AT THE YEAR OF THIS CANADIAN TARIFFS FOR COVID-19… 2018???!!!!! WHAT?!!!! We have been SCAMMED…/dr-andrew…/MJuoBy/Event Dr Andrew Kaufman. A Forensic Psychologist detectives the SHIT out of the COVID-19 HOAX. So the PCR tests are testing for GENETIC MATERIAL of Coronavirus (eg, flu or common cold). MUST WATCH.  The failure of the THIRD postulate in February 2020 is detailed in this article from the NCIB The National Centre for Biotechnological Information. I’m no fan of the use of animals to secure the discovery of a new virus or disease, I find it inhuman, but the evidence is there. Dr Cowan on Koch’s Postulates and COVID Andrew Kaufman 21st September. Feel free to watch and make up your own mind. Thanks. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and a group of lawyers are making a case against those responsible for this SCAMDEMIC that has destroyed the lives of billions and culled MILLIONS due to medical negligence and neglect of the aged (in aged care and hospitals) and the lack of diagnosis of those who have diseases that could have been treated if not for the lockdowns.

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