The Foolish Four vs the Fabulous Four. The Former are Idiots the Latter Paragons of Intelligence.

So today is the 21st of January, 2021. The United States of America is a day behind and therefore it’s 20th January there. Today the global elite and the Chinese Communist Party have finally gotten their wish. They have invaded, and overtaken the USA and installed a complete bozo, pedophile, and serial sex offender who matches Bill Clinton, but by no means surpassing him, but equalling him in regards to his crimes against the American people and society in general. The bozo being the senile Joe Biden. It’s simply a fucking disgrace. The repercussions of this farce will send out like shockwaves across the world. China will now be making some HUGE moves geopolitically without any resistance from what was the world’s most dominant super-power. The quadruple entente of India, Russia, Japan, and the USA may be the only hope the world has from a Chinese Communist Empire. New Zealand, the country of my birth is fucked. I’m only happy to be proven wrong, but we have a government that’s bought and paid for with CCP elite money. When my friend Miles said to me, ‘I had a dream that you and I were standing here and we saw black unmarked helicopters coming in over the harbour, then paratroopers came out of them and began to shoot people. The paratroopers were Chinese’, as we walked up to the ‘Palace’ on Oriental Terrace, here in Wellington, circa 2005, I thought it was just a bad dream he had. It seems to me that it’s a likely premonition now.

There is no doubt that the 2020 US election was a sham of unbelievable proportions. It was so blatantly obvious that it was openly rigged that it defied belief. To go along with this, the bought and paid for mainstream media in the USA, the congress, senate, and the entire government should all be jail or executed for treason, and that would be the case if the founding fathers of that country were alive today. I’m not one for capital punishment, but a prison for the rest of their lives would be fitting. The levels of treason go well beyond the government though, local and federal. It beggars belief the amount of corruption and criminality of the entire system in that country. The purge (if there was one) would be so vast that millions would find themselves in jail for the rest of their lives. That brings me to the ‘idiots’ who coerced their followers and anyone who would listen to their complacency diatribes; and congratulations to them for helping the destruction of this once great nation. The New Atlantis, The United States of America.

The four most prominent fucktards who called for people of the USA to relax because Trump has a plan, are Juan o’ Savin (is that even his real name?, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Simon Parkes, and Dr. Charlie Ward (he’s a doctor of what? A time lord??? no idea). Well, Trump proved to be a fucking fizzer. The wimp President. He had every opportunity to disclose information that would have been damning for the incoming administration, showing the voter fraud, disclosing the UFO file, the CIA’s involvement in the JFK assassination, the levels of corruption of government, the Jeffery Epstein ties to the government, Bill Gates, and so much more. He could have pardoned Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, but didn’t, and the absolute bravado horsepucky that was coming out of the mouths of many about Trump releasing the Kraken (lead by lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood) proved to be like a pop-gun going off in an empty aircraft hangar. Trump‘s Perfect Day, as the always out-of-camera shot Juan o’ Savin, said everyone needs to wait for NEVER FUCKING CAME. Simon Parkes, who at the end of his ridiculous ramblings about what the then President Trump’s military loyalists were going to do on Biden’s inauguration day, NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED, Steve Pieczenik has fallen on his sword as he told Alex Jones that if Trump didn’t enact his sting operation then he would do just that, and Charlie Ward, well his ‘insiders’ were either liars or made up, and Trump is God’s chosen one? Charlie mate, go back to sitting poolside there in Spain drinking sangria and minding your own fucking business. All four have sold hopium to the world and through their disinformation tactics have coerced hundreds of thousands of people away from REAL action that could have changed the course of history. They are the foolish four. 

Over the last few years, a quad entente of intelligence, journalism, psychic intuitive perspective, and boots on the ground factual researchers have come together to not only create a clear and present image of where the world is headed under the less than 1% and their hidden masters but also has detailed their machinations throughout history to the present day. Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Gigi Young, and Catherine Austin Fitts, have become a tour de force in a society of increasing disinformation, propaganda, and peddled junk conspiracy. Daniel Liszt is an exemplary investigative journalist, he has uncovered stories, players, historical events tied to mystery school elements, deep state machinations before and after the JFK assassination, and has laid bare the COVID hoax operation with stunning investigative reporting. Dr. Farrell’s understanding of history, his research into geopolitical, political, global industry, occult forces throughout all levels of society past and present, as well as the major players is par excellence. Gigi Young, a gifted psychic, intuitive teacher, and wealth of both esoteric and metaphysical knowledge works with the three other members of this team to provide deeper analysis only matched by the final person in the Fabulous Four. Catherine Austin Fitts. The former assistant secretary of housing under the Clinton Administration, with a background in investment banking, is the glue that binds all three of the others together. The Solari Report’s axiom is Actionable Intelligence to live a Free and Inspired Life, and this could well be the axiom of their work as an entente. These four incredible humans have from the very start of this fake pandemic outlined the forces at work that have piggy-backed on this hoax and where they planned to take the movement. They have urged those who follow, listen, watch their videos, podcasts, clips to take responsibility for their own lives, not surrender their power away in the belief that the ‘white hats’ have it all under control, sit back on the couch, it’s all taken care of, God bless. Intelligence is actionable and always needs to be seen as such. Peaceful non-compliance, spiritual and conscious imagination and intention about what it is you want to create as an individual, in a community, a nation, a society, writing, calling, emailing badgering elected officials to hold their oath to their voters, coming together in communities and leaving the system with grassroots movements all come under the banner of their perspectives on how to deal with the circus we still find ourselves in. There are many many more perspectives that these four have revealed into nature, the processes of the game being played and its end goal, and how to deal with it that I won’t delve into in this blog. I will say this though, there are none better to follow, to listen to, and watch. Humanity is in HUGE trouble, we have allowed ourselves to get to this place so we can also get out of it, the Fabulous Four are leaders in transitioning out of this mess, there is no team with a more proven track record. End of story. Catherine Austin Fitts. Actionable Intelligence for an Inspired and Free Life. SAY NO MORE. one of my spiritual mentors, an intuitive masterclass and a amazing psychic. None better, an essential element that joins the esoteric/metaphysical elements of the occult forces that control the less than 1% and their hidden masters Dr Joseph P. Farrell. Researcher and author extraordinaire. His blogs, books, vlogs, clips and interviews with Dark Journalist showcase the measure of the man’s work. Par excellence. Simply the best. Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist. A REAL journalist whose own intuitive research has uncovered nuts and bolts, on the record information that the rest have to follow. His understanding of mystery school research, its adepts in high levels of society and the machinations of the contemporary world events and players is off the charts.

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