The Cult of Personality. Voting for a Identity not for Policies 2020

We had an election in this country, Aotearoa/New Zealand this year, and to me, for many reasons, it was a sham. The media in this country had lambasted the Prime Minister of our country and her government and held her to the coals (as any objective media should, but that soon ended after they took a 50 million dollar Chinese Communist elite bribe when the fake pandemic and the outrageous computer predictions from that paragon of bollocks, The Imperial College, and it’s ‘lying through my Gates Foundation asslicking lips’ Neil Fergusson made an entrance stage left) up until April 2020. The platitudes of her government being the most transparent in this countries history are so comical, I’ll have to leave my post here for a moment while I topple to the floor laughing… I’m back, my sore and ripped stomach. Lord have mercy please. No more. When nothing could be further from the truth, the covert ties to Communist Chinese elite, the Gates Foundation (won’t find that in any mainstream media outlets), and zoom meeting with Melinda Gates in August, which we weren’t privy to know the details of, lead me (and I’m not alone in this thinking) to feel that our chief civil servant has acted in treasonous ways against the country and its people more times than I can count on two hands and feet.

When the mainstream media had some balls and were objective in 2018, David Fisher exposed our treasonous leader, ‘An influential United States Congress hearing has been told “one of the major fundraisers for Jacinda Ardern’s party” is linked to the Chinese Communist Party and it showed China had penetrated New Zealand’s political networks.’ Yeah, trust her. Look at her smile… she’s so photogenic. Herein lies the situation we find ourselves in not only in this country but also in other western countries and beyond. The Cult of Personality. Arden’s government in April gave the mainstream media 50 million reasons to fall into line with her socialist/communist/globalist leanings and parrot the script that she wrote for them. The media suddenly did a left… no so far left that it was right-turn and swooned under the bribe that allowed them to exist as economic turmoil took hold during our month-long countrywide lockdown. The Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Kris Faafoi said, ‘He said the govt has had commercially sensitive conversations with almost all media outlets.’ Where is the transparency over those conversations? What was said? No, no… Jacinda Ardern… she’s AMAZING… the world LOVES HER… celebrity prime minister on talk shows, singing in cars with washed-up comedians. That’s right… the Cult of Personality. She’s a shill working for the forces that will destroy this country yet people voted for her, not because of her policies, they voted for her because of identity. That’s my opinion and I’m not alone in that observation.

That brings me to the contemporary shitfight that’s taking place in the USA, where identity politics has soared into new and vastly unexplored heights in the last four years. There probably hasn’t been a polarising figure in the world political stage like President-elect, Donald Trump, nor will there potentially ever be again. He’s loathed worldwide, but if you ask people why they hate him so much you will find it has generally nothing to do with policies, but identity. People have no shortage of projections they choose to vomit in his direction, the superlatives are constant and vitriol is record-setting. Yet despite that, this servant of the nationalistic branch of the American Deep State was commended in January this year by The Hill, ‘By nearly every measure today, we are living in a magnificent time for the American economy. There is a booming stock market fueling trillions of dollars of wealth gains, record low unemployment, 3 percent to 5 percent wage gains, and seven million unfilled jobs.’ YET, he was and is STILL despised in his own country by the Woke FAKE left who unwillingly (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt) want the globalist faction of the Deep State under the senile and completely out of his mind Joe Biden to create a prison for them to live in that resembles the Democrats funders, the Chinese Communist Elites home country, China. Kiss the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence goodbye forever under ‘Biden and Harris’ (as if they would be ruling the country, come on).

I think that Trump is a buffoon, but he’s also a businessman, with a genius business acumen that he often can’t exercise as the globalist deep state in the USA that moves through the political classes has stopped the people he wanted to employ in his administration from holding posts from day one. Trump is also part of the system that I want nothing to do with, but having said that, he’s not taken the USA into any unnecessary regime change wars, murdered and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. He’s taken advice from some very shady characters whose intentions and his own often didn’t align, he is/was? a servant to Israel, but his administration worked miracles for many, and his popularity amongst the minority groups speaks volumes to that.

Trump’s America was thriving before the scamdemic kicked off in 2020. His policies were working for the people, yet his identity made him unlikeable to those who can’t look beyond his image to see what he has done for that country in four years, and where he could take them if not for the less than 1% that wants to overthrow one of their own for not falling into line. The Cult of Personality is well and truly alive and kicking in 2020. Identity politics is a game for suckers.

Why? What has he done to you? Treason. No other way to put it. SIMPLE. bought and paid for media… You were warned three years ago… yeah good luck with that! the engine room of the USA was the middle class in the 20th Century. Trump’s administration helped to bolster that. Yes, it’s a FACT. Spin, spin, spin… the man can do no right… The ever brilliant and insightful Daniel Liszt and incomparable Dr Joseph P. Farrell bring insights into the potential end of the USA Say no MORE. Living Colour tells it like it is…

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