The Covid Distraction is also a Consciousness Harvesting for…

Those of us able to critically think, who’ve been able to piece together information around the timelines for this ‘globally manufactured crisis’ and see the events around its initial media outbreak, have also seen the censorship take precedence (in accord with the principles of Event 201, if you dig a little deeper still) to the degree where information that dispels the official is slowly vanishing down Orwell’s memory hole. I have to wonder how long it will be before what I’m about to share is also sucked down that whirlpool of narrative manipulation.

What has been generated by this event, and its encompassing and oppressive blanketing of society is predominately the energetically slow and dense vibrational human emotion… fear. Its grip on the lives of billions has been complete. Humans have acquiesced their sovereignty to a technocratic elite who are dictating to them daily how they can live their lives under the guise of protecting them from harm. Society has become a malleable putty in the hands of a few, who use their financial and therefore political (as the two are interlinked) control over puppets in global institutions, and governments to enact their agenda. I’ve identified their endgame in many blogs, including the last, but is the five-sense reality of what is happening on Earth all that’s being played out? Or are we simply limited in our human perceptions to miss the REAL harvest happening on levels beyond our senses?

If Interdimensionals truly were the masters of our reality, what would be their sustenance? Would their food source be both solid and energetic? What if they were devoid of the capacity to experience love? Compassion? Empathy? What would be their predominant emotional responses:? If through technology they had genetically altered their bodies to obliterate any sense of connection, loving or otherwise from their DNA so that those lower vibrational waveforms, dense and deep run through them like software programmes of loathing, control, hatred, what would feed them? The answer lies in that last question. Fear and the harvest is in. It’s Colin Wilson’s, ‘The Mind Parasites’.

The Global Consciousness Project from Princeton University and their Random Event Generators were able to record the collective human emotional precognition, trauma during and after the event of 9/11/2001 in the USA from around the world. Their data showed a global resonance of denser human resonant responses, of fear, horror, sadness, convolutions that would have been the ringing of the banquet dinner bell for such beings. Have we seen a long-drawn-out feast since the end of 2019 and the entirety of 2020 thus far? With a stimulus to be continued well into the next decade potentially? Cui Bono??? Especially if humanity is bitched up to Artificial Intelligence that controls our central processing units, our CPU’s, our brains by 2030. Let that sink in.

We are nothing but a source of food.

Links for the blog…… so many interesting questions, so many biological anomalies around the human body.…/911-and-global…/ The Global Collective Consciousness Project and their findings… we are food for??? The Moon (and its inhabitants) are featured in the sequel to the novel, Entwined. United, by Harmon Sueno. In this book trailer, you get a glimpse of the biggest UFO (as Dr Joseph Farrell calls it) hiding in plain sight. If we look at Gurdjieff, his perspective is one worth considering too, especially if you we understand what the MOON actually is.…/2020/07/200715095500.htm Self replicating nanotechnology in your body. what could go wrong? are they going to be able to programmed? by whom? to do what? the questions are infinite for the critical mind.…/ ‘could’ or ‘will be?’ ‘The only thing that gives me a headache is the Moon’ – Issac Newtown. Mathematically, the chances of it being where it is, with our planets gravitational strength, its staggeringly unusual, if not a miracle. Something is amiss. Great book, the data, the science, the math, some of the greatest scientific, mathematical minds in history, so many indigenous legends about its ‘arrival’. Its the biggest UFO hiding in plain sight. Whose inside???

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