The Covid Distraction : Financial Reset into Global Digital Currencies. Endgame achieved.

At Davos this year, the 50th World Economic Forum, a topic of conversation was, ‘“Digital currency, a cross-cutting topic that requires input across sectors, functions, and geographies, is a key area of interest for the Forum,” said Klaus Schwab, founder of WEF.’. The synchronicity of this topic, and what came next with COVID-19 is no coincidence. It’s a piece in a puzzle that has long been planned, and the consequences of digital currencies for those who have committed financial crimes against the global populace (speculating on derivatives for example to the point where the bubble is so big that it makes the 2008 crisis look like a marble compared to this derivatives beachball) and the varying degrees of control over that same populace are reasons for serious consideration. said an article on March 11, 2020, ‘There is speculation the COVID-19 pandemic could be the perfect opportunity for the world’s financial planners to cover their past sins of mega bubbles, unsustainable inflation, and debt creation, wiping the slate clean — this time with a decided focus on digital surveillance, control, and unmitigated printing powers, using the disease outbreak as a convenient scapegoat.’ Central bank-created digital currencies are already in full effect in China after cash was portrayed as being dangerous, allowing for the spread of SARS-COV2, ‘Research has shown that the average European banknote plays host to around 26,000 colonies of bacteria. The human influenza virus can survive on a banknote for up to 17 days; with one-dollar and five-dollar bills changing hands more than 100 times per year on average, the risk during a global pandemic is considerable.’ This coming from the same organisation that was looking into the use of digital currencies (to hide their member’s financial misdemeanours perhaps?) the World Economic Forum. That’s some coincidence. Just saying.

There is no denying that digital currencies will be a thing of the very near future for most countries. From the same article, ‘Deutsche Bank Research has tracked almost 20 digital currency projects led by central banks across all regions globally. Meanwhile, the private banking sector has also launched multiple initiatives, such as the R3 consortium, or in India, the Blockchain Infrastructure Company.’ In the country of my birth, our central bank, the Reserve Bank hired a Money Futurist to look into replacing cash with a digital currency. Technology is ambiguous, let’s make that point clear, it is the deployment of technology, the ability to completely surveil your every transaction, control your access to finance, and lifestyle that comes under scrutiny with a centrally controlled currency issued by banks.

COVID-19 has been a wonderful opportunity to go about instigating that process. That’s another wondrous coincidence. Will the introduction of digital currency be slow and drawn out? Will we see cash denominations becoming illegal like in India, but on a global scale as Governments succumb to Central Banks digital currencies? Here’s a quote from Juan Manuel Villaverde of Weiss Ratings, an independent rating agency who did a Q & A on, ‘In a world of purely digital fiat money, when a bank is at risk of going under, there is no possibility for people to withdraw their money from that bank. When there’s a financial crisis, it becomes possible for governments to do “bail-ins” where everyone is forced to take a haircut on their deposits to “save” a financial institution.’ Which is already law in some countries, ‘haircuts’ are aplenty, and a lot will no doubt be happening across the world soon after the debt wracked up by these same governments due to wage subsidies and lockdowns.

Tie this in with a Chinese Communist-style social credit system and you have a global prison system where the bars depend on how you behave yourself. Consider that as the worst-case scenario, but be aware, the race for digital centralised currencies isn’t fiction, it has been well underway for some time. However, the COVID distraction has allowed for the frameworks to be positioned with greater speed and less oversight. Tick tock… not long now before cash is a thing of the past if we continue to acquiesce to the system that we allow to control our lives.

One of these things is not like the other…. Central Bank digital currencies isn’t Bitcoin. Davos, January this year, the Great Resets financial motivations became overt before the declaration of a ‘pandemic’ by WHO Marketwatch sends out a warning about Digital currencies NZ’s Central Bank hiring a ‘Money Futurist’ Awfully convenient… Technology is ambiguous, yes. The World Economic Forum again…

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Be worried? Perhaps… Oh OH… while you were distracted, Central Banks have been getting ready to hide their financial crimes and creating a coup de tat against cash money. Might be a good time to pay attention before you’re money in the bank ‘vanishes’ during a economic collapse. Just saying… what if??? what a STEAMING PILE OF HORSESHIT. Prepping the way for DIGITAL currency (CONTROL)

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