The Covid-19 Injection Rush. Transhumanism and Execution.

The race is on to make a vaccine for what proves to be a flu-like virus with an infection to fatality rate similar to the flu. Why? The amount of recovered people in my country of birth who have been claimed to be infected is between 95-97%. So why the complete and utter nonsense of 180 vaccines for COVID-19 in production? Another more poignant question (that doesn’t relate to the fact that many of these vaccines have ties to Anthony Fauci/Bill Gates investment monies) is the nature of developing DNA/RNA vaccines with nanotech in them. This is a technology that I want to focus on in this blog, and ask some heavy-hitting questions about the nature of DNA/RNA vaccines and not only their safety but also their purpose.

Viral particles have been called natural nanotechnology, they’re comparable in size, and the desire to mimic nature’s behaviour (and freely patent it to make a fortune) has been the basis of the research into using nanotech as a targeted delivery system capable of gene editing, the very same way a viral particle does to a healthy cell. The vaccines for COVID-19 (those with critical minds like mine may consider that the rollout of these vaccines now is more like, taking them off the shelf and dusting the boxes off from ten years sitting in a warehouse) that employ this technology have gone into phase 3 human trials, with disastrous results for a participant in this study who developed transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord resulting in weakening of the limbs, an inability to empty the bladder and paralysis. In 2009 an Israeli research team documented 37 cases of MT from vaccine injury, they said, ‘“the associations of different vaccines with a single autoimmune phenomenon allude to the idea that a common denominator of these vaccines, such as an adjuvant, might trigger this syndrome.” The AstraZeneca COVID vaccine may (yeah right) have triggered MT in this person according to sources. AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company whose animal trials saw six chimpanzees’s injected with their COVID-19 vaccine develop COVID-19, and so we were slaughtered was considered being the ‘frontrunner’ for producing a safe vaccine according to The World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan.

Now onto that adjuvant that may have caused MT. In this new technology, the adjuvant is the nanotech, carrying the necessary antigens to produce the immune response necessary to immunise the recipient. Sounds ambiguous enough in its processes, but is it as simple as that? Or is this a trojan horse? Dr. Joseph Farrell’s research into Harvard Chemistry Professor Dr. Charles Lieber’s work with the Wuhan Virology Laboratory specialising in nanotechnology, and how Bill Gates wanted to create a vaccine with a tracking system capable of upgrading itself, to the use of DREADD’s, designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs in vaccines that allow for the manipulating of neural circuits (crossing the blood-brain barrier) and changing behaviour all point to very interesting speculation about the rollout of 5G while the human populace was under mass house arrest.

Dr. Farrell’s research has led him to speculate on whether there was a deeper and more sinister play at work with the use of nanotech in these new vaccines for the COVID-19 and the rollout of 5G. He perceived the opportunity for an electromagnetically-activated virus or disease due to microwave interferometry in the form of 5G towers (a localised, regional or larger broadcast antenna or source), coupled with particulate metals (colloidal silver he suggests, I would also suggest heavy metals like Barium, Strontium, and Aluminium from persistent contrails from commercial airliners which we have breathed in for years) activating the electromagnetic component which would make the pathogen or the counter-pathogen even more conducive to requirements. His intuition was given more recognition when an article was brought to his attention about the Soviets microwaving the American Embassy in Moscow in the mid-1970s with low-power microwave radiation. The fact that the incident was fifty years ago makes somber reading, especially given how refined and advanced that technological understanding and application would be now. Should we expect to see the REAL pandemic induced with the rollout of 6G/7G in 2023? One that will see Gates eugenic depopulation dream become a reality? It remains to be seen…

Transhumanism, editing the human genome with nanotech and setting up the populace for the REAL pandemic in 2023 – The types of vaccines AstraZeneca COVID-19 trial paused after MT reaction during phase 3 trials Nanotech in COVID-19 vaccine Dr Farrell’s Research is exemplary – The adverse reactions to the rushed through COVID vaccine you don’t say… I would speculate that nanotech is within every human on the planet. Dig a little and the same name is everywhere when it comes to vaccines and totalitarian surveillance… Bill Gates, a gofer for the REAL controllers. this article should be enough for a reason for every person in New Zealand to tell the government to stick their vaccine into their own arms and leave the rest of us alone. time to WAKE THE FUCK UP or watch the state take your children away from you… another brick in the wall… right here. Their not alone in their conclusions… After READING this… would you get the Gates Vaccine???? Vaccine created POLIO???? READ THIS ARTICLE CAREFULLY and then understand that this vaccine came out of the Gates Foundation GAVI alliance. The same GAVI alliance rolling out the COVID vaccines for 2021. The risks outweigh the benefits NO DOUBT. The Rise of the Vaccine. SAFE AS FUCK. Watch this video (before its censored) and then rush out to get your Pfizer or Moderna vaccine! Yay! I’m Genetically modified and ready for 5G/6G antenna deployment! Whoopee! these sick fucks love African people SO much that they murder them with vaccines and then have to fork out BILLIONS in compensation… once again… GO GET THEIR VACCINE at your own peril.

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