The choice to write about the content I do means?

Reading Under an Ionized Sky – From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown, by Elana Freeland today has been informative, but also incredibly difficult for me. I got a call today from my mother about forty pages into the book, and my mother whose skeptical asked ‘who wrote it?’ I’m used to be called a fruitcake or a space cadet for how I look at existence, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Names, go ahead, there are so many languages spoken on this planet alone, you can take your pick of one and find appropriate names (for you to call me) that can label me according to your perception of what it is I write about and what interests my fields of research.

I explained to my mother about the nature of the book I was reading, how what Professor Peter Dale Scott coined, The Deep State, and its many branches are militarising not only the atmosphere above our heads, but also space, and the systematic destruction of the environment, nature and our health as a consequence. It’s not light reading, but in the context of the book, I’m writing, it’s essential. Rudolf Steiner warned about this scientific materialism and the force behind it, in the early twentieth century, and where it would take our consciousness and our planet if we weren’t awakened to roll it back. Well, we are in that time now where if we don’t hold those who are militarising space and our planet’s biosphere and our biosphere’s, eg, our bodies accountable we are in trouble.

I did my best to explain this premise to my hapless mother, who asked, ‘do you have to read these kinds of books?’ I paused for a moment and considered that question. The answer for me many folds as to why I said, ‘Yes I do.’ I will not be able to elucidate as eloquently, nor as thoroughly present the evidence, the instrumentation, or the application of technologies horrible and systematic to my readers as the collections of books I’m referencing. However, what I can do is offer my readers an opportunity to question and discover for themselves if what I’m espousing has any merit to them.

Living in ignorance is a choice. It’s not mine. Some of the work I present asks the reader to question the very nature of what they believe is possible, where the information came from. I see my work as multi-faceted and multi-dimensional in its endeavours. As I do my shadow work I can hold more light. Light to me can be interpreted as a greater ability to hold more love in my being. Not the kind of biological/chemical love, but the energetic confluence of the creative force that binds all of creation together. That allows me to alter the unified field of collective consciousness that pervades this dense frequency band we call the third dimension in a way that unpicks the locks of control and division. I’m not alone. Many beings are enabling this by doing the same in their versions of reality we call life.

My shadow work is also tied to the collective and so by processing it, transforming it, it’s only natural that the unified field of human consciousness lightens, and the diabolical forces of control continue to weaken. Once again, I’m not alone in this process, those of you who are doing much the same are also bringing the old paradigm of control down. Writing about it exposes it, shines a light on it. It doesn’t matter if not a soul ever reads anything I ever write, for, my actions illuminate the knowledge, and that enters into the quantum field, another act of love, for everything in this creative endeavour comes from my heart, and helps to shift the paradigm from a potential prison into a paradise for the generations of incarnate beings to come.

I write about what I do out of necessity. My soul calls me to do it. So I’ll keep on keeping on.

There is no other reason for to live. Fearlessly following my heart

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