The Artificial Intelligence Tyranny of the Archontic Empire on Earth is Rising out of the Underground Bases and into Society.

With the introduction of smart technology in the early 21st century, the advent of Artificial Intelligence began its incremental tiptoe into global society. The Pleiadians who the trance channel Barbara Marciniak has worked with since 1988 say that they have come from a future timeline, from their galactic home in the Pleiades star cluster where an AI tyranny that originated on Earth has reached them. They say that they have come to warn us of the rising of this tyranny before it’s too late for the human populace. Well, after 30 years, are we listening? 

With the events of 2020 and the push for global vaccinations of the human populace with nanotech mRNA vaccines, the next step is a Big Tech coalition that included Microsoft, Oracle, and the Mayo Clinic who are working on a new digital COVID-19 vaccination passport that could be checked by businesses, airlines, and countries to confirm if an individual has received the vaccine. The Commons Project’s system, which was created in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation is working on a means to set up the parameters of vaccination passports that would allow governments and airlines the means to know if a person was vaccinated, or had a COVID test to be able to travel. The question I have with this ‘passport’ is, will it be external or injected into the body? The development of a digital invisible ink tattoo that would be injected into the skin of children according to Azo Nano would allow for a specialised smartphone that would be able to detect that the vaccine schedule had been observed. Is this how the COVID passport would be created? Administered? 

 If the World Economic Forum’s chairman and Bond villain Klaus Schwab had his way, then it most certainly seems that way. In his ‘predictive’ book, COVID-19 The Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution according to Schwab (fuck off mate, it’s not your plan, you’re its poster boy) he makes it clear that the fusion of physical, digital, and biological identity will take place. In layman’s terms, you will become a cyborg. Bound in the pages of this transition is the knowledge, not speculation, that upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.” Schwab purrs. Yes, influence your behaviour. Who or what will be influencing your behaviour? To what end? Harvesting what emotional states?

This fusion of technology into human biology only exacerbates the already addictive nature of smart technology that has gripped humanity since its introduction into society. It’s only natural that propagandised entertainment from Hollywood and TV shows like Black Mirror have supplanted into our subconscious minds the concepts, ideas, and acceptance of the next wave of technological advancements. Whether perceived as horrific or progressive.

The appearance of this technology which is being fast-tracked through society has its origins in the murky depths of secret facilities/cities beneath the planet’s surface, in the mantle. Some of these cities have been there for eons, others new creations of the 20th century. I have written about these cities, civilisations, and bases extensively in Entwined, United, and Sanctum, detailing my remote viewing of some of the infrastructure there, the beings living within these environments, and their movements between dimensions and timelines. Not all are malevolent towards humanity, some are neutral observers, others benevolent. What is a given though is that the bases where the malevolent entities and their human participants reside all have one aspect that binds them all together. They are all under the influence of inter-dimensional Artificial Intelligence. Remember, this is my perception. Your discernment may be otherwise, but I have identified that AI running through these beings’ biology, picked up its machinations, and understood its cold and calculated motives as it looks to expand its influence. Elana Freeland and David Icke are both at the forefront of exposing this force. Both come from interesting points of reference, but their understanding of its deployment and origins are exemplary.

Dr. Richard Sauder’s work on Undersea and Underground Government and Military bases denotes the details of the vastness of these networks and delves far deeper into the research than I can in a simple blog post. What I can say about his research is that it correlates with both Freeland and Icke’s work on the secret technological advances made in these facilities and that they are rolled out onto the surface some decades after their applications are proven to further the agenda of control. With the advent of nanotech in vaccines, and thanks to Dr. Charles Lieber, who worked at the Wuhan laboratory where this ‘virus’ could well have originated from (I’ll leave that to speculation and reader discernment whether that was the case) whose speciality was a nanotechnology that could be administered through hypodermic needles, the ability to send Artificial Intelligence into the human body is not only here, it’s being rolled out global on guinea pig humans (often with devastating effects, some of which I think to show the programming of the nanotech at deciphering the usefulness of some genetic sequencing and eliminating those who are useless to the end game, eg culling the elderly). Whose controlling the nanotech in the mRNA vaccines? Critically think about that as I introduce the Rand Corporation’s Internet of Bodies (IoB) to the mix. Shit’s about to go hog fucking wild baby.

The think tank, the Rand Corporation is like a science fiction writer’s wet dream multiplied by a trillion. For all intense purposes, I imagine that the Rand Corporation IS AI is as it is completely devoid of human emotions that would pass through the heart. In Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s blog on the IoB’s, where he quotes the TruthUnmuted article,

RAND defines the IoB as “a growing industry of devices that monitor the human body, collect health and other personal information, and transmit that data over the Internet.” To qualify as an IoB device, the technology must:

  • contain software or computing capabilities
  • be able to communicate with an Internet-connected device or network

An IoB device must also satisfy one or both of the following:

  • collect person-generated health or biometric data
  • be able to alter the human body’s function

In other words, what Schwab was gushing over in his book about the creation of a technocratic society ruled over by a world government that had made the surviving (my emphasis) populace no more than biological machines connected to a central mainframe computer network, eg, the internet. Yeah, the internet was created for the free flow of information… riiiiigggghhhttt. According to Alex Abella, RAND whistleblower who talked to Paul Joseph Watson, ‘The Rand Corporation has specialised in studying social sciences because they were at a loss to work out how to deal with people and how human beings did not always act in their own predictable self-interests.‘ If that doesn’t sound like Artificial Intelligence making cold heartless observations about humanity’s empathy and compassion, then I’m Kermit the Frog. The AI tyranny of the Archons that the Gnostics wrote about over 2000 years ago is well and truly pulling the strings folks and it’s spreading its tentacles into society, burrowing into the collective consciousness with technological addictions as its stalking horse. The Pleiadians have warned us ad infinitum, we have to halt its processes by exposing it, and stopping its progress into our lives. NOW.

when feeding your addiction becomes part of your biology your FUCKED The truth about mRNA vaccines, REMOVED from youtube for ‘violating their terms and service’. Orwellian translation, ‘TAKE THE FUCKING VACCINE SLAVE Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist with Dr. Richard Sauder who reveals the secret underground bases where all kinds of mischief is happening with beings that are from all over the multiverse. The technology we are seeing flooding society in the last 20 years has been developed decades ago in these bases, rolled out on a technologically addicted human family en masse as they are corralled towards implantable technology. The COVID digital passport, brought to you in association with that paragon of humanity, The Rockefeller Foundation, with it’s sycophantic minions, Microsoft, Oracle and the Mayo Clinic. Look at the Rockefeller’s ties to the creation of the modern allopathic medical tyranny and understand their influence over it is complete. A quantum ‘invisible’ tattoo on the human body? Bill Gates bleated on about this early last year (naturally, he knew the plan all along) and then all his videos of him doing this suddenly vanished when he became persona non grata. Remarkable. Well, the idea was rolled out again after the fire of furore had died down in September 2020. Fast tracking into the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s biological/technological matrix of control of your life in every single process. Dr Joseph P. Farrell. Forever shining a light. Paul Joseph Watson’s interview with a former Rand Corportation employee details some information that REALLY needs to be scrutinised with a discerning and critical eye. If you’re not concerned with these developments and the desire to implement them on the public, then you’re not paying attention. Resistance is not only necessary, it’s imperative. Bond villain Klaus Schwab’s nutty book The Great Reset details the way in which the AI tyranny the Archons want to create is going to be implement on humanity. WAKEY FUCKEN WAKEY. note the date of this article 2015… 6 years ago… mmm… Kiss your humanity goodbye Dorothy… and Kansas

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