Alice Goes to Wonderland! Down into the…
What does the Eighth Sphere, patents for nanotech in experimental gene therapy, WEF futurists predictions of biolo
July 05, 2022
Multidimensional Chess. How the game of…
The non-human forces that control the simulation we perceive as ‘reality’ have a multidimensional perspective. The
June 28, 2022
Dark Journalist. The truth runs deep…
In 2018 a work colleague introduced me to Dark Journalist (Daniel Liszt). My world has never been the same since.
June 21, 2022
Multidimensional Life. Dreams within dr…
My understanding of multidimensional living has gone bananas since 2020 and my writing of the book A Dance called
June 14, 2022
Revelations of an Idiot! The World is M…
If you have listened to my podcasts, then you knew that this was coming. As deep and real as I have gotten in bear
June 07, 2022
Multidimensional Love Forever!
In 2021 after having the back of my heart opened life began to look very different for me. I began to see the expl
May 31, 2022
Love is not a four letter word.
If we peel back the layers of what personas we wear (all created due to environmental, societal, ancestral and par
May 24, 2022
Beware the fake CIA Alien Invasion and …
With the implementation of the fake health crisis (a ruse for implementing Agenda 2030/The Fourth Industrial Revol
May 17, 2022
Opening the back of my heart and moving…
Given the nature of my childhood trauma, I was programmed with software (yes, I consider the emotional experiences
May 10, 2022
Practicality and Spirituality.
Practicality and Spirituality go hand in hand in this dimension. We live in a simulation where the greatest growth
May 03, 2022
Heart based living… the revolutionary…
It took me some time to understand the power of my own ability to create. It took even more time to understand the
April 26, 2022
Ceremonies that have changed my life……
In late 2020, here in Aotearoa. New Zealand a friend of mine had the second event on his property where conscious
April 19, 2022
Starseeds, Soulmates, Twin Flames and S…
The New Age movement in my perception is a cul-de-sac for consciousness, a trap laid to distract attention away fr
April 12, 2022
Inversion. Everything is upside down an…
Many years ago David Icke brought to my attention that everything was UPSIDE DOWN, an inversion of balance, love,
April 05, 2022
Contactee. My experience with our Inter…
I see little green men… AS IF. I don’t. I have however been in contact with intergalactic peers for decades. My
March 29, 2022
Possession, Entity attachments and Succ…
I’ve lived several lives in my fifty years incarnate. I look at the life I have lived and see so many facets of a
March 22, 2022
Passion become Purpose. For the love of…
In this nanosecond we find ourselves moving through in eternity, there is a movement within from the new ‘rock sta
March 15, 2022
Plant Medicine. Building a relationship…
In my early twenties I embarked on an experience that was well beyond Terrance McKenna’s ‘heroic dose’ of psilocyb
March 08, 2022
Matariki. The Pleiades. My Galactic Fam…
I have been a contactee all life, yet it would be in the mid-1990’s when that I began to understand who was guidin
February 22, 2022
The Art of Stalking the Shadow… my ex…
Carlos Castenada wrote about the art of stalking the shadow in his books while under the tutelage of Don Juan Matu
February 15, 2022