Telling The Truth is Now a Revolutionary Act. Welcome to Aotearoa/NewZealand’s Soft Tyranny.

I’ve had the kind of few days that make you wonder if you went to sleep in March 2020 and woke up in May 2020 to a socialist-led government running what once was a democracy via stealth. Some will consider what I write here to be conspiratorial, showing the inversion is alive and well in this country. The Government’s narrative on the health crisis IS the conspiracy and those of us who are exposing it via data, facts, and science which is being shared by immunologists, virologists, and epidemiologists (that aren’t on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/ Chinese Communist Elite payroll) is not only being ignored, it’s being called misinformation. In a free and open society, there would be a debate between all sides, out in the open for the public to see, the mainstream media would be holding the government accountable for the lies (and they are legion) and the Police and Intelligence agencies would be arresting all those civil servants who have committed treason against the country (and they are legion). Not to mention violating the first article of the Nuremberg Code with the rollout of a vaccine (it’s not, it’s a gene-altering therapy) that is still in experimental clinical trials, which isn’t being told to the public. This isn’t an archipelago of Nazi concentration camps. Remember, some of those who ‘followed orders’ hung at Nuremberg in 1946.

I have been attempting to get digital marketing in Wellington, New Zealand for my books (not my blogs), as I wanted to employ locals, keep people in my city employed. However, I have had two cases of two companies severing their ties due to conflict of views. It’s comical really, but one of these companies Aro Digital said this:

Hi Phareaus,

We’ve done further research into your work, and what you have online as part of the initial preparation for the Impact Hour on Friday. Aro Digital, as a values-based agency, has come to the decision that our values don’t align and we will have to politely decline the request for an impact hour.  

We truly believe in the importance of vaccinations and are working on a few projects surrounding healthcare.

We do wish you all the best in trying to find a digital partner for your journey with Oho Ake Books who aligns with your values.

Kind regards,

To which I replied:

The basis of a free and open society is debate, and IF you spent some time reading my blogs, and actually following through with the information presented in links below, the data, facts and adverse reactions globally to this experimental jab are now at a point where it is not only undeniable that Pfizer’s continuing drug trial (it was stopped in January 2020 due to the rollout) and the violation of the Nuremberg Code (Article 1, if you chose to read it, it’s self-explanatory) is the reason why Sue Grey is suing the Government. and Medsafe asked Pfizer for 50 questions to be answered before July (they haven’t been)

So, you value MONEY over lives. That’s interesting. I actually am pro-vaccine, I’ve had all my shots that have been clinically tested to be safe during the process deemed to be safe to the CDC/WHO. 

I will issue you a warning of what’s to come in 2021. If you want to besmirch your company, then your actions are noted and I will share. note the date on this article.

All the best with your decision and thank you for giving something to blog about. 

A gift! All the best. 


The ethics of companies that put money over people (did they just read the titles of several of my blogs and not ACTUALLY read them, look at the links and then discern for themselves? I doubt it. There is a conflict in interest with them, they are taking money from the Government of a government department without an iota of an investigation into the facts and data around these experimental jabs) only enable the soft-tyranny taking place in this country. What this company doesn’t realise is that, IF there are adverse reactions to the jab that see countless deaths or injuries to those who have enabled and have pushed the roll out on the public will meet a rather unpleasant end. Enabling tyranny only leads to suffering. What you project out into the world only magnetises an experience that will drawback to you what it is you have pushed.

In this country, there is a divergence of the path ahead. Once it was a road ahead where the nation could move forward as one, it wasn’t perfect, it had potholes, it needed attention, perhaps to be resurfaced. Now it has diverged into a fork. The side where the nation was headed is becoming resurfaced with the blood of countless millions worldwide at the request of a small handful of technocrats who have paid out and compromised their minions to fulfill their dreams of oligarchy and centralisation of power over a culled human populace. The other side is a dirt road, no gravel, harden clay, moving into a valley where ranges of mountains rise on all sides. A river runs next to the road, one where people drink from, and they remember that compassion, empathy, and love are their true nature. Those that choose this road recognise each other as a family, for better or for worse. They stand for freedom above all else and pursue it fearlessly. They wish to create a paradise for the generations to come, not a prison. They see health as a composition of nutrition, exercise, and well-being, not an inversion bullied on the public under the guise of protecting the frail and old, which is a lie, a ruse to allow global patents towards biological/technological interfacing to be in place well before 2030. They see a correlation of common law, technology, and traditional cultures as a means to move the global culture into a symbiotic relationship with the planet. Healing the macro and the micro in the same movement. Our organic timeline will be the only one left before 2030. Do not doubt that, I feel it with every fibre of my being.

In the sauna at my gym the other day I had a chat with a brother from Quebec about the state of his home province. The most rigid lockdowns in North America he said, nighttime curfews, completely fascist. I was shocked, but even more so by what he said after he told me about his home country, Canada. He said, ‘I don’t want to go back, but at least in Quebec you can see the tyranny. In this country, you don’t see the march towards tyranny. It’s a soft tyranny. The population here is acquiescing to their enslavement. Deny it all you like. It’s happening.’ I have never denied it. It is happening.

Voices for Freedom. I’m with you every step of the way. Tell me we don’t live in tyranny. Go on.

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