Tattoos. A Spiritual Technology

My friend who got introduced me to RomiRomi told me that the practitioner, Sarah Cotter had told him that tattoos were a spiritual technology. This information gave me a new understanding of what I already consider to a form of esoteric/biological/integrative reference for my conscious awareness encapsulated in my genetic spacesuit. I look at my tattoos as a form of identity, a library for the initiated to decipher in regards to my own life experiences, and the genetic codings of the ancestral lines of biological creation.

On my forearms are my father’s families Samoan/Chinese/Taranaki Maori whakapapa, or genealogy. Ta Moko on my left forearm, and Samoan Tatau on my right. The understanding that at the point of source energy, all is love (the phrase is written in Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas) beneath the Tatau, and my star family, Matariki, the Pleiades is beneath the Ta Moko. On my upper arms the references to the most poignant and formative episodes of my conscious awareness, anchor in the energy of their gifts via the images I have decorated this body with. From the earth where the Butchulla, Noongar, Wurundjeri peoples of Australia have lived for countless generations both sentient lifeforms (Humpback whales) and the colours they use in their art form two huge circles around my arm and shoulder. Lord Ganesh, who came to me in dreams while I was at high school (constantly) graces my shoulder as I am reminded of his patronage of my artistic endeavours. All obstacles along my path are removed with his blessings. My other upper arm has a narrative of the coastal Salish and Haida peoples of North-western North America. I lived many lives in four years in that part of the world, addictions, revelations, connections, laughter, and teachers unlike any others came and went in my life experience there, and my totem, the Wolf, looks behind me, forever getting my back. The word for Wolf (also written in Sanskrit) sits beneath the image like a lightning strike into the skin, raised and proud.

On my chest I have technologies from source (an infinity symbol gifted to me during a mushroom experience in my early 20’s that took me back to source energy and showed me where I would return to when I left my body) encircled by Voltaire’s satirical quote, ‘God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh’, reminding me of the humour that sets me free, never to forget that this life experience is fleeting, and taking it seriously will only deny me the chance to laugh more. Crop circle technology, denoting my astrological birth date coupled with a significant symbol from a field in Wessex from 1994, a powerful year for me, transporting my awareness to assimilate with that timeline whenever I choose to focus on its design. Finally, around my belly button, there is a flaming circle that indicates that once feed here by my biological mother, our daystar is now my umbilical cord, feeding me resonances, vibrations, frequencies into my inter-dimensional chakra, the Taoist Dantian.

All of these images are a form of spiritual technology, as much as they are references for a life lived and acknowledged. The same at a greater level of awareness. I chose the images that covered my body with guidance, resonance, acceptance as much as I chose the people who worked on my body to bring this technology into form. These gifts transcend the flesh, they are frequencies that I can tune into and gain a deeper understanding, gain memory, or strength. This is how tattoos for me are spiritual technology.

Macro/Micro. The technology is the same. Lock in the frequencies onto the Earth or your body.

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