Tales of the Tormented : Part Two

Had I known at the time that my girlfriend was clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient, and a powerful intuitive because of these abilities I may have listened to her. Our relationship had recalibrated by the time I had gone on a double date with Scott, Pip, and Orna to see a movie at the Metropolis Theatre in late summer. Since the event of the door being kicked the activity in the house had settled down. All the flatmates had a dreaded feeling about the attic space, a foreboding oppressive weight that seemed to linger over our heads daily. It was as if the energetic being that had been so mischievous had retreated into the loft and was hibernating in there. Ready to make itself known to us again at the appropriate time.

When we ventured back into the apartment after the movie on that late summer day, it made its presence known in the most invasive way. It was an unusually hot day, sweltering as we had gone to the movie, and still hot when we left. Walking up the stairs we all remarked how wonderful it was to be so hot, that was until I being last in the procession, walked into the apartment to find the conditions inside icy cold. Let me make this clear, found it to be icy cold. Scott, Pip, and Orna were languid because of the heat inside the apartment. I was shivering. It’s a feeling that to this day alerts me to something sucking the electromagnetic energy from space as it manifests in our density.

I asked if everyone wanted a cup of tea and then headed for our kitchen. The apartment had been renovated many years before creating a small corridor to the toilet, laundry/bathroom, and kitchen. I walked towards the kitchen down the corridor did a right turn towards our narrow kitchen area and saw a transparent beach ball-sized pulsing orb hovering around the bench height. It moved so quickly across the distance between it and I and struck me in the stomach so hard that I was off my feet and slammed into the hallway wall some distance behind me. I looked up in pained horror as it pushed itself into my solar plexus and then felt it unfurl inside my body.

Crawling to the toilet I was violently ill, vomiting several times before observing my body rise, go to the bathroom, gargle some water, then spit it out and then return to the kitchen to make the tea. My conscious awareness had been subjugated to a rising tide of anger. I felt the coursing disgust, vile hatred, and repugnance towards the people who were sitting the in lounge surging through my biology. I had no control over any of the ferocity of the emotions coursing through my nervous system, I had become a passenger in my vessel. I watched my body make the tea, carry the cups into the lounge then place the cups in front of Scott, Pip, and Orna. After this I watched my body begin to pace up and down across the lounge floor, a menacing scowl itched over my face as I looked at the three people seated in the lounge.

Scott was the first to acknowledge that something was wrong, he said, ‘Are you alright?’ The thought that was raging through my head was, ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!’ Like a mantra, but the words my body spoke were, ‘DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME?! I WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU WITH TELEPATHY!’ This outburst and the subsequent hand actions that came with the diatribe sent Scott and the girls out the door, tea steaming on the coffee table in front of me. ‘What the fuck is wrong with you man?’ Were the last words I heard as they left, closing the front door behind them.

The words weren’t mine, but it was my voice

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