Suicides are Killing more People than COVID. Lockdowns are Destroying Mental Health.

If there is one aspect of the global locking down of the populace that’s largely ignored (with honourable exceptions, Japan being one) by sycophantic technocrats and politicians it is the mental health of those people affected by their draconian measures. With a critical eye and with greater research, we can see that the mainstream narrative is more riddled with holes than Swiss cheese. Even the WHO came forward and said that lockdowns aren’t the primary tactic to deal with this ‘pandemic’ (it’s not a pandemic, it’s a scamdemic). Dr. Nabarro, of the WHO told The Spectator, ‘Don’t use them as a ‘primary control’ … the primary means of control of this virus.’ The economic turmoil ( the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ book publication coincidentally being rolled out as the lockdowns were in full swing as the disastrous global economic impacts made its members richer and more powerful) of lockdowns has created a pandemic of mental health conditions that have seen the rates of suicide skyrocket.

The WHO published this fact, ‘Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.’ That’s 3/4 of the population of the biggest city in my country of birth, Auckland. One person every 40 seconds. That’s before this manufactured crisis. In countries that rely on tourism to bolster the economies, local and national, the stress created by the void of lack of tourism is devastating. Aurora Almendral wrote for NPR, ‘the World Health Organization’s 2016 global report on mental health, with 14.4 suicides for every 100,000 people, Thailand has the highest suicide rate in Southeast Asia. (The global average is 10.6 per 100,000.) The government disputes the WHO numbers, saying its data shows a baseline rate of 6 to 6.5 deaths by suicide per 100,000. What officials don’t dispute is that the economic hardship brought by the pandemic and soaring unemployment will likely lead to a rise in suicides.’ Reading the article cited above, it becomes blatantly obvious that the rate is off the Richter scale. Community volunteers have tasked themselves with stopping the onslaught of suicides in Bangkok, heavens know how bad it would be on the islands of the southern part of the country and Chiang Mai in the north. Multiply that by the figures coming out of other South-East Asian tourist destinations and Latin America, Africa, India. The scale is something that boggles the mind.

Continuing in the article, ‘Around the world, the economic impact of the lockdown is unfolding, and the projections are staggering. The United Nations warned that a global recession will reverse a three-decade upward trend in living standards. The International Labor Organization estimates that the global lockdown will result in 195 million people unemployed around the world, millions more will be underemployed and an additional 1.6 billion informal workers will see their earnings reduced. These include street vendors, market sellers, domestic workers, and informal repair shops in front yards — people who power significant economic sectors in developing countries. In Thailand, many of the economy’s most crucial sectors have been severely restricted by the lockdown. Construction sites, offices, and massage parlors were shut down. Tourism, which makes up 20 percent of the national GDP, collapsed as international borders closed and airlines were grounded. Manufacturing makes up another 30 percent of GDP; factories were shuttered for the lockdown, and exports will struggle to rebound as global trade remains uncertain.’ The end result of this is a reliance on the state for survival for many, for others it plunges them into debts they can never pay back, homelessness and poverty, a state of being that they hovered over daily as they worked 10-15 hour days to maintain a lifestyle to support their families, pay their bills, and survive.

In Japan, DW reported ‘ the pandemic’s social and economic consequences have become a strain on the mental health of many Japanese. The country’s unemployment rate rose from 2.4% to 3.0% between February and August, swelling Japan’s ranks of registered unemployed to almost 2.1 million. Numerous small businesses and stores have closed for lack of income, leaving owners buried under a mountain of debt. “No customers came to my restaurant even though I worked so hard for the opening,” a desperate business owner told the aid organization Befrienders Osaka. The rise in the number of suicides is particularly stark in Japan because the country has recorded relatively few coronavirus deaths. So far this year about 1,600 Japanese has died of Covid-19 — compared to more than 13,000 by suicide.’ Consider that. 1600 deaths attributed to Covid and 13,000 by suicide. Child and female suicides have risen sharply this year too.

It beggars belief the level of psychopathy it takes to continue to look at the data, the facts, around the lethality of this ‘virus’ and then continue to lockdown countries as the ‘second wave’ (utter tosh, as they find ‘cases’ from over-amplification of DNA to justify the destruction of the global economy) washes over the northern hemisphere. Human suffering is being sourced as food, this is the most bountiful harvest for the inter-dimensional masters, lower astral entities who wield their global elite puppets (the majority of who are in the shadows and you will never see in public, but they dish out the script to be played out by the actors in institutions or perceived power) and their sycophantic gofers to do their bidding. The record levels of cognitive dissonance shown by the technocrats who tell the civil servant heads of governments for the less than 1% (not for the people) what to do in the face of the facts leads the human populace into a dire and frightful paradigm, one where most of the global populace acquiesce into willingly. The cost is insurmountable to many, and as a consequence, they commit suicide.

Western countries aren’t immune. In Australia, in March 2020, 1200 people had committed suicide, compared to 200 attributed Covid deaths. What are the figures now after the lunacy of Daniel Andrews in Victoria? In the UK, ITV published in an article in September stating that there had been a lower number of suicides in men in particular since 2019, which had been a record year, but, ‘It warned: “The lower number of deaths registered caused by suicide in quarter two of 2020 should be interpreted with caution; this likely reflects delays to inquests because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the coroner’s service.” Another lockdown that’s potentially going to continue through over Xmas? How’s that going to affect the already stressed, disconnected, and mentally unstable? Is this a cold and calculated plan to destroy people’s spirits in the bleak and cold winter? You discern. It’s obvious what I think. Youth suicide in the USA had jumped to 57.4% higher since 2007, University of Bristol suicidology expert David J. Gunnell in the June issue of The Lancet, wrote, ‘”Suicide is likely to become a more pressing concern as the pandemic spreads and has longer-term effects on the general population, the economy, and vulnerable groups. Preventing suicide, therefore, needs urgent consideration,”‘ The feeling of isolation for children in the USA from their friends, especially in states still in lockdowns has the potential to be disastrous for their mental development, but not just here, consider Europe where partitions are created as ‘bubbles’ to keep social distancing adhered to in classrooms and playgrounds.

Another tenet in this Global Reset is depopulation. How convenient that suicides are well and truly killing more people than this mystery virus. Convenient that the levels of nourishment for the inter-dimensionals is matching World War levels, sustained with confusion in the narrative from mainstream everything, lockdowns that are destroying the lives of the masses who aren’t part of the less than 1%, and this suffering creates a feedback loop into the matrix of control. Yes, it’s all planned and all of which will be exposed in the next few decades to come. Stay strong, find your centre, be grounded and connect with nature and create a community where you can. Go, well family. X

I’ve had moments in 2020 where I was definitely rock bottom. Unconnected and alone. We can get through together. With another lockdown over the premise of another lie, that being the second wave, are the suicide rates going to skyrocket? WHO statistics on global suicides (I say the numbers are far far greater, now they would be well into the millions, if not tens of millions, and that’s only going to increase) Tourist destinations and manufacturing countries are seeing a dramatic rise in suicides. Japan’s suicide death too is almost 10 X that of Covid. Consider that. This was written in August 2020. Figures now??? statistics, facts, read them, be informed. this is a MENTAL HEALTH pandemic… not a viral pandemic. more statistics… read… be informed. from a country where it’s becoming increasingly hard to find a mainstream media outlet you can trust. 300,000 excess deaths. How many by neglect? How many by suicide? staggering. what’s it now? A shout out to Patricia Cårdenas for this link. La paz sea contigo.

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