Starseeds. Beware the Divergent Deception. False Light is Here. Your Heart is Your Compass. Follow it.

When the pressure of my childhood trauma had compounded in my late adolescence, I was subject to a spiritual awakening that reintroduced me to levels of existence that had vanished when life became about survival. My conscious awareness began to allocate an acceptance that there were no limits to my imagination and that a myopic vision of the world only came through analytical thinking. My life in the early 1990s was an epic odyssey of discovery and adventure. I struggled with the notion of living in the world that I had created for myself in Dunedin. I broke free from people that no longer resonated with my new outlook on life. I began aligning with those who were expanding their awareness, those who looked at the world as a magical playground we could mold with our thoughts and feelings. In 1994 I was introduced to a concept that would elevate my levels of awareness beyond Terra firma and would send me out in the galaxy and beyond. Starseeds.

My connection with the Pleiades initially came with guidance from beings from this star system that made themselves known to me in Nelson in the mid-1990s. These forces would be pivotal in my growth over the years to come, and I adjusted the compass of my heart to know their energetic resonance as my true north. Years later, with the advent of the internet and a booming spiritual/conscious awakening movement, in 2021, many people purport themselves to be starseeds, Starseed teachers, channellers, and coaches. Spirituality’s popularity on the internet has created platforms for those whose integrity is a testament to what emanates from their hearts and given snake oil salespeople and divergent energies a platform to seduce an audience. The need for discernment at the end of the Kali Yuga is essential as divergent timelines are beginning to form.

I have been following the work of mystic Gigi Young since 2017, and she has become an essential part of my continual awakening process. Her ability to assess the spiritual movements hijacks from divergent timeline forces is exemplary as she demotes the organic ascension process from the transhumanist. Many years before I began to align with her wisdom, I understood that many timelines exist and that energy goes where attention flows. 2020 saw the push for full-scale transhumanism where biology and technology interface became mainstream like never before. Klaus Schwab has propagandised through the globalist think-tank, The World Economic Forum that humans would be linked to artificial intelligence uploading operating systems becoming slaves to the technocratic oligarch elites by 2030, Bill Gates pushed for digital tattoos, and Elon Musk wanted to upload consciousness to Neural Link. These are all divergent timelines. Ones that the Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, warned humanity about in the early 1990s. These are the future timelines of the Grey extraterrestrials. Gigi Young says the Greys are future humans who have destroyed their connection to spirit and their hearts and are infiltrating our present to change their future timeline.

According to Gigi’s work, the Grey’s first began to make themselves known in the spiritualist movement of the late 1800s manifesting as guiding forces during seances and channellings. The most notorious recollection when Aleister Crowley started communications with the creature known as Lam, who from all appearances was a Grey interdimensional. These beings engage with a false light, a technological power rather than an organic ascension process only possible by healing the collective and individual shadows of humanity. Connecting through the intellectual capacity of the head, they bypass the heart and continue to create the divergent path that took them into disaster. The Grey’s have been on humanity’s radar in folklore since Roswell in 1947, having influenced technological advancements for the military worldwide for decades. With the technology to burrow through the loop of time, they have been able to come back to this timeline, harvesting DNA (often non-consensually) hybridising themselves with humans to stave off extinction, pushing the transhumanist agenda onto humanity as they attempt to save themselves. Hardly a compassionate action.

I recently came across someone who has had a youtube channel that focuses on the Starseed movement. I was shocked to discover that they proudly labelled themselves as a Grey hybrid starseed. Enthusiastically they waxed lyrical about their intergenerational abduction and DNA harvesting by these creatures and how much they missed home. Well, if your home is a planet terraformed against the planet’s conscious will host life, and the only reason why you did create a new home was that your civilisation destroyed its original home. Then you might want to gain access to a mirror and ask yourself some hard questions. I do not doubt that some souls have managed to ascend out of their hybridisation experiences into their hearts, but she set off warning bells. She, like Darryl Anka who channels a future version of himself called Bashar, that is a Grey interdimensional, didn’t make it clear that this civilisation had created a divergent timeline. Both gave no warnings about the failings of transhumanism, nor did they show any remorse about their exploitive activities. Set some boundaries quickly. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Far be it that I tell people what to do. However, aligning with your heart would make energies like the two I have described above repulsive. We can exercise compassion towards them, but we most certainly would avoid them.

Asshole alert. Universally speaking. Gigi Young on Contact protocols Inner Earth and Star Seeds – Gigi Young Starseeds -Gigi Young None but the best Gigi Young.

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