Staring at the Sun, Casting a Shadow…

My experience of house arrest (global smackdown) has been revelatory as much as it has been incredibly difficult. Initially, I felt disillusioned that this obvious plandemic hoax could be played out on an acquiescing populace so easily, and also globally. Having a loss of personal freedom, with the Police Commissioner in this country-sounding more like Heinrich Muller, the head of Operations for the Gestapo rather than a compassionate and kind public servant in his messages via the lamestream bought and paid for media enraged me.

It became clearly obvious to me when did some research that there were some enormous coincidences around this global event. I won’t get into all of them, but if one looks at the timing of Event 201 (and who funded that simulation, and who’s got a vested interest in a coronavirus vaccine), what happened at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January (and how that is only possible with a complete overhaul of the world economy) and the countless epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists who have all come forward (none on the BIG PHARMA payrolls) talking about how the infection resembles exosome action. To how the spook will do far worse damage economically and financially to small businesses and jobs worldwide, you know that something is amiss, and don’t get me started on the rollout of 5G without any tests for health hazards on a human population. We are living in dangerous and unprecedented times. 

But what these last two weeks have done for me is seen me sink into a trough, in the ebb and flow of life. I’ve bottomed out. Shit just hasn’t gone my way, and I have to take responsibility for all that I’m experiencing, and man oh man, it’s not pleasant. Whether this is a collective shadow processing at work (me being empathic beyond my boundaries) or my shadow work is currently beyond my understanding. I can say that being isolated from friends whose own fear comes with an unquestioning attitude towards whatever spin is peddled in the lamestream media doesn’t help. Reaching out to people and then being systematically ignored, or getting back fearful messages makes me feel sad, and my ability to open my heart is tainted. Exactly what the forces that created this plandemic want. 

I can see a way out of this. It’s going to take courage, it’s going to take fortitude and it’s going to take me looking at those parts of my current thought processes, my actions, and words in the present as I go to meet life moment to moment. I can’t change the past, I can reflect on it. Was I acting out of integrity and dignity in any given memory that comes up in my mind? I’ve been in this situation before. More times than I care to count. Being conscious, and taking responsibility for your life experience in every way is perhaps the greatest challenge for anyone wanting to evolve into the best human they can be.

Keep on keeping on then, shall we?

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