Shadow and Soul series : The Books of Harmon Sueno, Pablo wairua and Lord Buford Somerset

Taking the Oho Ake universe into Amazon KDP exclusively wasn’t a move that I had strategised. With Draft2Digital, I would have had a wide distribution for the ebooks, across the world, including with Amazon, as well as dozens of other digital book retail stores. Due to their censorship of some of the content in the books (which was taken completely out of context) my work was banned on this digital platform. So, I reached out to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and have been able to find wide distribution and also publish my books without any censorship on their digital platform.

To further the promoting of these books on the digital book platform, Sean (my marketing/web designer) and I decided to make what was already a series into a more publicised series of books. To understand how the books written by Harmon Sueno, Pablo Wairua, and Lord Buford Somerset are a series I can elaborate on. When I first started revealing the Oho Ake universe into this reality, I began to understand how the lives of the novelist and the two short story writers were indeed Entwined, hence the name of the first novel. In this book, the history of Lord Buford Somerset is the basis of the narrative throughout the book. At the end of the book, there is an interaction between Lord Somerset and Pablo Wairua, after which they both are bestowed with visions, and both feel the need to write these visions out, hence the collections of short stories that come in between the novels, Entwined (detailing Lord Buford Somerset‘s history) and United (detailing Pablo Wairua’s history and so much more) and after the novels (I will continue to write collections of short stories with these two authors, even though their story ends with United).

The name for the series is The Shadow and Soul Series. The information presented in all books exposes the collective shadow of society/reality and the collective soul of both What has remained hidden from the eyes of humanity, occult knowledge has been brought into the light of understanding as to the epochal change we find ourselves in now takes full swing. The next ten years are going to be insane, and much of what I wrote about will be news, rather than imaginings. So far there are eight books in the series, soon six of those books will be available for purchase on and with promotions for all nine books (including Sanctum) for free download, one book a week, and in the order of the series if one should be so interested in entering in the Oho Ake Books library.

The Shadow and Soul Series is here

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