Teal Maguire is a travel writer of extraordinary ability with a keen sense of adventure who leaves New Zealand to start a post at Vagabond adventure travel magazine in Vancouver, Canada. Here he briefly meets Brody Hobbs a beautiful woman at a party and a love blossoms between them albeit briefly as Teal is swept away on assignment.

A few years later Teal heads to find the Apurimac ‘The Great Speaker’, the start of the Amazon River and in a remote village finds Brody teaching English to the local Quechua population. She imparts knowledge of a strange and marvellous location in the Andes and takes Teal there to discover his cosmic origins.

The experience leave’s both Teal’s and Brody’s lives altered forever, sending them each on a separate journey that will take them hurtling towards destinies that neither can comprehend until they meet again, deep in the planet’s inner worlds. But not before they both confront lifetimes they have lived thousands of years in the past and the beings who have waited beyond the limitations of the frequency range inflicted upon the surface dwellers by the sinister inter-dimensional cabal, The Ultima Thule.