Researching Leads to Understanding. Choices Come Next.

Part of my writing process is in-depth research. Deepening on whose writing through me, what I’m writing, whether its poetry, horror/macabre/erotic dark fantasy short story, an inspiring, heartfelt emotive tale or a conglomeration of occult knowledge, science fiction, fantasy, conscious awakening, galactic magical realism, I’ll have to spend hours reading, discovering, and downloading into my being a plethora of facts to compile a book. It’s perhaps the most interesting and also and often the most elucidating part of the creative process for me. Questions begin to form when you read the books and articles, websites, and interviews that I do. What information do I leave out? How do I compile all this information and convey it in a way that holds the reader’s attention? How do I find a way to educate and potentially have my readers investigate and discover for themselves where this information comes from? 

I read more non-fiction than fiction. Given the nature of the books I write, and the reason I write them, the content of the majority of the books has background knowledge throughout the narrative that the characters surf along as the wave of the plot churns and barrels over across the pages. The extensive reading that I do has given me a deeper understanding of the world we live in, the way it’s been constructed and the impacts of historical events, technological ‘advancements’ and the duality of the truth portrayed within the mainstream everything compared to the independent research of individuals whose fearless research exposes the lies perpetrated by mainstream everything. It can be daunting to discover information that most humans are too distracted to even consider. Modern society is a cornucopia of stresses, distractions, and overloading of the amygdala. It’s all about survival and reactivity. 

Seeing this play itself out in a myriad of ways, then reading about the subjects that fascinate me, I’m intuitively drawn to, and guided to, allows me to grasp a deeper understanding of human existence in this modulated frequency band called 3D. However, this reality we exist in is being subjugated to an overlay, as the technological matrix of the communications (military-industrial complex piggybacks on this technology) industry creates an invisible electromagnetic imprint over the oscillating waveform pattern that we occupy. The planet is being terra-formed by this environmentally toxic non-ionised radiation and as a consequence, it gives those of us who understand the dangers of this a chance to make choices. In my latest novel, I’m writing with Dick Swabb, I beat this drum of knowledge soundly, and detail Rudolf Steiner‘s Anthroposophical teachings about its dangers, and whose maxim it is to build this superimposed construct over the planet.

Discovering this knowledge of how significantly we are being subject to a brave new world that society never before experienced, with no regulations, no testing, no potential health risks identified by independent experts in their fields of science, health, and the environment is as shocking as it is dangerous. So, I’ll scratch the surface with my next novel, illuminate some of the technological mayhem being thrust upon us and identify its ghastly and historical pathways to its modern-day rollout. It’s why I came here, and it’s my passion to educate, entertain, question, and elucidate the road ahead as much as the trail we came down to get to where we are now.

Taken from the air around you and displayed on a screen… a digital superimposed reality

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