Reptilians. Saurian InterDimensionals. Hiding in Plain Sight.

In the mid 1990’s while living in the Tasman region of Te Wai Ponamu, The South Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand I had some of the most formative and mind-expanding experiences that would allow me to have a greater understanding of the nature of reality. So much of existence remains unseen, not decoded by the human senses. If we look at the spectrum of visible light that humans can perceive in its so minute that it hardly registers. Less than 1% of all light that reaches us is in the visible spectrum. By most estimates, it comes out to about .0035% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Consider what exists beyond what we can’t see/decode all around us at any given moment, and that should start the critical mind thinking about what, or more importantly who is existing in the frequency bands beyond our limited perception.

In Nelson one day I went to get a reading from a friend who was a very intuitively gifted healer and psychic named Kiriana Grace. Upon arriving at the house, I found her in the garden writing out a reading for someone else (she wrote a stream of consciousness readings after tuning into a client’s energetic field). She looked up at me as I walked towards her and said, ‘You don’t need a reading today, you need to choose a book to read.’ I was surprised, but took her direction and went to her room to choose a book from her extensive library. When I got to her bedroom on the second-floor landing of this three-story house, I walked over to her bookshelf, perusing over the titles finding nothing that took my interest. I didn’t feel dismayed, I simply thought that today I wouldn’t have a reading, and would ask her for one at another time. Walking out of her room, down the stairs, I heard a THUNK as a book came off her shelf and onto the floor of her room. Racing back upstairs again I saw Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak lying on the rug in from of her bookshelf. There were about 30 centimeters between the edge of the shelf to where the books were pushed up against the back wall of the bookshelf. Someone had grabbed this book from the second shelf of the bookcase, in the middle of the row no less, and pulled it off the shelf completely. Naturally, I was both spooked and in awe. I read the book in three days.

I do not doubt that this book was pulled out for me to connect with the Pleiades (I’ve lived a life there is a humanoid, but not Homo sapien form, and wrote a little about that life in Sanctum) and as a consequence, my conscious spiritual awakening went into overdrive. In the months that followed after reading that book, I had interactions with people who told me about their experiences with Reptilian beings that had been mentioned in the Bringers of the Dawn. Some people brought up the subject without prompting, others, who I would never have thought would be open to such possibilities sharing some horror stories of their own about visitations from beings in Reptilian form. Understanding the magnetism of resonance today, I can see that I drew these fields of awareness (people) into my sphere of influence to complement the elucidation process from Marciniak’s work.

In the years that followed I learned more from ancient texts about the nature of the expressions of energetic fields of awareness that took Reptilian form, their cosmic origins, the various constellations of origin (this intelligence garnered from historical texts from Mesopotamia, Asia, and Central and South America). In the Shadow and Soul series, novels, Entwined, United and Sanctum, all focus on the Alpha Draconis ‘Royal’ family of Reptilians and their dominion over our planet and their creations, including the human form, Homo sapiens sapiens. With greater research into these beings across the galaxy and beyond I understood that this ancient warrior race of beings, highly intelligent, master geneticists were legion in diversity and interstellar in origin. They constructed empires, subjugating species and planets, confining consciousness into frequency bands that fed them both physically and energetically. Constantly at war with other species, including other reptilian beings, one of which featured in United, the Cappellans. 

Barbara Marciniak’s channelling of the group of inter-dimensionals calling themselves ‘The Pleiadians’ (they’re birdlike in form according to their description) still have a large impact on my life experience. I purchase lectures that the ‘P’s’ give to groups from, and in these tumultuous times of change, awakening and gathering spiritual warfare on the global populace by the forces that control the matrix of control we live in, I can gather a deeper understanding of the connections between the events taking place on a planetary scale from seen to unseen and navigate them with a fresh perspective. One aspect continues to remain true throughout the narrative these beings share with their audience, nothing is what it seems. Distractions, diversions, inversions are aplenty, confusion reigns supreme and the architects of this chaos take many forms, reptilian being one.

David Icke doesn’t throw down without extensive research to back up his claims. If you have read any of his books from the 1990’s, you will see that he was gathering information about what is happening today, and making it clear to those who wanted to understand where we were headed as a civilization. Even though Barbara Marciniak introduced Reptilians to me five years before Icke did, his research filled in many aspects that the ‘P’s’ hadn’t shared on the Reptilian activities on Earth and beyond. Ubaid culture Reptilian figurines. Pre-Sumer. Rabbi Alon Anava interpreting the Zohar on whether Cain and Abel were human or… Reptilian. Barbara Marciniak channelling The Pleiadians. A source of sensibility in times of utter fucking lunacy. Shining a light on the machinations of the Annunaki (Reptilians) historically and presently.

Cydonia region of Mars. Although many believe this a humanoid face, the P’s say this is the face of Allalu. Reptilian ruler of the solar system before Anu, father of Enlil and Enki of Sumerian historical record. Barbara Marciniak’s website Comprehensive, but much more is to know, and his latter books have left no stone unturned.

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