Putting a Name to the Ability.

I have always had a strong sense of CLAIRCOGNIZANCE or Intuitive knowing. I didn’t really understand this form of mystical intuitive ability till I took the Gigi Young courses that introduce you to the various forms of psychic intelligence that one can re-ignite in their lives. All clairs (which is French for clear) are latent abilities in all humans. Exercising them means having the methodology to understand what they are, training the mind and personal biosphere to interact with one another in order to ground the knowledge that comes from beyond the five senses. I’ve gone through the entirety of Gigi’s psychic development courses, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. With practice, I have developed the ‘weaker’ clairs for me to a point where they combine well with one another to format strong correlations of information and give me a clearer understanding of present events and what is ahead of me.

It is claircognizance though that has always been with me. As a creative, as a writer, imaginist, its almost a necessity. I receive MASSIVE downloads often, and have done all my life. Often the larger ones will take weeks for me to integrate. When I first created Oho Ake Books, I didn’t have the language to describe the psychic ability that came to me. All the information that presented itself to me, the way I was to conduct myself, operate my systems, the creative content, the universe forming around me formulated due to the psychic ability of claircognizance. I trusted this knowing then, and with Oho Ake I always will, but in everyday life, it can be difficult to discern what what’s arising from conditioning of the mind and what’s coming from dimensions beyond our frequency band and if it has my/our best interests at heart.

Which is a great segue into the tool for discernment. The heart. Passing anything through this portal connects us to the source energy of all of creation, and its here that truth shines without need for filter. With claircognizance (and any other clair) passing information through here, is imperative. If it rings true, then anchoring it into your lower chakras, energetic systems (Gigi calls it digesting the information) gives you a clearer picture of how the information pertains to the particular incident, question or timeline shown to you. An example for me today would be, before I began to write this morning I felt directionless in regards to the narrative of the story. I knew how it would end, yet I didn’t know where I wanted to take the characters from where they were in the plot. By exercising the methods I learned from Gigis’ claircognizance development course I allowed the intuitive knowledge to sink into my being and it quickly became apparent to me where I needed to go, and as I started writing, the rest came to me, making the words flow across the page effortlessly. Its a thing of beauty and no feeling like for me comes close to the ecstasy I feel as I open books at exactly where I need to access the knowledge I need for characters dialogue, what they are witnessing and where they are. It’s a kinda magic.

Know it.

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