Pushing on through. When the craft demands presence and patience

I’m not an imaginist whose craft demands that they are working every day, and sometimes night. I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with the creative universe of Oho Ake Books. When the inspiration comes to me, I am drawn to my keyboards, books, and use the internet to flesh out what it is that wants to be expressed through me. Often, that will take place when I least expect it, and the power and the urge to create I just can’t ignore. So I willingly sit and a transformative experience happens to me. I’m enlivened, the words flow, the language crosses the page and I’m spellbound by what comes next.

The worldwide situation we find ourselves in currently (a global lockdown due to a plandemic) has allowed a voice to move through me and write a book unlike any that I have written before. This character Dick Swabb (great name) has a satirical bent to his writing style, the narrative is elucidating, the information he’s writing about (Rudolf Steiner’s warning about the arrival of Ahriman, the occult knowledge and inner workings of the CERN institution, and how they are tied to Nazi International) is turning over many stones that illuminate some horrific potential consequences for the planet and the consciousness of its occupants.

This is not an easy book to write, it goes deeper and darker than any of the works of Harmon Sueno, it fleshes out one of the characters from a Lord Buford Somerset short story from a yet to be published collection of short stories, The Tears of the Tormented and dispels a mythos in the process about the central being in a worldwide religion. The information I’m drawing from, most of it historically true, paints a grim picture. One that most humans have no idea about. With false narratives and social engineering happening on a global scale, this narrative that Dick Swabb is illuminating may well be the antidote to seeing our planet succumbing to the most diabolical enterprise enacted by an evil that defies belief.

There are times when I feel like I’m moving through treacle when I’m writing this book, but it’s perhaps the most necessary book I’ll ever write. So, I’ll keep at it, push on through, be patient, and do the work. Swabb has a great way of making light, hilarious dialogue and narrative amid some very very dark truths. I’m grateful for that. No doubt.

I’ll get there in the end. This is without a doubt the hardest book I’ve written

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