Project Blue Beam? Or Werner Von Braun’s Final Tenet?2020’s Final Showpiece.

2020 is truly shaping up to be the year that the less than 1% began to throw down their full house spread. The pandemic card hasn’t worked. The dam that is Silicon Valley censorship, which is a thumb in the dyke of the global internet cannot plug all the holes that are manifesting moment to moment. The Kill Switch would have to be employed to suffice and allow for greater control of the fake narrative. That would mean the data being collected for the Artificial intelligence that these asshats want to be the hive mind for a transhumanist nanotech injected global population would be shut down, unable to understand every human being and therefore potentially control them. So, no, that’s not going to happen. So what’s the next card to play?

How about Project Blue Beam? That being what Serge Monast, Québécois investigative journalistpoet, and essayist researched and wrote about in 1994, in his book Project Blue Beam (NASA), in which he claimed that NASA and the United Nations were planning to create a New World Order, headed by the none other than the Antichrist after a technological simulation of the Second Coming of Christ. Well, to me, that seems like a stretch that would be laughable in today’s technologically heavy society. Christ gets seen in the clouds at least once a year, if not more, and in Africa, he seems to appear whenever someone hangs out their laundry. In other Catholic nations, like Latin America, he appears frequently to keep the faithful aware of his omnipresence. But no, that’s as far-fetched as SARS-COV2 being a reason to call a global pandemic. Ridiculous.

This leaves us with Werner Von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist, SS member, and the orchestrator of the Apollo moon landing’s last tenet of his confession to Dr. Carol Rosin. The Fake Alien Invasion. Seems more plausible given the upturn in sightings globally since the pandemic started. During the lockdowns, when people had more time to stare at the sky UFOs (not all of them were flying objects that were technological nature if we remain factual) sightings worldwide increased greatly. In Canada, Chris Rutkowski, a ufology researcher, said, ‘We’re looking at increases of about 50 percent from this time last year, so for some reason, people are reporting more UFOs during a lockdown.’ In the USA, on September 1st, The Wall Street Journal had a headline, UFO Spotting has Replaced Bird Watching as Pandemic Obsession. Then on 25th September,, wrote an article prophetically titled, ‘Alien Invasion 2020 Threat as UFO Sightings Shoot Up NY’. The US Navy has set guidelines on how to report UFO sightings, the Pentagon has created a task force to investigate sightings and make public some findings. Is this the beginning of soft disclosure? Or the opening of Pandora’s Box?

The technology for holographic displays has improved remarkably, and these could easily be used as part of a subversive plot to create a One World Government (the United Nations IS that de facto world government already) but what is more intriguing and probably more realistic is the use of advanced Military aircraft that could be perceived by the general public as being of extraterrestrial, but flown by very Earth-based humans. When we look at the research of Catherine Austin Fitts, the former assistant Housing Secretary in the Clinton Administration, she made it clear in 2000 that 21 Trillion was missing from ‘the Department of Defense (DoD) and the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD). ‘The money has been vanishing for the past two decades through a mysterious process called ‘Undocumented Adjustments.” She said. The in 2001 an autistic hacker from Scotland, Gary McKinnon hacked into the US government departments, including NASA’s Johnson Space Center where he was downloading what he called a UFO (he was convinced that the US had anti-gravity craft and wanted to share this knowledge with the world) when he got caught. He also claimed to have found a list of the U.S. Navy’s ‘nonterrestrial officers’. So the US Military already had a Space Force in 2001??? Sounds like something out of a Kubrick film.

There are a little over two months left in the year. Although it seems like it would be card the patient and the cunning cabal that waited so long to play this first global control card (they’ve played many other significant cards for eons, but none at this level, which feels like it was a beta test for the real thing to me) surely would keep the fake alien invasion card for another couple of years as they disclose the evidence of life beyond our planet incrementally (Phosphine gas found in the Venusian atmosphere in September 2020 anyone?). Who knows what’s happening on a level energetically beyond the five senses of human decoding ability. A great awakening is happening, and this collective small force of psychopathic globalists is terrified of the populace waking from their slumber. Either that or the REAL inter-dimensional/extraterrestrial who they answer to are coming back to a world the less than 1% are losing control over and they have to get the house back into order before the parents get home…

Uber for ET? Hologram spaceship crapped out then? Nothing new, just public (at least at this level) UFO sightings go up during pandemic lockdowns in the USA Canada UFO sightings rise in 2020 during lockdowns NY the hotspot for UFO action in the USA while people leave the city in droves. 21 trillion dollars missing from the US Government Where’s that gone then…. mmm… not space? Gary McKinnon, the Autistic Hacker who found ‘nonterrestrial Navy officers’ and UFO’s in NASA’s documents.

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