Prioritising what’s important. The Great Reset (not Klaus Scwhab’s).

Whose Klaus Schwab? You ask that question and you’ve been caught in the COVID 19 distraction, and its reverberations throughout the global society. The two are interlinked, Klaus Schwab is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, you know the one that meets at Davos every year to openly discuss how to get more control, get more money, more slavery from the masses to create the Hunger Games Society. Well munchkins, he wrote a sweet little manifesto called, ‘COVID-19. The Great Reset’ in July this year. Full of Orwellian claptrap and woke language, it’s Agenda 21/2030 on steroids. I love how these technocratic pricks tell the world how it’s going to be after their manufactured crisis has run its course. Well, I’m looking at you Mr. Scwhab, and thinking ‘orange in the new black’ and it a jail cell for you for the rest of your natural life, and you and your cronies wealth used to build a community (global) that looks very different from your nightmare future.

In my country of birth, like many, the government is following the Rockefeller Lockstep playbook, siding with bad data, bad science, and not listening to independent epidemiologists, infectious disease doctors, scientists, and virologists who are constantly questioning the narrative spin being forced down our collective throats as dissenting voices and posts disappear down the memory holes of 2019, along with our freedoms to think critically, speak freely and not be surveilled for a virus (if it even exists, and the jury is out for me on that) which has according to the Centre for Disease Control and infection to death ratio of 0.065%. Hardly alarming. You’ve got more chance of being eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex than dying of COVID-19 then. They listen to ‘experts’ whose conflict of interest is no longer hidden from public view, it’s so overt that most people are stunned into silence. Not me. Can you tell?

So why haven’t I been blogging? I’ve been reading, avoiding the mainstream everything (the levels of propaganda and spin is historical and embarrassing, to say the least, it’s the Ministry of Propaganda. What happened to journalism? Someone want to ask a real question of someone engineering societies collapse and humanities complete enslavement? Including them… ) and reading factual information, following leads, watching think tanks produce manifesto’s (never let a good crisis go to waste… especially one we created… here’s the solution… ours… thanks Club of Rome!). Those of us with (latent in most humans now, unfortunately) critical thinking, and who’ve researched the movements, machinations of this cabal, wrote about it for years (me going on 20 years) and see it show its hand so overtly now as the veil lifts, know that it’s not getting darker, we are just seeing all that was hidden behind the curtain. Leonard Cohen didn’t kill the flame baby… it was ALWAYS that dark behind that velvet cloth. Be careful dear humans… what comes next… if you allow happening is the end of humanity and the rise of transhumanism.

It’s time to prioritise. What’s important to you and your family, friends, loved ones, and fellow human occupants on the planet? Are we going to acquiesce into complete mental/biological/emotional enslavement? Or king hit the few thousand people that ‘rule’ over us with their fiat debt currency, their corporate tyrannies, and shill governments? Consider this. Want to be the heroes your children and grandchildren look up to or the villains who robbed them of the freedoms by doing nothing as we complied under the jackboot of technocracy and tyranny? YOU DECIDE.

Read these words over and over again… and remember… we are all in this together. The ENDGAME… TRANSHUMANISM. Bitched up, in every way to AI. Goodbye freewill FOREVER. Laugh all you want… go on. I am… at the fools who don’t believe it… till… they’re fucking cyborgs… I… am… at the fools who don’t believe it… till… they’re fucking cyborgs… I think I can see a way out of this…

In no uncertain terms. Humanities future is on the line. They’re coming… and its no longer totalitarian tip-toe… its a flat out sprint into tyranny. Jim Corr. Just brilliant. Time to RISE and take back our planet from the parasitic elite. Looks like this video has been censored, or taken down……/ Monitor this .I.. got that???…/leighton-smith-podcast…/ Leighton Smith and Anthony P. Mueller. Just brilliant.… Oh Goody! Where can I become a transhumanist synthetic asshat? Critical thinking, its hip to be square.

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