Plasma. Everything is Alive. The Science of Consciousness.

Not long ago I watched a video where the Astrologer Pam Gregory interviewed Professor Robert Temple about his book, A New Science of Heaven. The book is about Plasma, its discovery, what it is, and then goes on to explain how not only is the entire visible universe made up of it, he denotes that it is most importantly sentient, and conscious. Professor Temple says that Plasma is made of particles, positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and ions, which he says are often termed ‘incomplete atoms’, since they have electrons stripped off them, making them positively charged. Plasma exists in gaseous, liquid, and solid forms. For the me the most startling part of the interview and the book is his interest in cold plasmas (which exist in space), which took his research into the rediscovery of the Kordylewski clouds on October 25th, 2018 which was confirmed by the Royal Astronomical Society. These were believed to be dust clouds that orbit the Earth, named after the Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordylewski in 1961, but now we know they are plasma clouds. These enormous clouds of plasma that orbit our planet are according to Professor Temple are vastly intelligent lifeforms, and it is his perspectives on these clouds and the creation of an inversion of these clouds on Earth in a digital storage format (I have made a video on this concept for my youtube channel) that will be a topic for another blog at some point.

Professor Temple’s friend and colleague David Bohm, the American quantum physicist, and a pioneer in the field of Plasma physics, who was also a deep thinker with an ability to embrace religion, philosophy, psychology, religion, linguistics, and art made some of the most profound statements and made some of the most intriguing discoveries about the nature of plasma. None of which impressed the scientific mainstream academia, but saw him embraced in the right brained world of art, philosophy and the science of consciousness. Marina Jones who wrote an article on Bohn for Futurism said:

While working on plasmas at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in California in the 1940s, Bohm noticed that once electrons were in a plasma (which has a high density of electrons and positive ions), they stopped behaving like individual particles and started behaving like a unit. It seemed as if the sea of electrons was somehow alive. He thought then that there was a deeper cause behind the random nature of the subatomic world.

Bohm came up with an idea of the quantum potential to suggest that subatomic particles are highly complex, dynamic entities that follow a precise path that is determined by subtle forces. In his view, the quantum potential pervades all space and guides the motion of particles by providing information about the whole environment.

For Bohm, all of reality was a dynamic process in which all manifest objects are in a state of constant flux. By introducing the concepts of “implicate order” and “explicate order”, Bohm argued that the empty space in the universe contained the whole of everything. It is the source of explicate order, the order of the physical world, and is a realm of pure information. From it, the physical, observable phenomena unfold, and again, return to it. This unfolding of the explicit order from the subtle realm of the implicate order, and the movement of all matter in terms of enfolding and unfolding, is what Bohm called the Holomovement.

Bohm believed that although the universe appears to be solid, it is, in essence, a magnificent hologram.

Professor Temple told Pam our true selves as being bio-plasma beings that incarnate into ‘physical bodies’, and that the brain is where the ‘mind’, which is part of the bio-plasma being inhabits to operate the biology of the body. He goes on to say that all plasma beings who are alive in the universe are conscious and intelligent. like our sun and the stars. This concept is picked up on by Dr Joseph P. Farrell who in an interview with Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt tells how in May of 1999 the solar wind stopped for two days. According to mainstream science, the sun is a gigantic chained hydrogen bomb. Dr. Farrell says that his behaviour is not conducive to such a theory, as the sun continued to blaze away in those two days, and he explains that Nikola Tesla espoused that it is the segmentation of the local configuration of space-time where the reaction is taking place, and it is the local system parameters that create the energetic output. The sun as Professor Temple said is a living entity, super intelligent, and the idea of the chained hydrogen reactions that produce the solar winds are a a process of its existence, not a necessity. Dr. Farrell denotes a story about David Bohm inserting electrical probes into plasma during the Manhattan Project only to discover that plasma created a sheath around itself. A membrane protects itself like a living entity, a living system. He relates about plasma filaments of the universe resemble brain neurons. Bohm’s living holographic universe. The ancient view of the universe as a living organism rather than a mechanism has even more basis in science Dr Farrell muses.

The legacy cultures that sprung up in India, Egypt, and Mesopotamia all have their views of the nature of the universe, but perhaps the most detailed knowledge of consciousness rises out of the Vedic sciences. On the website science & nonduality, a republished article from the paper titled ‘On the Science of Consciousness in Ancient India’, in Indian Journal of History of Science (vol. 32, 1997, 105-120), Professor Temple’s realisation that a bioplasma being used the brain of the human biology to operate the body is aptly conveyed in the following paragraph:

The person is the conscious self, who is taken to be a reservoir of infinite potential. But the actual capabilities of the animal are determined by the neural hardware of its brain. This hardware may be compared to a mirror. The hardware of the human brain represents the clearest structure to focus the self, which is why humans can perform in ways that other animals cannot. Within the framework of this theory, humans and other animals are persons and their apparent behavioural distinctions arise from the increased cloudedness of the neural hardware of the lower animals. Self-awareness is an emergent phenomenon which is grounded on the self and the associations stored in the brain.

The brain is the organ that the bio-plasma mind uses to operate the body so it can become aware of itself. It is also the neural microcosm that resembles the macrocosm of the Holographic living entity that is the universe. Austrian-born Nobel Prize winning Erwin Schrodinger according to biographer Walter Moore had a clear understanding of Vedanta (one of the six systems of Indian Philosophy, called darshans) :

The unity and continuity of Vedanta are reflected in the unity and continuity of wave mechanics. In 1925, the world view of physics was a model of a great machine composed of separable interacting material particles. During the next few years, Schrodinger and Heisenberg and their followers created a universe based on superimposed inseparable waves of probability amplitudes. This new view would be entirely consistent with the Vedantic concept of All in One.

A visible universe that is 99% plasma. All in One. 

Plasma makes up 99.9 % of the visible universe and science has come to realise it is ALIVE.
The Kordylewski Clouds… living, super intelligent lifeforms and the REAL cloud. Not the CLOUD digital storage mimicry we have on Earth. Marina Jones article on the brilliant David Bohm Professor Robert Temple’s book, A New Science of Heaven. It IS a good read!

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Professor Robert Temple and Pam Gregory talk about his book, A New Science of Heaven
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Dark Journalist and Dr Joseph P. Farrell on Dr Farrell’s new book. They dive deeply into Plasma physics.

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