Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Moderna vaccinations. Injuries and Death Tolls Begin to add up Globally. Whose Responsible?

With the rollout of the Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, and Moderna vaccines throughout the Northern Hemisphere countries, the statistics are beginning to come in about the sheer lunacy of implementing the vaccination programme on a complacent and submissive, clueless, and fearful population. In the USA, The Defender, highlighted that the CDC as of January 29, 2021, that there had been 501 deaths — a subset of 11,249 total adverse events — had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccinations. The numbers reflect reports filed between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 29, 2021.” The CDC’s Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System said the number of deaths and adverse reactions would possibly be higher. NO, REALLY? These ‘vaccines’ (they’re totally experimental, and humans are being used as laboratory guinea pigs) have been authorised for use by the US Food and Drug Administration as ‘experimental before becoming fully licensed. Some might say that of the 35 million (or so) that have had the vaccines, that such small numbers of deaths are unfortunate, but it’s to be expected. In the USA the average age of those who have died is 77, the youngest is 23. To me it looks like a continuation of the CULL on those considered Kissinger’s ‘useless eaters’.

In the UK which is quickly become ground zero for 21st-century fascism (and not National Socialism), the correlation between vaccine rollout and death of people over 80 is being unceremoniously ignored as the ‘new strains’ of the virus are being blamed for the mortality rate which has risen by 46% AFTER vaccination. CULL? YES. An article by the UK Column shows the science of the imaginations of these new strains from Kent, South Africa, Brazil, and Neptune being more lethal is as water-tight as the Titanic post iceberg collision. It quotes the John Hopkins University Medical Centre, – Mutations in viruses … are neither new nor unexpected … This particular strain was detected in southeastern England in September 2020. In December, it became the most common version of the coronavirus, accounting for about 60 percent of new COVID19 cases … We are not seeing any indication that the new strain is more virulent or dangerous in terms of causing more severe COVID19 disease. Someone forgot to tell the Gates payroll technocrats about this data then because the UK has become a prison. The article reports some of the horrors (globally) of the vaccine administration and the resulting deaths throughout aged care homes. Did you miss this? IT’S A FUCKING CULL.

So, let’s get this straight. Elected (use that term with caution) officials and their appointed (yeah right they were, look at the real power behind the curtain that put these people into the positions of influence in health) technocratic health ‘experts’ have allowed for an untested vaccine to be used on the public, namely the most vulnerable, the elderly first (it’s killing them globally in staggering numbers) and then on ethnic minorities (eugenics Mr. Gates?) to what end? What is this vaccine doing to the elderly? What is it doing to the ethnic minorities? Is the nanotech programable? The nanotech that’s in the vaccines? To do what? Read the genetic sequence of the elderly, see that they’re no longer able to serve the agenda (work as a slave) and so annihilate them? Remember, the mainstream everything is so so deep in on this, they couldn’t tell you the truth is they were being ferociously head-butted by it till they were semi-conscious. What of the ethnic minorities? Are they going to be sterilised? Remember what WHO vaccines did in Africa? Yeah, that’s right, Catholic doctors in Kenya found HCG in over half of the WHO tetanus vaccines in 2014. A sterilisation agent. Gates and eugenics are like Bonnie and Clyde, the World Health Organisation is the gang robbing humans of their health and fertility.

In the USA those who survive the first vaccination and then come back for seconds, only to be injured (if they’re lucky) will not receive compensation for their injuries from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). Because of the nature of the declaration of a public health emergency by the Department of Health and Human Services in March 2020, COVID-19 vaccination injury has been excluded. Bullet in the chamber… spin! spin! spin!. Even Chinese medical officials called for the suspension of COVID vaccinations (Pha falls off his chair and slowly gets up, dazed after writing that last few words) after the deaths of recipients worldwide. India has told Pfizer to FUCK OFF after an expert panel with it’s vaccine waiting for more data to come (the rising tsunami of deaths globally are being watched no doubt) and so the US-based pharmaceutical company had to withdraw its request for authorising its vaccine in that country. However MEGA fraud Jacinda Ardern is chomping at the bit to give the Pfizer vaccine to the NZ populace. Waxing lyrical how the ‘entire country will be vaccinated’. Not in my lifetime sweetie. If some lawyers with some balls get off their collective asses and sue you for malfeasance we could see you in a jail cell for violating the Nuremberg Code on human rights. Oh, Dr. Bloomfield you and Chris Hipkins might be sharing a cell too along with all those on the Gates payroll who get HUGE mainstream media time.

Speaking of Nuremberg Trials, ‘I was only following orders’… yeah right. UK Column’s Rachael Enlaugh made a video saying that those responsible in the UK for the vaccine rollout (remember, this vaccine is STILL considered experimental) need to be hauled in front of an international court and tried. Dr. Vernon Coleman is moved to tears and sobbing as he reads out the death toll worldwide due to the vaccination programme being implemented with Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, and Moderna vaccines. It’s not an easy watch as he is furious, saddened and eventually despondent to the point he breaks down into sobbing.

Finally, and most poignantly, the brilliant and insightful Dr. Andrew Wakefield explains in the video linked below, that the COVID vaccine isn’t a vaccine at all. It’s genetic engineering. He explains this toxic shite is putting RNA from a ‘virus’ into your cells and then ask your cells to produce protein from your cells creating an immune system response. Hello, autoimmune response. Sounds like a recipe for death or injury to me. You decide. Roll up your sleeve. Or roll up your extended middle finger.

If they can genetically alter an apple, you’re going to be next. Sobering reading. I’ll answer the title of this article clearing, ‘IT’S A CULL ON THE ELDERLY AND THE SICK. NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS ETHOS GOES VIRAL’ NEVER forget. Throwing your life away has never been more easy. For those who line up for this experimental toxic shite, you’re responsible for your own demise. Own it. If a Chinese Medical Official calls for the halt of the COVID vaccinations globally due to deaths (and hides his identity naturally, as he would vanish if he didn’t) then we should take note. Pfizer told to FUCK OFF by India. Go on you India. Dr. Andrew Wakefield. A MUST WATCH. Let me give you SEVERAL shots of this junk and we will see how you cope. UK Column’s Rachael Enslaugh and Dr Vernon Coleman. A MUST WATCH

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