Paradigm shifts. The foundational Experience of the Oho Ake Universe.

There is a narrative that flows through the novels of Harmon Sueno and also in the novel, Rigmarole, by Dick Swabb (to be published in 2021) that has been with me since my conscious awakening. Paradigm shifting. In Entwined and United, the paradigm shift is brought about by many characters with extraordinary abilities, knowledge, and determination against the will of the cabal that has utilised a dark age for its benefit, terra firming the planet, and enslaving the human populace into transhumanism. In the novel, Sanctum, the paradigm shift happens as the Yuga (to use the Hindu terminology for an epoch, or age) turns from darkness to light, without the involvement of the main characters. In the former novels, the phasing out of the older paradigm into the new happens at the speed of turning a radio dial from one frequency to another, in a later novel, it happens over half a century. In Dick Swabb’s novel, the shift… (I won’t tell you… it’s for my eyes only at present!)

Our planet is entering into a new Golden Age, prophesied by various religious texts, learned scholars of the spiritual sciences and as the age of control, limitation, and inversion comes into its final revolutions on the cosmic wheel of ages. We are seeing the systematic engineered collapse of our society taking place. Divide and rule have been the narrative for control since this age of darkness fell on the planet, and it is playing out in our lives, portrayed in methodologies we see as a manufactured fake pandemic, followed by race wars (just as the pandemic was being exposed for what it was as the facts began to make themselves known. For example, the Centre for Disease Control in the United States of America said the infection to death ratio was 0.26%… was that enough to justify the destruction of the global economy and allow the less than one percent to get richer? You will have to ask Jeff Bezos and his Davos friends for an answer to that question).

Divide and rule is the name of the game for the system and its players. We the people, have an opportunity to move gently, compassionately, and powerfully into a paradigm shift where greater community rises above the game and its players. I had a clear message during the enforced house arrest during a shamanic dream. Bigger communities and smaller governments. That was the way for the future of humankind. Is there a fork in the road ahead? Yes. Undoubtedly. Some people are entraining into the system believing that their anger, their fury, is the answer to changing the system. Albert Einstein once said, ‘No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it’, and for those who are rioting, looting, creating ‘autonomous zones’ within cities where they enact as though they are the new police, this is only giving the system what it wants, Ordo Ab Chao, order out of chaos.

Those whose hearts open to the first rays of light coming from the dawning of a new age of expansion, love, community, compassion, empathy, joy, and kindness heed a personal call to embrace their shadows, and then the collective shadow when they face this darkness head-on. They are the pioneers of this new age, brave, courageous, conscious, and moving in a peaceful non-violent way towards greater awareness of their human family, and planetary consciousness. The fork in the road will continue to be defined with even broader and more defined signposts as those who feed the system its last energetic feast succumb to it at these end of days. For those of us who turn inward, having the courage to face that which limits us from seeing ourselves as part of the cosmic family of creation, embracing our fear knowing that is a construct of a dying empire, a mind reeling from its crumbling internal dialogue of division and control, we are surfing the wave of a paradigm shift. The swell is heavy, laden with a tumultuous power that could drown us if we aren’t fully present. Be still, be grounded, know the game, its players, and its methodology. Keep calm and keep feeling the warmth of rays of the first light of a rising sun upon our smiling faces. We are all in this together.

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