Pablo Wairua, the Indigenous Superhero. The Tip of the Arrow.

In the novel United, Pablo Wairua is the fulcrum that necessitates the epochal shift from an age of darkness, into an age of light, expansion, and knowledge. This young man, born to a Quechua mother, and a Tuhoe Maori father is the greatest Tohunga (an expert skilled in mystical occult knowledge, a healer, and in Pablo’s lineage, a warrior-priest) to have taken the mantle from Maui, Lemurian King who started the tradition hundreds of millennia ago on a continent in the Pacific Ocean which sank during a cosmic war. Detailed in the novel is Pablo’s life, his childhood, through to where he was at the end of the novel, Entwined, and then into the final phase of the narrative running through these two books. The young man fulfills his destiny to be the force that halts the inter-dimensional cabal whose empire has subjugated much of this galaxy and beyond.

I wanted to create an indigenous superhero to inspire the populations around the planet, to rise to take their mantle as the guiding force in a new epoch anchoring itself into our age today. Pablo to me is the epitome of that movement. He is brave, fearless, compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, respectful, and resourceful. His greatest weapon against the cabal is his heart. He wields his weapon throughout the novel, and as his history is played out in the storyline you see that his journey from Bolivia to Aotearoa is one granted to him by visions of the ancient seafaring people called the Waitaha. He moves in their footsteps from Tiwanaku, in Bolivia to Rapa Nui and then eventually to Aotearoa.

On the way to Aotearoa, he gets caught in a storm at sea. Knocked out and out of his boat, he sinks into the depths of the ocean, only to be saved by a Humpback Whale that nestles beneath his body and lifts him to the surface, awakening him, and allowing him to swim back to his Totara boat. In the novel, Entwined (the first book of this series) he receives a gift from the Tuhoe’s first ancestor Hine-pokohu-rangi which has a whalebone toggle, that being from this whale that saved his life at sea many years before. In the book trailer for United, the incident where the whale saves Pablo plays an integral part in fleshing out his experience, his history to which his part in the trailer alludes to.

The sketch of when Pablo falls into the ocean during a storm, knocked out, but saved by a Humpback whale that lifts him to the surface in order to breath and awaken.

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