Oho Ake, Rise Up, Awaken… NOW

The system of planetary control has become overt. What is being played out on a global stage is a fake plandemic, but the consequences felt by the populace are real. The term lockdown in the prison vernacular, is an experience where all prisoners are confined to their cells after a disturbance in the facility. This is a form of pre-emptive psychological programming that is so blatantly overt that it defies belief for those of us who through our conscious awakening, our Oho Ake, know the various timelines available to an inter-dimensional cartel and their hybrid empathy deleted human gofers, and are watching one of these timelines unfold. The covert force that has moved through the factions of the control system (think of it like a dynastic inter-dimensional elite who live for hundreds of thousands of years, and each want a go at being the ruler, and that being played out amongst their hybrid minions) had to break the surface of conscious awareness in order for the final push towards complete enslavement.

I know it sounds like the narrative from Entwined and United forged into a paragraph, and I don’t say what I do with any kind of satirical bent, I’m being serious. Humanity is in a crux. Think of it like this. When Doctor Strange tells Iron Man in Avengers Infinity War there is only one timeline where Thanos loses, and countless where he wins, well, we have one chance now. As I research the book I’m writing, Rigmarole, and come to terms with the dual purpose of BIG technology/communications that the military industrial complex has piggy-backed on by handing out the endless streams of cash to private corporations to build the technological network for their endearingly titled Full Spectrum Dominance of the planet, the battlefield of the future is the neighbourhood, and your own body and mind. No, you can’t make this shit up, but its on… and either you WAKE UP to see it coming, or you sleepwalk into a Orwellian fascist transhumanist nightmare.

Global lockdown has allowed for the rollout of technology that’s untested on a acquiescent populace, via antenna and soon space unopposed. That same technology is tied into Full Spectrum Dominance, our personal biosphere and the planetary biosphere is laden with nanotech from aerosal spraying from Project Cloverleaf (geoengineering the atmosphere and our bodies with nanotech and heavy metals). Technocrats and the less than 1% (the inter-dimensional cartels gofers) at the World Economic Forum at Davos this January called for a Global Digital Currency connected to World Bank, but knew this couldn’t happen without a economic reset. Which is what we are experiencing now. That’s not the best part, and neither is this next bit. The calls for a social credit system (like in China) are coming out of talking heads from governments, corporations, banks across the planet, tied to that cashless centralised digital currency. Behave, or you won’t get your allowance. Get our mandatory vaccine or you won’t get anything. Want some more nanotech with that toxic shite???

But, here’s the kicker. The technology the military industrial complex has at its global fingertips, thanks to the communications industries and their own installations around the planet the ability to control your personal biosphere. That’s your mind and your bodies. The last nail in that coffin is the rollout of a certain millimetre wave technology while everyone is in lockdown. Full Spectrum Dominance. Transhumanism is here ladies and gentlemen and I’m not mincing my words. If we let this happen, we ain’t going to be coming back. No passes out. Once you’re in, that’s it.

Having said this, its also a most powerful and inspiring time. The game is afoot, and consciousness is stirring in many humans that snoozed their way through the last twenty five years as the stakes were ramped up. Doctor Strange’s one timeline is presenting itself. Not everyone is so bamboozled with distractions that they aren’t seeing the cracks, aren’t questioning the narratives of bought and paid for politicians, media, and experts who form the official narratives. Censorship is taking place on a scale we haven’t seen since Nazi Germany, researchers, doctors, scientists, medical professionals, whistleblowers from Intelligence alphabet agencies are coming forward to expose the hoax, expose the dangers of the prison we are hurtling into. Freedom of speech being stripped by the media, social and news, is alerting the dozing to rise from their slumber and question. Why?

What’s more dangerous? A questioning and defiant populace that’s informed? Able to utilise critical thinking? Or a subservient, fearful, censored, distracted populace?The road is ahead is forking, and the human populace is going to have to chose, en masse. What’s it going to be? A Global gulag where our entire lives are monitored, from our thoughts to our movements? Or a paradise that we create for the generations to come? Far be it from me to offer solutions for the later, but the great awakening, our Oho Ake is upon us.

May we live in interesting times…

The way forward for humanity is through the heart. If we let that guides us, we will prevail.

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