Morvarid, from the Moon Maldona. The Last of Her Kind.

I have various degrees of affiliation with the characters of the books I write. The experience of being the character, occupying their bodies, mind, and spirit is not a unique experience unto me. Many, if not most writers of novels, short stories are granted this gift when they scribe the narratives of their stories. However, for me, this experience is complete, and even after I leave the keyboard, close the file down after writing for a spell, or finish a book, the character and I can still share our lives. They can look through my eyes and I through theirs, giving presence a whole new meaning. Often the characters lives will play out as an overlay over my everyday tasks, and it will take all my mental focus to maintain the task at hand, while I’m existing in another level of creation, as a character from the Oho Ake universe and a part of my awareness are extant in this other dimension.

For me, no one has drawn me so completely into their being so much as Morvarid, the last Maldonian. Her homeworld, the moon Maldona, that orbited the planet Tiamat, (called Maldek in other historical accounts, as Tiamat was the prosopopeia of the primeval sea from which all the gods were created in Mesopotamian mythos, but in the Oho Ake universe this goddess, was a planet). The Maldonians were a race of warriors, that the Spartans of Ancient Greece would attempt to emulate thousands of years later. These fierce adversaries to those who fought them were invincible. During the cosmological war for the solar system between the peaceful Conglomeration and the Archontically possessed Draconis Empire, the Maldonians were drawn into the war as the Saurian-led cabal invaded the galaxy. Destroying their home moon was the only way to obtain victory in the galaxy, and Morvarid, who was fighting with the forces embattled on the planet now known as Earth, was left stranded, alone, and fell with the planet from higher dimensional existence into a third-dimensional matrix. This not only made her immortal, but it also changed her genetic expression, making her more Earth human, rather than a sixth-dimensional Maldona native.

Inhabiting Morvarid, I felt her remorse for her homeworld, the sense of aloneness that came with knowing she was the last of her kin, and the burning desire for revenge that gnawed away at her through the eons. I saw and was a part of her guerilla tactics on the covert machinations of the Draconis Empire’s hybrid control system left to rule on their behalf on the planet since the fall of Lemuria. Felt her compassion as she left communities, people, environments behind to hide her immortal identity, and then return to these locales and what became towns and cities as she moved in ever decreasing circles around the globe. The sting of losing the love of her life during the ‘first’ Sumer (pre-flood) and then consequent burying of her heart behind a wall of protection and loathing for the world created by the Draconis and their Archontic, Artificial Intelligence possessors that lasted for millennia, until she met him again incarnate in the novel Entwined, only to lose him again. Sadness once again saddled up to her, and she ventured to seek help to find her lover. That episode is the prologue of United. 

Then during the energetic paradigm shift that takes place in United, I felt her resurgence of power, her latent sixth-dimensional abilities awakening as epigenetic modulations took place within her energetic framework, and therefore the body. Here, I understood why she was so feared by her enemies, how aware she was of her environment, and how strategic her analysis of any given moment made her a tour de force of unparalleled ability. Being privy to the poise, grace, dynamism, and agility of this beautiful warrior woman, who straddled a burgeoning compassionate heart with a fortitude of indomitable focus was mind-bending. When she hunts the most horrendous and powerful apex hominid predators this planet has known, in United, and feeling her sinew, muscles, joints, work together in a way that no comic book heroine could match made me feel enlivened as I’ve never felt before. There have been few moments in my life when I have felt so connected to the world around me, acutely aware of everything. Senses amplified beyond my wildest imagination.

Then the final stages of her narrative showed me her deepest grieving yet, and then a quiet peacefulness that filled her being at the end of United. Her character arc meeting an end that felt like a whole new beginning for her. What a privilege it has been.

Morvarid. Maldonian. The last of her people. The fiercest warrior in the Multiverse.

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