Misfeasance Lawsuits against Public Officials? NO Malfeasance. Where are Cases? Why is no one Suing?

Law is meant to be difficult for those not schooled within the system. The creation of the language legalese comes from when the Roman empire made their subjugated countries uses the Roman legal system, which most adopted after the empire was in the annals of history. So Latin is used widely within the legal system, and in the courtroom lawyers and judges switch between Admiralty Law, Roman Law, Talmudic Law, and Babylonian Law. Confused? It gets better, hold on, when they write legalese it’s called Dog Latin. This language is once spoken, if you don’t have a greater understanding of legalese it sounds like gobbledegook… on purpose. I don’t want to get into the finer details of the law here, but I want you to understand that COMMON LAW or the LAW OF THE LAND is above Admiralty law (the law peddled by governments as the only law) and it’s your birthright to ALWAYS use Common Law when conducting yourself with an elected official or police officer, who has no jurisdiction over you and cannot arrest you if you cause no harm, no loss, no injury. Researching the identity theft that is a company being registered under your name on your birth certificate, which is sent to the Vatican where the Venetian bankers (Black Nobility) work out what you will earn and how much tax you will pay in that lifetime and then begin trading on your company name. Did you know that? Under common law, this process is called Unlawful Conversion. Feel a little sick rising in your throat yet? It gets better. Hold onto your vom.

Governments are service corporations and so is the Police. These companies have no authority over all living men and women under common law. ZERO. NONE. The deception in the installment of Admiralty law as the only law was done Justinian and Accursius in the time between 1500-800 years ago when Dog Latin was used to write the last name on birth certificates which under Admiralty law meant that the new-born gave consent to obey the law of the ocean. Admiralty law. By definition, this sells everyone with a birth certificate into slavery and is a deliberate fraud. For service companies to enact their law over free-living men and women they have to trick people into a verbal contract. They can only arrest another company, hence tricking you into consent. Giving the police your name creates a verbal contract called a Joinder. When a police officer asks another trick question after taking your name, ‘do you understand’, they are asking for your agreement to be under their authority. Your submission. I would strongly suggest that you say a resounding, ‘NO’. If you do, you still have your Common law rights.

Malfeasance is by definition, ‘. Malfeasance is an act of outright sabotage in which one party to a contract commits an act that causes intentional damage. A party that incurs damages by malfeasance is entitled to settlement through a civil lawsuit. Proving malfeasance in a court of law is often difficult, as the true definition is rarely agreed upon.’ Civil servants have acted with malfeasance towards those who have elected them into their positions throughout the year. The data doesn’t lie when it comes to the C-19 scamdemic. This is a fake pandemic, governments, and those elected officials (in Aotearoa/New Zealand the Gates Foundation puppets are legion) and non-elected technocrats tell us that, THEY are the only source of truth, completely and deliberately ignoring the data collected worldwide proving that this virus doesn’t exist, seasonal influenza does, and they knowingly have lied to their people in my opinion, and I’m far from alone. The last statement in that definition of Malfeasance may be the reason that there aren’t a plethora of global lawsuits on elected officials and non-elected technocrats. These service corporation puppets have destroyed businesses, lives, driven people to suicide, murdered the elderly, and coerced physicians to commit medical fraud on death certificates. Our consent was our apathy, our acquiescence not a joinder, we did not verbally create a contract with the governments, the police, both service corporations.

I’m waiting for the Malfeasance in public office cases to start rolling in. Why there isn’t a tsunami of them against everyone who enabled this disgraceful and blatantly treasonous act against humanity is currently beyond my understanding. Then again, I’m not living under Admiralty law, I’m a free-living man of the land. Common law only applies to me and so many of the global population are consenting to Admiralty law every day. There has never been a better time to exercise your right as a living, breathing human being living under Common law.

The C-19 lie and the global Malfeasance lawsuits will come in my lifetime. I’m certain.

https://davidicke.com/2020/12/14/how-to-keep-your-business-open-under-common-law-and-override-the-fraudulent-corporate-covid-law-of-fascist-governments/ Common Law is above Admiralty Law, and here is how you can keep your business open when the fascistic state wants to lock you down. Also, how to deal with the Stasi/Gestapo when they attempt to arrest you for not wearing a face nappy.

https://www.dummies.com/education/law/understanding-latin-legalese/ The language of the law. Legalese.

https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/misfeasance.asp Misfeasance definition. I would suggest that no elected official/technocrat acting like a despot is innocent and can be categorised under Misfeasance. NONE.

https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/malfeasance.asp The day that Ashely Bloomfield, Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins are tried for treason will be a the best few days in living memory for me.

https://zerohedge.com/medical/covid-19-data-travesty The Emperor has no clothes on. Time to SHOUT it out in court.

https://twitter.com/intheMatrixxx/status/1339060122182692865?s=20 Sidney Powell, BLESS you for saying it as it is. May you succeed in imprisoning those in the USA who were treasonous against the Constitution of the USA and we the people. It will send shockwaves around the world, and may it shake the foundations of NZ government to the dirt.

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