Matariki. The Pleiades. My Galactic Family. Part One : Remember Us.

(This a is story from the mid-1990s when I was living in the Tasman Bay region picking apples in the late summer… a wondrous and wild story)

It was a beautiful day in Tasman Bay when I strolled into the garden at Gabby’s home and found Kiriana sitting and drinking tea. She knew that I was coming to get a reading, and so had her notepad and pen handing beside her. She got up from her seat and we embraced each other, I had watched her eyes scan my aura as she saw me and was intrigued by what it was she would deliver unto me in her method of automatic writing. Taking her seat again she picked up her pad and paper and then told me to make a cup of tea if I felt so inclined. Thanking her I turned to leave and ventured off to make a tea for us both. On returning, she told me that I didn’t need a reading, I need to read a book from her library. Stunned, I stood, turned around and left her sitting in the garden. She had a knowing smile on her face as she peered over her teacup when I looked back over my shoulder as I moved through the open doors of the home leading back into the kitchen/dining area. I went through the door, up the stairwell, and onto the landing on the first floor where Kiriana had her room. I walked through her door and to my right and ahead of me was her bookshelf. I perused those three shelves for a book, scanning the titles to see if I would feel a book (one that would energetically choose me).

Nothing popped out and so I spun on my heels, walked out the door, and made my way downstairs again. I was some way down the stairs when I heard a thump that came from her room. I stopped, my feet glued steadfast to the spot, the hair on my nape rising. Turning, I made my way back upstairs, and there on the floor was a book, pulled from the middle section of the second shelf. To my senses, there was no one in the room but me. I crouched down and peered at where the book had come from as I picked up Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak. I went downstairs and told Kiriana what had happened. She was amused, but not surprised. I left her that day with the book and absorbed the information within its covers in a few short days. I read it not only in presence, conscious of the use and placement of the text, and the context of the information presented, but it also activated in me a deeper acknowledgment of my place in the galaxy triggering for me the first inkling of my greater understanding of multidimensional self.

Weeks later I came back to visit those living in the house and found Gabby’s daughter and boyfriend in the backyard facing towards a corner of the garden noticeably gesturing towards what appeared to be an invisible wall. They were laughing as they pushed their hands towards something unseen before them. The vibratory strength of this invisible wall repelled them enough that they had to take a few steps back. There was a playfulness in their attitude, great humour as they recoiled away from whatever it was there in the corner of the garden. I strode over and stopped within a couple of feet of where they were. “Holy Shit!” I said as I walked into a noticeable energetic waveform that hit me like a tidal swell of deeply grounding and tender energy. “Yeah right?” Gabby’s daughter said, acknowledging me. Her boyfriend was leaning into the emanating field, a grin on his face that was Cheshire cat wide. “What is this?’ I pried. Gabby’s daughter then told me that seven beings from the Pleiades had told Kiriana that they would be coming into the garden, each denoting energy that was needed at this time in the planetary evolution. When all seven had arrived then she would be told what to do, and where to lead them. At this moment in what the Pleiadians, channelled by Barbara Marciniak call the ‘nano’, Nelson, Tasman Bay, Te Wai Ponamu was an energetic birthing canal. A safe harbour for the energies to land, anchor and integrate with the population of deeply conscious men and women living in the district. For me, it was like living in a waking dream. I grew exponentially conscious just by the proximation of the advanced levels of initiates that I encountered there in the early/mid-1990s, sadly, when I left there in May 1997, only to return in 2002, it was dull and lifeless, subdued, and vacant of the energies that had been so fundamental to some of the most wondrous experiences of my habitation in my vehicle (body) to date.

I stood in front of the ‘wall’ and felt wave upon wave of love, acceptance, and joy wash over me, and even as I recollect my memories of that moment in my mind’s eye, I can see the beings walking over to me, standing within the confines of their energetic bubble, recognising the resonance buried within my body as they reached out to place their hands on the surface of the bubble, our hands not quite touching, separated by a gossamer thin shimmering light. Within weeks I had connected deeply and profoundly with a galactic energy that espoused many truths that triggered me into a deeper understanding of the nature of existence, and life on this planet and here I was standing before my kin completely clueless as to our relationship to one another. I left that day spellbound and elevated in a way that magnetised me to want to return to the garden as soon as my work in the Motueka district would allow. It would be another week before I could get back to Gabby’s and I arrived at her home, strode into the garden to find a deadening vacuum and the house open (as it always was) but with no one around. Disappointed, I decided to go to the forest around Fairfield House to meditate. Walking up into a clearing I sat down and meditated. A placidity and stillness came over me during that meditation that I hadn’t embodied for some years. Gently opening my eyes I moved my arms, got to my feet from my seated position, and then felt an urge to move towards the two large redwood trees to my right along the path ahead.

I moved about three meters toward that path and abruptly stopped. There in the forest around the trees were thirty women, all in seated meditation. Kiriana was sitting closest to the redwood trees, a smile on her face when she saw me. I didn’t know whether to step back and walk away or remain frozen on the spot…

It all begins with you…

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